January 30 – February 5, 2012

January 30

The Gem Special Order dolls Afi and Ai Antique Bouquet are now available for pre-order.  The 1/6 size Teenie Gem dolls come with the “neutral body”. Both are being cast in normal skin resin. Afi an Ai are being sold as basic blank dolls.  Options include face-up, body blushing and Soom eyes.  The outfits, wigs and shoes can be purchased from the site separately. The pre-order runs until February 13.

ai afi

January 31


DollClans has released their newest head Vezeto. The head is designed for 70 cm size doll bodies. (The head is shown on a Spirit Doll Proud line body.) The Vezeto head is being sold blank and is cast in normal skin resin.

From the company:

Special event for DollClans new doll head line, Vezeto!

To celebrate new DollClans website and new doll line, S Line,
and welcome for Vezeto’s appearance,

DollClans is offering discount when customers make pre-order for Vezeto head.

Vezeto pre-order period:
31st January 2012 , 12.00 hr ~ 15th February 2012 , 19.00 hr.
(GMT+7 Bangkok, THAILAND time)

DollClans S Line doll is our more mature doll head, and mostly suitable for 70 cm doll body or taller as their characters are mostly strong-build body growth men.

We hope you will welcome our HellHound Boss, Vezeto, with warm welcome.



La Legende de Temps has released Little Edria – Crowned Cat. A very limited number of heads are available at this time.

From the company:

New Doll Head Little E – Crowned cat Release in limited quantity!
Skin tone:
Volks Normal skin = 12
Volks White skin = 9

March Cross Body: SD 10 Girl, SD 10 Boy, SD 16 Girl and similar size body



February 1

ImplDoll has revealed a new free event doll head for February.  The Eden head is shown on an ImpStar boy body.  The full doll is also available for pre-order.

Eden can be ordered in pink, real, white, grey or tan resin. The doll will come with a random color pair of glass eyes. Options for Eden include face-up, wig, outfit and shoes.



DollFactory is releasing limited edition Louis Full Package. The 65 cm tall doll comes with a random color pair of glass eyes, special edition face-up, wig, outfit, boots, and accessories (belt, jewelry, microphone).  Louis is also available as a basic doll. He comes with eyes and with optional default face-up. Louis, basic or limited, can be ordered in normal or white skin resin.



Berdine Creedy Originals released new 1/4 Protea at IDX 2012.  The 17″ tall doll is currently available for pre-order. Protea can be purchased as a full-set in a choice from 6 different outfits. The clothes were designed by well-known doll fashion designers Connie Lowe, Gale Torres, Michele Hardy, and Val Zeitler. The wigs are Tibetan lambs wool.

Protea is also available as a basic blank doll.  The doll can be purchased with or without glass eyes. Protea is a limited edition doll. She will only be available until February 25.



February 2 ~~~~~


February 3

Dear Mine has released basic Siamy and Debon. Siamy and Debon will be cast in white skin resin. The 20 cm tall (excluding ears) blank dolls can optionally include face-up, wing parts, painted resin shoes and outfit.

debonbasic siamybasic


Neo-AngelRegion has released new Rustle of Spring Modigli.  The 3.0  (30.5 cm tall) iMda doll was created by Lim, dong a. Modigli is being sold as a basic doll cast in normal skin resin. She will come with both a normal and a sleepy head.  Options for Modigli include face-up for one or both heads, wig, eyes, outfit, shoes and an additional body. The doll is available for pre-order until February 14 (Korean time).


Granado has now released new 1/3 size dolls Gitana and Guilem. Each sculpt will be sold in a limited quantity of 50 in this release. The dolls can be purchased as heads-only or as complete dolls with a choice of body types. Bodies for this pre-order will come seam-sanded. Gitana and Guilem will be available in white, normal, pink and sunshine skin resin.

Gitana will come with both flat and heel feet. New version ball jointed hands will  be optionally available for Guilem. The outfits shown on the dolls, their costumes for Twelfth Night, are also optionally available with doll purchase. Wigs eyes and shoes shown are not included.

1guilem_large 1gitana_large


February 4


The Mushroom Peddler Etsy Shop has posted Howl the Wolf.  He is available for pre-order until March 6. Currently the unpainted version is available on the site, and the painted version will be added to the shop soon.

Howl comes with a random color pair of eyes and a fur tail.  The tail comes in a choice of white, grey or brown. Additional tails can be optionally purchased. Howl is 18.25 cm tall (excluding ears). The doll is cast in white resin.


February 5


Illusion Spirit has released new 70 cm tall Tosaca. He can be pre-ordered in normal pink, normal yellow or white skin resin. Grey or tan resin is available by commission. Tosaca can be ordered as a full doll or just the head may be purchased. Optional face-up and ball jointed hands are available.



Dream High Studio has released new 7 cm tall micro fairy Harpy the Wind Fairy.  The doll is a limited edition of 25. Harpy is cast in light green resin with transparent wings and “eagle head” hairpiece. The doll includes onyx eyes, additional plain head-cap, face-up and body blushing.  Free Shipping is included with the doll order. DHS dolls are available through the company and through new retailer Fabric Friends and Dolls.



Doll Family – H  has released new doll LeiLi.  The 70 cm tall boy can be ordered in normal yellow, normal pink or white skin resin. Face-up is optionally available. Doll Family – H dolls can be purchased internationally through authorized retailer.




DikaDoll  has released three new 1/3 dolls; Lune, Silent and Dawn and four 1/12 size dolls; Fig, Raindrop, Molly and Tea. Lune and Silent are girl and boy versions of the same sculpt. Fig and Raindrop are also girl and boy versions of the same sculpt. A new 1/3 version 4 boy body has been released. Dika dolls can be ordered in a choice of normal pink, normal yellow, ivory white, pure white and special order tan and grey resin. All Dika dolls come with a random pair of eyes.  Face-up is available optionally.

A tiny 1/12 size resin garland, wings and shoes are now available.  They can be purchased blank or painted. Items to be released soon include a new version of the 1/3 girl body and rabbit tiny dolls.