February 27 – March 4, 2012

February 27

Leeke World has released the new project doll Fox Warrior. The 30 cm tall doll will be available for pre-order February 27th, 2012 to March 25th, 2012. The Fox Warrior can be ordered in basic, snow or purerose skin resin. The doll comes with a choice from 10 different head sculpts; Candy, Ching, Dream, Happy, Mint, Vanilla, Sweet, Honey, Pumpkin or Clover. The basic fox warrior comes with the Gentle Volume body and fantasy parts. The parts are cast in a a choice of white or half-clear skin resin. Options include face-up (a choice of 4 styles), body blushing ( 2 styles available), wig (4 wigs to choose from)  and eyes (4 sets available).

warrior2 warrior3


Dollmore has released Model Doll Godiva Valor: Eva Louise. The doll is a limited edition of 10. Eva Louise will come with face-up, glass eyes, wig, boots and outfit set (coat, cuffs, blouse, pants, hair ornament, whip).  The doll is cast in normal skin resin.



February 28

WithDoll has released a basic version of 1/4 size doll Priscilla. The 41 cm tall doll can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. Priscilla will come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes and three hands.  Options for the doll include face-up, wig, outfit, handbag, and heel shoe feet with optional painting.



Bergemann Dolls has opened a pre-order for new 18 cm tall doll Addie. The doll is being offered at a discount for this pre-order. Addie will be come with a factory face-up.  Blank dolls and artist face-up dolls may also be purchased. The pre-order will close March 10.  Dolls are expected to be shipped in April.



Granado has announced the release of a new VIP series head called V-03. Only 20 heads will be available. The 1/3 size heads are available to VIP customers.  If any heads are remaining after the VIP lottery is complete, those heads will be made available to the general public. The head will be cast in a choice of white, normal, pink or sunshine resin.

From the company:

This is the third doll of the Vipo series, this series uses the lottery system.

Our VIPs will enjoy the privilege of purchasing the doll first. (for those who have purchased dolls from us will automatically become our VIP.)

If you are our VIP and interested in owning V-03, please mail us your certificate number to dpp.doll@gmail.com.

We will provide a special webpage for the winner as to how to purchase V-03 on 7th March, please complete the payment by 10th March.

If there are any non-purchased V-03s, we will publicly sell them on 12th March.



A new 65 cm tall SID boy has been released at IpleHouse . Eric. He comes in a choice of normal, white or special real skin resin. Eric can be ordered with either a general or mobility body. A random pair of acrylic eyes are included with purchase. Options for Eric include a face-up in a choice of style A or B. The clothing, shoes and wig are available for purchase separately.



February 29

The Gem has released new Limited Edition dolls Lig and Nodia – Green Elves. The 42 cm tall Little Gem dolls come in a choice of light green or cream white resin. Each doll comes with a green resin “grass pipe”. Options for Nodia and Lig include face-up, body blushing, eyes, wig, outfit and shoes. The dolls will be available for pre-order until March 14.



March 1

elfiNDOLL has released a new doll, elfIN Pet Kitty. The doll is cast in white resin and is sold with face-up, a pair of acrylic eyes, and outfit. For the month of March, the kitty will be sold at a discount.



Doll Chateau has released two new dolls.  They are Youth line Verna and Thera. The 58cm tall dolls are being sold in limited edition full-sets of 10 each with face-up, outfit, eyes and wig. Both dolls can be ordered in a choice of white, normal pink, or normal yellow resin. Body blushing is extra. The Youth body is also available for purchase.(Verne’s umbrella is not included with the doll.)

From the company:

Doll-chateau release two new fullset limited Yonth dolls of Verna and Thera. They are with Doll chateau’s new Yonth body of Y-body-01.
The fullset of Verna and Thera is global limited 10 sets. Hope you can love them.






Ninodoll has opened a new pre-order period. The pre-order runs until March 7 (Korean time).  Many doll heads are available including new Mocha. All heads are cast in normal skin resin. Most heads are designed to fit Volks SD and SD13 and similar size bodies. (Two 1/4 heads and one 1/6 size head that are also designed to fit Volks size bodies are also available. ) NinoDoll heads are discounted for this pre-order to celebrate the release of Mocha.



March 2

Rosen Lied has released three limited dolls, Monday’s Child Lemon, Tuesday’s Child Poppy and Tuesday’s Child Cosette.  The fourth release, Wednesday’s Child Daisy, has been delayed. The doll will be released on March 9.

The limited dolls come as full-sets with face-up, eyes, wig, outfit and shoes. They are available in limited quantities.

From Rosen Lied:

-Monday’s Child Lemon (Suntan skin)
Limited to 20
Make up by Rollingpumpkin
Outfit design by Rollingpumpkin

-Tuesday’s Child Fairy Poppy (ver. girl) (White skin)
Limited to 20
Make up by Kim Sense
Outfit design by Rollingpumpkin

– Tuesday’s Child New type ver. Girl (White skin)
Limited to 30
Make up by Uyuchagongbang
Outfit by Uyuchagongbang


Poppy Fairy version

Poppy Fairy version


Blue Fairy has released Blossom Bud limited dolls Jasmine and Louisa Valentine. The 43 cm tall Tiny Fairy line dolls  are cast in beauty white resin. Jasmine and Louisa V. each come with the Blossom body, face-up, glass eyes, wig, outfit (jacket dress, inner dress, panier, drawers, bonnet and socks) shoes and both flat and heel feet. The Blossom Bud outfit (excluding the shoes) can be purchased separately. The pre-order ends March 5th 10:00 PM (Korean time).

louisa v

Louisa V.




March 3

Rapa’s Factory has opened a pre-order period for new doll head Lua B. The head is cast in a normal skin resin similar to Volks resin.  Lua B is designed to fit on a Volks MSD or similar size body.  The pre-order ends March 24 (Korean time). A face-up can be optionally ordered with the head.



March 4


Ruby Red BJD has recently introduced a new Honee-B tiny doll called Honee-B the Circus Clown. The limited edition doll comes with two face-plates; regular and open-mouth with special clown face-up. Honee-B the Clown also comes with the complete outfit shown, wig, eyes, shoes and maracas.



Cherishdoll has released two new dolls, Sleeping Baby Lani and Jodie. Only 10 of each doll will be released.  15 cm tall Jodie and Lani can be ordered in a choice of normal or white skin resin. Each doll comes with a face-up, glass eyes, bloomers, and a wig.