January 2 – January 8, 2012

January 2

Dollmore has released Trouble Max Narsha. 35 cm tall Narsha boy and Narsha girl are available in suntan resin in limited editions of 30 each. The full-set dolls come with face-up, glass eyes, wig, outfit, and shoes shown in the photos.

1narshaboy 1narshagirl


Sweet Gale  is now selling Limited Misha and Misha vampire.  The 58 cm tall doll comes with glass eyes and both human teeth and vampire teeth. Pre-order for Misha ends January 25th Korean time. Lay-away is currently available for Misha.

1misha 1mishavamp


Volks, Japan is offering the Dolls Party 26 After Event Limited items & Tenshi-no-Sumika Items for international customers. A lottery determines who will be able to purchase the items in the event. Lottery submissions will be taken 17:00,January 6 – 10:00, January 10 (Japan time). Full information on the event can be found HERE.

From Volks:

Overseas customers can only apply for lottery here on the English language web site. They can NOT apply for the lottery on the VOLKS Japanese language web site. Also People who live in Japan can NOT apply for English language web site. We appreciate your understanding.



January 3

 Winter Shirley is available at Minoru World. The full-set doll is a limited edition of 30 created by Blue Fairy doll artist Xiao. 33 cm tall The Minoru World Junior line doll comes in beauty white resin with a Junior Blossom body. Winter Shirley will include face-up, khaki brown wig, glib eyes and outfit (cape, coat, dress, velvet ribbon, ear-muffs and tights and boots).



January 4

Blue Fairy has White Winter full-set dolls available. The dolls include 13cm tall Pocket Fairy Annie, 27cm tall Shiny Fairy Sam, 43cm tall Tiny Fairy Rachael and 60cm tall Alice. All full-set dolls include eyes, wig, face-up, shoes and outfit shown. In addition,  the outfits can be purchased separately. Each outfit includes both winter outerwear, black tights  and a white dress.










Three new 42 cm girls are now available at DollZone.  They are named Elsa Rosemary and Renata.  The dolls can be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow or white skin resin. The girls can be ordered as full-sets or as blank basic dolls.  Dollzone dolls are available from the company and through their authorized retailers.








 A new version of Daisy has been posted at Bambola World. Antique Daisy is a Limited Edition of only 5 dolls. 21cm tall Daisy is cast in normal skin resin. The full-set doll will come with  face-up, blue-grey glass eyes, wig, navy dress, black shoes and stockings. Daisy was created by doll artist Jung-Hee Park.



January 5

 Only-Doll has released 11 new dolls; four 1/3 size, four 1/4 size, and three 1/6 size. The company has started a New Year event.All dolls are 20% off.

From top left: Lu Er, Yue Er, Xiao Han Qing, Yu Wu Xiang, FenYing, XuanYan, NingGe, HanBi, YouNan, ChuChing, & YouHe

From top left: Lu Er, Yue Er, Xiao Han Qing, Yu Wu Xiang, FenYing, XuanYan, NingGe, HanBi, YouNan, ChuChing & YouHe


January 6

Doll artist Gu Mi-Jeong has released a new version of MJKoo  named Dana at My Dolling. The 31 cm tall doll comes with the MJKoo body.  Dana is cast in normal Korea resin with an optional face-up.



Dollmore has released a new Lusion doll, Tell Me Daish. The 80cm tall doll is being cast in normal skin resin. Daish will come with  glass eyes, wig and undergarments. Options for the doll include face-up, seam sanding, and hand and foot blushing or full body blushing. Lusion Daish will ship free, but no additional items can be added to her shipping box.



January 7

The Mushroom Peddler Etsy Shop is offering Wonderling dolls Squeaks the Rat and Nibbles the Mouse this month. Squeaks is the Wonderling Monthly Series January doll. Pre-order for the doll will be open until February 6th. Nibbles is an open-ended edition. Both dolls are 18 cm tall not including the ears, and are cast in white resin.  Nibbles and Squeaks can be purchased blank or they can be blushed in a custom color combination.

A special offer is available for purchase of both dolls. The Friendship Set includes both Nibbles and Squeaks at a discount price. The set can be ordered with blank dolls or custom colored dolls. All of the dolls at The Mushroom Peddler are created by artist Sarah Seiter.



lidiaelf2-150A new doll by Russian artist Lidiya Snul is now available for pre-order from JpopDolls.  BJtales Aerica is 28 cm tall. She will come in normal skin resin  with a pair of custom-made glass eyes, a face-up and full body blushing complete with hand and foot manicure. The pre-order runs until February 1. Delivery is expected in April/May.



 Boy & Girl Doll (B & G Doll)  will be releasing  The Old World  Succubus doll67 cm tall Nathrae soon.  She is shown as a full-set version with face-up, eyes, wig, outfit, jewelry, shoes, and painted wings and horns. The doll will be cast in light gray resin.



January 8


 ImplDoll has released a deer anthro doll named Trista. She is the first doll for New Young Line. The 46 cm tall doll comes with a deer body, tail and horns and a pair of glass eyes.  Options for Trista include a human body, face-up, body blushing, outfit and wig. Resin color choices include pink, real, white, grey or tan.