January 16 – 22, 2012

January 16

Illusion Spirit’s 1/4 size dolls, YingYe and  BaiYa are now available. They can be ordered in choice of resin colors normal yellow (similar as Volks normal), normal pink (similar as Dollzone normal pink), white (similar as Dollzone white), grey skin or tan skin. An optional face-up may be ordered.






Leeke World has released the new School Boys.  1/3 size L-type Chad, Jereme, Joshua and Ronald and 1/4 size M Type Benjamin are available in basic, snow or purerose skin resin. The L-Type boys can be ordered in a choice of body types including gentle, real, real long, and solid muscle. All of the boys will come with a random color pair of glass eyes.  Optional face-up is available.



New doll company AkaBara Studio has released their first doll, Jessie the Donkey. Pre-orders can be taken until February 10. 50 dolls will be available. Jessie can be ordered in black, white, grey or peach resin with a choice of black, pink, blond or mohair blond mane. Basic Jessie will be sent with a random color pair of acrylic eyes. Optional outfits are available.



January 17


kirin2Ringdoll has released a new 72.5 cm tall Ring Grown doll named Kirin, He is a limited edition doll and will only be available for pre-order until March 20, 2012. Full-set Kirin comes with face-up, eyes, wigs, clothes, tool-belt, backpack, climbing rope,dagger, ice picks, flashlight,map, and tattoo. Ringdolls can be ordered in normal, white or tan resin. They can be purchased from the company or through authorized retailers.



Coco Tribe  has released Spring Special Fullset Ruby.  The limited edition doll will be available at special a price. Ruby comes with a eyes, face-up and a kimono.


January 18

Bambicrony is now selling Ciao Bella line  Snow White Skin Judy as a limited edition full-set doll.  The snow white skin is whiter than the company’s floral white resin. 27 cm tall Snow Skin Judy comes with both regular and sleeping head, face-up, oval glass eyes, wig, outfit (pumpkin pants, shirt, Vest, cap, leg warmers) and boots. A face-up for the sleeping head costs extra. Snow Skin Judy will only be available for pre-order until the end of January. (At this time, a notice on the home page lists the end date as January 31st. The doll’s order page lists the end date as January 30. The end date will be in Korean time.)



January 19

Taya has been released at Granado. She can be ordered in white, normal or pink skin resin. Taya comes with a choice of the 62 cm body or the new Nuevo body.  Her head can also be ordered alone. Face-up and seam sanding is optionally available. Taya is available for pre-order until March 19.

The Nuevo body is now available for the first time.

From the company:

Female body nuevo” prototype is finally finished.
As we want to make a celebration for the Chinese new year(and the new girl body is finished!),

we will hold a super discount event for our “Female body nuevo”.
Skin Type : White, Normal, Pink
Pre-order Package including : Female body nuevo, New Designed Hands, Normal Feet and Heel Feet.

:: Special ::
For those who would like to purchase our body set.
This time we will provide seam sanding service for free.




ANother Secret has released new doll head Gerda from the Snow Queen series. The head was sculpted by artist “Mr. Saturday”. Gerda  is designed to fit a Volks SD10 or SD13 or similar size body. Gerda will be cast in normal skin resin. Face-up is optionally available.



IpleHouse JID size Elemental Guardian Isar has been released.  She will be available for pre-order until February 27 (Korean time). Isar can be ordered in normal, special real or light brown resin. General or mobility thigh joint body are available. The doll will come with random color acrylic eyes and both flat and heel feet. Options for Isar include face-up (style A or B), outfit set, wig (short or long), and resin accessories. The resin armor and bow and arrows can be ordered blank or with optional painting.



January 20


Fairyland has released Feeple 65 Lora the Queen of the Kingdom (Pride of Bellain) and Lorence the Knight of True Blue (Captain of Twelve True Swords) and two RealPuki dolls Popo (Rainbow) and Pupu (Flower) for their 10th anniversary event.

The dolls are available as both basic and full packages.  These dolls will not be sold again as a basic package. (For full event information, go HERE.) All of the dolls can be ordered in natural or beautiful white skin resin. The full packages are limited to 100 of each doll.

