February 13 – 19, 2012

February 13

The Gem has now released new Faery Legend doll Cylin – Foxglove Sprite. The Limited Edition Little Gem doll can be pre-ordered until February 27. 29 cm tall Cylin will be cast in normal skin resin.  The doll will come with a human body and foxglove legs and wings. Options for the doll include face-up, body blushing, eyes, wig, and outfit shown.  Seam sanding can be ordered separately.



Luts has released new Senior Delf Noelia.  The 60 cm tall doll is cast in real skin white or normal resin. Noelia being sold as a basic doll with a random color pair of eyes. Her face-up is optionally available. Noelia’s outfit, shoes and glass eyes can be purchased separately.



DollClans  will be releasing Kien – Be My Valentine on 13th February (13.00 hr) 2012, GMT+7 Bangkok, Thailand time. Only one uniquely faced-up doll head will be available.

The head is cast in normal skin resin. It is designed to fit a 65~70 cm boy body; VOLKS SD17 body, Spirit Doll Proud boy body or other bodies that are a similar size.



Salon de Coco has released a Limited Edition full-set of Violin de Coco Mierty. The 26 cm tall doll can be found HERE. Normal skin resin Mierty will come with the complete outfit shown and a special face-up.

From the company:

* Salon de CoCo * has released new limited doll for sweet Valentine’s day!

Violin CoCo “Mierty” the sweet Valentine limited edition full set
Limited just 10 in worldwide.
Size: 26cm doll (Please refer to the web site of the specific body size)

Composition: Normal skin Mierty head and body parts(sweet Valentine limited face make-up),

sweet Valentine limited dress full set(mini dress, frill collar, pumpkin pants, cordon, over knee socks, special boots, chocolate deco hat)
14mm yellow-gray acrylic eyes, soft curl blond wig(mohair),

limited blanket, limited box, authorized certificate

* Order: E-mail order or web site order, and which are sent to the first 10 arrivals
** Order period: February 14(Tues)~February 22(Wed) 23:59



Coco Tribe has released new Ricci full-set rabbit dolls. Spring Special Ricci comes in two versions. The snow white resin set comes with gender neutral “angel” body, face-up, pink glass eyes, pink kimono and matching headdress. The beauty white resin Ricci comes with gender neutral “angel” body, face-up, violet glass eyes, light blue kimono and matching headdress. The dolls can be ordered with the 17 cm tall  or the 21 cm tall body. (The taller body costs slightly more.) Ricci dolls also come with additional teeth and tongue parts.



February 14


Little Monica has posted a notice regarding dolls that the company created to be sold at nDoll.

From the company:

091026_Luna_3-150x150We now have our contract with nDoll, an agency for our dolls, ended.
Therefore, all our Little Monica dolls, head, body, and etc parts,
also Luna, Aki, Aiko, Luise, and Yuko are not available through nDoll website.

Currently, all these items are listed on the website, but they are not available.
Please keep this in mind if you wish to purchase.

Lastly, Luna, Aki, Aiko, Luise, Yuko will be released in our website later in new names.



AngelsDoll has posted photos of the new slim 62 cm girl doll body. The new slender body comes with double joints.



Island Doll has posted two new 1/3 size dolls on their website.  59 cm tall Eleanor and 62 cm tall Louis are available through the company or through their authorized retailers.  Island Dolls come blank with an optional face-up. Resin shades available include tan, neutral beige, pink, island, normal, milk white and snow white.

louis eleanor


February 15

Soom store Mecha Angel now has a new boy doll named Antares. The pre-order period for all dolls is now open.

80 cm tall Antares and new girl 79 cm tall Bellatrix are available for purchase for the first time.  The outfits, boots and wigs shown with the two dolls can also be ordered.

 bellatrix antares


1rrhdahliaA new Lusion Dahlia has been released at Dollmore. Red Riding Hood Dahlia is a limited edition of only 10 dolls. 80 cm tall Dahlia is cast in white skin resin. She will come with face-up, glass eyes, wig, blushed hands and feet and full outfit (hooded cape, one-piece dress, underskirt, stockings, panties, boots). Full body blushing and seam sanding are not included. Dahlia will ship for free (no additional items can be shipped with the doll).

The doll can also be ordered through authorized retailer Fabric Friends and Dolls. Layaway is available.



February 16

Ringdoll has introduced the first 1/6 size doll for the company. Ring Sweet Bobo is 27 cm tall.  Bobo can be purchased as a nude doll with face-up, as a full-set doll and as a full-set with body blushing included.



A new version of tiny doll Honee-B is available at Ruby Red BJD. Honee-B Guardian Angel of the Ocean is a limited edition of 50 dolls. The 1/12 size doll is cast in normal skin resin. Honee-B comes with face-up, wig, eyes,full outfit, shoes and wand.



Pre-orders will soon end for doll head Ryun – R.  Ordering of the head from SWITCH will close Friday February 17, 2012 (24:00 Korean time).


This is a notice of update for the new series – Siesta Recomenzar’s the 1st boy, [Ryun : R].

Thank you for your interest!

Ryun : R ~ Siesta : Recomenzar ~
Compatible body type: 65cm and 60cm Scale BJD boy body
Skin type: normal skin
Included :
– Standard set: head + authentication plate + Authentication certification + Default case



February 17


AngelsDoll has released new girl named Gia.  62 cm tall Gia can be ordered in a choice between  the  massive or new slim body. The doll also comes with a choice of standard or big breasts and regular or long legs. Gia can be ordered in normal, white, tan,  vivid, Volks compatible normal or Volks compatible white resin. A face-up is optionally available. Layaway is also available from the company.



Little Monica has a new Artists Face-up head available. The Demetri head in normal skin resin has been custom colored by face-up artist Poppy. Only 10 heads will be released. A body can be optionally purchased with the head in style A or B. Ordering will be closed February 24th.



February 18 ~~~~~


February 19 ~~~~~



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