February 6 – 12, 2012

February 6

Jpop Dolls is now taking pre-orders for KazeKidz Laryssa Faun.  A new sculpt by Australian doll artist Kaye Wiggs, Limited Edition Laryssa can be ordered in sun-kissed or new resin color richest tan skin resin in this pre-order only.  45 cm tall Laryssa has faun ears and is available with or without additional faun legs with hooves. The pre-order for the dolls  ends March 5. All dolls come with a pair of glass eyes and a face-up. Delivery is expected by late May or June.

SKlaryssa1 IMG_2464a


Bambicrony has released three snow skin resin Brava Bambi dolls as limited edition full-sets. Each of the 43 cm tall dolls comes with outfit, face-up, wig, random color oval glass eyes, outfit and shoes.  Optionally the eyes can be upgraded to the ones shown in the photos.

From the company:

-Lolita style brava bambi limited edition-

00:00 am February 6, 2012 (in Korea)

* Details
Limited edition Grace (Snow white skin,lolita style dress full set )
Limited edition Ellen (Snow white skin,lolita style dress full set )
Limited edition Emily (Snow white skin,lolita style dress full set )

World wide 10 limited Edition



Ball Jointed Doll Convention, Austin (BJDC) is now offering the show special doll KazeKidz Mermaid Izzy for pre-order to attendees. The 1/4 size doll comes with face-up, glass eyes, a mermaid dress and a human dress.

From BJDC:

Limited Ed. Convention doll

Kay Wiggs’s Izzy is a MSD sized doll with elf ears and a white skin tone produced by JPop Dolls. She will come in the mermaid outfit and her human dress.

To be eligible to buy the convention Kaye Wiggs Izzy, you must to a paid and registered attendee. Instructions on the process of buying the Convention Kay Wiggs doll will come from the convention. Our registration fee will be non-refundable and so will the amount for Izzy.

The 2-month ordering period is from Feb. 4 to March 31, 2012. Pre-orders will be taken and paid for. Once the pre-order is over, this will set the number of dolls made. Delivery of the doll will be at the convention. The convention will not be mailing the dolls out.

If there is an exception made, and the attendee cannot attend, once the cancellation occurs- the order for Izzy will be cancelled as well.



February 7

AngelsDoll  has released new Duncan.  The 72 cm tall doll will be sold with the Massive body. Duncan is being sold as a basic doll. He can be ordered in  normal, white, tan,  vivid, Volks compatible normal or Volks compatible white resin. Optional face-up is available.  Layaway is available through the company.



Elfdoll has released new Lovely line Soah.  The 41 cm doll is cast in normal skin resin. Soah will come with an open-eyed face-plate, random color pair of acrylic eyes, flat and fist hands and flat feet. Additional face-plates are available including reminisce and smile. Face-up for open-eyed and additional face-plates is optionally available.



February 8

The Gem has released Monzo the Glorious One. The Special Order Mega Gem doll is cast in normal skin resin. Face-up and body blushing are optionally available. Seam sanding can be ordered separately through a link at the bottom of Monzo’s web-page. 50 dolls are available for this pre-order. Monzo’s outfit and boots are also available on the website.



February 9

fuwabaoBasic Ashley and Kiko have been released at Leeke World. The dolls come with A Type Art Body.  The 40 cm tall dolls can be ordered in basic skin, snow skin or purerose skin resin. Each doll comes with a random color pair of glass eyes. Kiko and Ashley can be optionally be ordered with a choice of A or B style face-up.

The fu wa bao in Kiko’s hair are cast in resin and attach with magnets.  They can be purchased separately in white or semi transparent resin. The fu wa bao come blank or optionally painted in red or black version. Kiko’s outfit has also been added to the website.






MDdoll has opened a new doll site; MSdoll – sooleedoll.com.  MSdoll had been selling dolls through Korean retailer nDoll. Due to problems with nDoll at this time, MS dolls will now be sold directly through the artist. (Previous post about nDoll troubles can be seen HERE.)

The artist has posted a new doll head named Miu. The head is designed to fit Volks SD9 size bodies. The head will come in a choice of normal or white skin resin. Mui will be available for pe-order February 11-26.



Blue Blood Doll has two new full-set dolls available. LE Full-set Silver is a limited edition of three dolls. Only one LE Draven full-set is available.  The 62 cm tall dolls will each come with face-up, glass eyes, wig, outfit and boots. Lay-away is available.






February 10


Secret Moon Irene is now available at Dear Mine. The full-set girl is a limited edition of only 20 dolls. 40 cm tall Irene comes with wig, eyes, special face-up, clothing (short one-piece, skirt, lace arm warmers, panties, lace stockings), accessories (jewelry, hair corsage), and heels. Irene is cast in normal skin resin.

Priscilla is now posted on the website and has been released as well. The 40 cm tall cat girl comes as a basic doll in a choice of white normal or pure white resin. She will come with a random pair of glass eyes and detachable magnetic ears and tail. Options for Priscilla include face-up and dress.






IpleHouse has now released the basic versions of SID line dolls 65 cm tall Shane and 62 cm tall ZeRa. The dolls come in a choice of normal, white or special real skin resin and with either a general or mobility body. A random pair of acrylic eyes are included with purchase. ZeRa also comes with a choice of large or small breast size. Both ZeRa and Shane can be ordered with a choice of A or B optional face-up.



February 11

Kid Dollmore Roo boy and girl Awakening are available at Dollmore. The dolls are cast in normal skin resin.  43,5 cm tall Roo boy and girl are sold blank with random color eyes, a random wig and undergarments. Options for the dolls include sanding service, body blushing and default or custom face-up.

roogirl rooboy


February 12

Little Monica recently posted a unique version of Harmony doll Renonne which is available on their website.  The doll is being sold with a face-up by Mimiru. Renonne is cast in white skin resin and comes with the B style boy’s body, an extra set of hands, and a random color pair of acrylic eyes. Only one doll is available.



A new 1/4 size doll by Linda Macario is now available at JpopDolls. Agathe can be pre-ordered until March 24. The 45 cm tall girl will come with a face-up and a random pair of glass eyes. She is being cast in normal skin resin. Delivery for Agathe is expected in late May or June.