Full package Feeple65 Lorence and Lora come with normal face, face-up, random color glass eyes, wig, outfit, and shoes. The eyes can be upgraded to premium glass eyes for an additional cost. Other options include a sleeping face with or without face-up. Lora comes with large bust and high heel feet.

Full Package Popo and Pupu come with both regular and sleeping face, regular and clenching hands,outfit, shoes and a tool (a rake for Pupu and a pickaxe for Popo). Tools come unpainted. A wig is not included. Options include a face-up for the sleeping face.

Basic Lora and Lorence come with a random pair of glass eyes. Options include face-up, sleeping face with or without face-up and upgraded eyes. Basic Popo and Pupu come with eyes. Options include face-up, sleeping face with or without face-up.










Rapa’s Factory has released Tiger Twins – Wei. The 16 cm tall doll is cast in white resin. Wei is available as a basic doll with a random pair of acrylic eyes included. Options include tiger ears and tail, painting for parts, face-up, body blushing and wig. Face-up and additional painting can be ordered in silver or gold style. Wigs are available in silver or gold. The dolls can be pre-ordered until February 10 (Korean time).



Soom has released a new “Steam Rosette” at their Rosette School of Dolls store. Vela – Steam Dragonfly comes with the 43 cm tall Muse Lady body with knee-pan parts. Options for Vela include face-up, body blushing and blank or painted wings. The outfit, boots and wig can be purchased separately. In addition, the wings can be purchased on their own.



Doll artist Lillycat is releasing a new doll named Ombre.

From the artist:

Here is my last doll “Ombre”, she is a dreaming elfy creature, and will be available for sale on my website tomorrow morning ( 21/01/12 )
She is msd size and has the same body than my other msd girls Eugenie and Constantine.
All sale details will be upload tomorrow on my website www.lillycat.net

I have around 50 dolls available. The sale will be open until she is sold out.
After that she will be for sale again later this year. As I work with a foreign manufacturer to cast my doll they are available during short period and not all year, so each time I offer a different doll available.



January 21


Raurencio Studio has two new dolls posted on the website, Beni and Rena. 26 cm tall Baby line Beni and 42 cm tall Mini line Rena are cast in normal skin resin.  The dolls come with a pair of random color acrylic eyes.  Face-up can be optionally ordered.



Peak’s Woods will release  new limited edition dolls soon. FoC Blue Bride_Viyol and Cue will be available for pre-order January 25th – February 25th. The 58 cm tall Fairy of Color dolls will come with limited Blue Bride face-up (black tears on Cue is optional), an extra pair of hands, a pair of crystal acrylic eyes and a random wig. Viyol and Cue can be ordered in a choice of normal or white skin resin and with a normal or large bust. Heads with the limited face-ups will also be available for purchase separately.

Sleeping Cue



Two new dolls have released from Angel Fantasy ; a 70cm boy named Jun Ling and a60cm girl named  Zi Xuan.  Jun Ling and Zi Xuan can be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow or white skin resin. A face-up is optional. Faced-up dolls will come with a random pair of acrylic eyes. The dolls are available through authorized dealers






January 22


ArtistsDolls shop and The Toy Shoppe have listed doll artist Lorella Falconi’s first resin BJD line named  Anima. The 14 inches (35.6 cm) tall doll Valentina Rose is being sold as a full-set in a limited edition of 50 dolls. The doll will come with face-up, violet glass eyes, blonde mohair wig, hand dyed cotton ruffled dress with tulle, black tights, red purse and boots.



DragonDoll  has released a Limited edition 70 cm line doll JingQing. The company has also released two new 1/4 size dolls CangQiong & SeYou.  72 cm tall JingQing is a limited edition doll for 2012. He will come with an Uncle body with “manhood” parts. CangQiong & SeYou are 44 cm tall.  They will come with a small bust size part.  A large bust piece can be substituted by request. All Dragon Dolls can be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow, white or tan resin. Face-up is optionally available. The dolls can be purchased from Dragon Doll retailers.




CangQiong & SeYou