January 9 – January 15, 2012

January 9

Ringdoll  has released the new 72.5 cm tall Ring Grown armed forces dolls Lieutenant Sol, Admiral Ronald and Air Force Wolf. Each full-set doll will come with face-up, eyes, wig, clothes and shoes. The boys can also be purchased as basic nude dolls with free face-up. Air Force Wolf has a glowing eye and a mechanical arm with light panel that run on a battery. Ringdolls can be ordered in normal, white or tan skin resin.

(From left) Ronald, Wolf & Sol

(From left) Ronald, Wolf & Sol


New doll Rabby has been released at Rapa’s Factory. The basic doll is cast in white skin resin. 16 cm tall Basic Rabby will come with a random color pair of eyes. Options for the tiny doll include face-up, rabbit ears and tail, painted resin shoes, optional hands, and blushing of extra parts (hands, feet, or full body).



Aria Doll posted a tiny doll labelled New Year Baby Angel. The tiny 9 cm tall doll can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. Baby Angel comes with eyes and a wig.  Purchases from Aria that total $570 or more will receive Baby Angel for free.  The offer ends February 29, 2012.



January 10:

DollZone is preparing a new Spring Event.

From DollZone:

As our traditional Spring Festival coming, we will have a promotion event for all of you. Thank you very much over the years of our company’s support and love, we hope all of you will have a nice memory in this new year!

Promotion time: 10th-Jan 2012 to 28th-Feb 2012

You can get a free Dragon BB doll(Star/ Moon) if your order value achieve $850 (not including the shipping fee).






Angell Studio has released a 1/6 child version of Senior doll YanDi. New 1/6 size YanDiBB is being sold as a basic doll. Options for the doll include wig, eyes, face-up, body blushing, shoes, outfit and accessories.



Bo Bergemann BJD is releasing new full-set dolls. They will be available for pre-order until February 5. Each of the dolls will come with face-up, wig, eyes, outfit and shoes.  The artist will be attending IDEX, Orlando Florida this year in the main Exhibitor space.





January 11

The first boy doll has joined the Little Elva line at DreamingDoll. 43 cm tall Hiro can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. He will come with a random color pair of glass eyes and a random wig. Face-up is available optionally. Dreaming Doll is offering free shipping for the doll.



Soul Doll has announced a New Year sale event. Nine limited edition dolls will be available during this event only.  The dolls will no longer be sold after the New Year event concludes. A free gift will be included with the purchase of an event doll.  The event ends February 29 (Korean time).

The dolls released for the event are 69 cm tall Zenith line boys Graham and Veto, 63 cm tall Zenith girl Penelope, 55 cm tall Soul Double girls PoPo and  Leigh, and Soul Kid boys Abe, Muse, Might and Drake with a choice of old 45 cm or new 47 cm tall body (measurement includes head).  All of the dolls can be ordered in a choice of normal or white skin resin. Optional face-up is available.  The Soul Kid boys’ outfits can also be optionally purchased along with the  Soul Kid dolls.

Dolls from top left: Abe, Drake, Leigh, Might, Muse, Penelope, Popo, Vero

Dolls from top left: Abe, Drake, Leigh, Might, Muse, Penelope, Popo, Vero



January 12

Daisy Dayes Flying Monkey returns to Jpop Dolls in a new resin color. Snow White Flying Monkey is cast in white resin and comes with a face-up and black bead eyes. The wings and tail are attached by elastic to the body. The 5 cm tall doll is available for pre-order until February 7.  Delivery is expected for April or May.



HappyHouse is selling Heidi, which is labelled as an Angel of Dream doll. The 1/3 size girl can be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow, white or tan resin.  The teeth are removable. The doll comes in a choice small, normal or big  breast size. Face-up is optionally available.




January 13

Doll artist Catherine Gretschel has created two dolls, 63 cm tall Elizabeth and Rose. They are sold through her Etsy shop Aisha Voya Dolls . Both OOAK version dolls are being sold as full-sets with eyes, wig, face-up, outfit and shoes. The dolls, outfits and shoes were all created by the artist. The full-set Elizabeth and Rose offered are the very first casts of each sculpt.






Two limited edition full-set 1/6 size girls are available at LINA ChouChou. Snow White Rosy is a limited edition of only two dolls. Winter Dream Miu is a limited edition of an unspecified number. Rosy is cast in white resin, and Miu comes in normal resin. Both dolls come with a limited edition airbrush face-up and the eyes, wig, outfit and shoes shown in photos.

1winterwhiterosy wintermiu1


Dollmore has released Youth line Eve Dreaming Mio. The 57 cm tall doll is cast in normal skin resin. Dreaming Mio is being sold as a basic doll with a random pair of acrylic eyes, a random wig and a petticoat. Options for Mio include face-up (default or custom), sanding service and body blushing.



January 14

Spanish company IrrealDoll is opening a pre-order for the Ringo head.

From IrealDoll:

SD size head (it works in a SD10 body and similar).
– Skin color Oriental, Fresh and Pale(totally white)
– No make-up option.

– Only 10 or 20 heads for this pre-order (it depends of number of interested people).
– You can buy more than one head.
– I will send the heads approximately in March or April.
– Preorder open 14th January – 17:00 Spain time.



January 15

Connie Lowe of Marbled Halls, doll fashion designer, has released her first dolls, 16.50  inches tall Epie and 15.35 inches tall Winona.  The dolls were released through dolls shops including ArtistsDolls.com and Fabric Friends and Dolls.  Both dolls are limited editions. At this time, the Epie pre-order of 50 dolls is sold out. 50 additional dolls will be released in the future as artist editions.  Winona is still available. She was released as an edition of 120 pre-order full-set dolls. she comes with two different black wigs; mohair braids and synthetic bob. 30 additional Winona dolls will be available as artist editions in the future. Winona’s pre-order opens Monday.






Featherfall is releasing Iruhi Elf. The doll is a Featherfall/ResinSoul project.

From Featherfall:

 LE Elf Iruhi in  Sky blue will be up for pre-order on  January 15th,  happily have a number of options, so hopefully something for everybody.  🙂 As per popular request we will also plan to release two basic versions of Elf Iruhi – one in Normal Skin and the other in White skin sometime in March or April.

He will also have Free Shipping in North America until  Valentine’s Day, using the coupon : IRUHIVALENTINE

  • Iruhi Elf double-jointed doll with faceup in Sky Blue ( with open style hands)*
  • *faceup includes pale blue eyelashes; blush is optional, so make a note in the comments section whether you would  prefer him with the  face and ears blushed as in the pictures, or unblushed.
  • Extra half closed hands ( Wu body style hands)
  • LE Silver fox eyes
  • * WIG CHOICE: fur wig or Dollzone 30167C ( long white wig shown)
  • Includes 2 yukata kimono to be mix and matched ( see images- 2 x separate obi)