February 20 – 26, 2012

February 20

Angell Studio has released new dolls Sandra and Jeffery.  For a limited time, the company is offering  free shipping with purchase of the dolls and a discount on their outfits (see flyer below). 1/3 size Youth line Jeffery and Sandra can be ordered in translucent pink or white or solid white, pink, butter, grey or normal pink or suntanned resin. Options for the dolls include face-up, body blushing, wig, eyes, outfit and shoes.



SolerS is a company from a new Russian artist.  Currently there are three dolls available.

From the company:

I’m a new artist here, please welcome my dolls MSD+ size – Sango, Alyss, Elan. They are 50 cm height.
Dolls are absolutely handcrafted and casted at home by myself.
They are limited to 50 psc of each mold, or less until I get bored making them
I ship worldwide with EMS or usual post service.

Sango, Alyss and Elan can be ordered in a choice of pale or natural rsin.  Each doll comes blank with a random pair of eyes and both flat and heel feet. A face-up is optionally available.

sango003 alyss001 elan001


February 21


Angelheim has released their first 1/6 size dolls.  25 cm tall Myo and Jin are the first dolls of a new series based on the Chinese Zodiac. Dragon Jin and Rabbit Myo can be ordered in  white, normal, grey or tan skin resin. The dolls come with human bodies.  Options include face-up, outfit, urethane animal parts, and parts blushing. The company is also offering a head swap option. Either doll head or both doll heads can be included with the doll.

Jin and Myo  are being offered at a 10% discount and will come with free urethane eyes during this pre-order.

myo1 1jin

February 22

ImplDoll has released Forest Story Limited Fantasy Demi and Aemi. The dolls are the same sculpt. Each doll comes with an elephant lower body along with a random pair of glass eyes. Options for the doll include a human body, face-up, body blushing and wig. Demi and Aemi can be ordered in white pink, real, grey or tan resin.



The Gem has released  Special Order versions of 1/6 size  Teenie Gem dolls Hatie and Skoll. New Hati and Skoll Spring Feast will be available February 22 – March 7 (Korean time). (The pre-orders will close early if all 50 dolls are sold.) The dolls are cast in cream white resin. Options include face-up and body blushing.  The wigs, eyes, Spring Feast outfits and shoes can be purchased separately.



February 23

Latidoll has now released the new limited series dolls Le Petit Prince. The dolls available are Haru Little Prince, Momo The Pilot, Lea The Fox, Miel The Flower, Elf Kuku The Baobob Fairy, and Kuroo The Sheep. All of the dolls are sold as basic dolls with face-up and glass eyes. Haru, Lea and Miel are cast in normal skin resin, and Momo, Elf Kuku and Kuroo are cast in tan resin. Options for the dolls include wig, outfit shoes and option parts. The dolls will be available for pre-order until March 15.



Marchen Waltz has now released new dolls 1/3 size Meryl and Benjamin on their website. The dolls are  cast in normal skin resin, and they can be purchased as full dolls or as heads-only. Full dolls will come with Infiniti doll bodies. Meryl with body is 59 cm tall (61 with heel feet) and Benjamin is 61 cm tall. The face-ups shown on the dolls are for promotion only.  Customers who wish to order a face-up can choose a style from the Make-up section of the website.

meryl1 benjamin


February 24

Doll artist Bo Bergemann has created group of OOAK dolls for the Haute Doll section of Dolls Magazine Three of them can be seen in the blog section of her website Bergemann Dolls. They include Warrior Princess, Secret Crush, and Roaring 20’s. All are variations of her 1/4 size doll Ambriel.The dolls will appear in the May issue.





Nefer Kane’s blog at CircusKane now has photos of her new 1/6 size doll prototype HumptyDumpty completed. The prototype will be sent to the factory soon. Pre-orders are currently being taken for the doll. The artist plans to make future dolls using the same body. Customers who purchase Humpty Dumpty will be able to purchase additional face-plates to fit the doll in the future. Layaway is available through the artist. More information and additional photos are available on the blog site.



A new company has released their products on their Facebook page. FOMA currently has two 23 cm tall girls named Nosy and Sassy Ellie. The dolls are being sold by the company at a 5% discount at this time. Foma’s Facebook page is HERE. There are prototype and finished doll photos available on Facebook.



February 25

Sa-yu BoNee has been released at Ocean Moon. The 50 cm tall doll is a half-closed eye version of the BoNee sculpt. The doll can be purchased in normal or white skin resin, Options include face-up and cat ears (blunt tipped or sharp tipped). Pre-order is February 26th to March 31th.



February 26


Angelheim recently added the new Tiny Heim body to their website. The body is available for order in normal or cream white skin resin. The body with a head is 25 cm tall. Last week, the company released Tiny Heim Chinese Zodiac dolls Dragon Jin and Rabbit Myo.


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