December 26, 2011 – January 1, 2012

December 26

Salon de Coco has released their first Cello line 1/3 boy doll head. Elber is a limited edition of only 10 heads. He is cast in normal skin resin. The head is sold blank. Optional face-up is available.



Doll Family – A has introduced a new 63 cm tall boy named Damien.  The 1/3 line boy comes with a random color pair of eyes. He is available in normal pink, normal yellow or white skin resin. Optional face-up is available. Doll Family -A will end their Christmas event December 27 (China time). Doll Family dolls are available through authorized retailers.



LoongSoul has a new version of 62 cm tall Bloom line limited edition XuanYan. The company has also added a new basic Bloom line boy named Allen.

XuanYan 2nd comes with a new version doll head. The doll also comes with both a human and a mechanical chest part and right arm. The mechanical style resin parts are cast in the same resin color as the rest of the doll. Optional painting is available for the mechanical parts. Previous purchasers of XuanYan can purchase the new head separately at a discount. Both Allen and XuanYan can be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow or white skin resin. Optional face-up is available for both boys.







December 27

IpleHouse will soon be discontinuing the 60 cm  YID doll line. There will be one last sale of the dolls.

From the company:

Happy New Year! This is Iplehouse. ^^

It’s sorry to inform but we decide to close our sales for the whole YID characters.

YID characters are available until Jan. 31, 2012.
But if we have some quantities left in stock, we might extend the period until all quantities are sold out.

This is the last change you can purchase YID characters!!




Marchen Waltz has released new Winter Limited doll head Heidi. Heidi will be cast in normal skin resin. She is being sold blank with optional limited edition face-up. The Cheshire Butler or My White Rabbit resin mask are available for purchase with Heidi. (The masks are sold blank and there is an extra fee for blushing.) The head is designed to fit a 58~62cm tall girl or boy body. (The body shown with the head is Volks SD9.) Heidi will be available until February 28, 2012.



Jie Dolls can now be purchased at Blue Blood Doll. 1/3, 1/4, 1/6 sizes and doll parts are posted on the website. 1/3 size Full-set Special Edition Jie Rock Star Altair is available.  Also, at this time, purchases of all outfits, shoes, wigs and accessories will ship for free.



December 28


The Gem has released Hornblend – The Barbarian King. The  Centauroid Gem is a Special Order release. Hornblend is cast in normal skin resin. He comes removable horns and with both a fur tail and a resin tail. Options for Hornblend include face-up, body blushing, Soom eyes and  javelin (blank or  painted). Seam sanding and the outfit and wig shown on the doll can be purchased separately. The ordering period for Hornblend is December 28, 2011 – January 11,2012.



December 29

ANother Secret will be offering a limited edition of new doll Miroo with the new Diona body.  The limited edition doll will be sold as a full-set starting January 1st.  Miroo is 60 cm tall and will come with heel feet only.



December 30


1modiglifairy1Neo-AngelRegion (formerly Angel Region) has released new version 2.2 line Petite Fairy Modigli. She will only be available for pre-order December 30 – January 10 Korean time. Modigli Fairy is being sold as a basic doll cast in cream white resin. Options for Fairy Modigli include face-up, a choice of Soom eyes, wig and outfit shown in photos.



RosenLied now has  1/4 size Season Limited Basic Wednesday’s Child Louie girl posted on the site along with new limited wigs. The doll will be available  on December 30th.

[Release of season limited basic doll]

-Wednesday’s Child Louie (ver. Girl)

Wednesday’s Child Louie (ver. Girl) type will be sold for one month only, from 30th December to 30th January.
She will not be available as a basic after this period, so be sure to order during this time if you wish to have a basic Wednesday’s Child Louie (ver. Girl).



December 31


PlasticMoon has revealed new Teru 1.5 Sleepy Teru. The company will be offering the 1/3 size Teru head one last time starting January 1st. The sleepy version of the head will also be available. Both can be ordered in normal or white skin resin.

From the artist:


Announcement for selling schedule of Teru heads

The last order period for Teru will be in 1st JAN to 1ST FEB 2012.
After this preorder,I will be selling in stock heads until they have sold out.

In stock heads will be sold here and on my etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/foolbot

Alongside the last preorder for the normal head, a sleepy version of Teru will also be available.
How popular he is (more than 10 ordered) will depend on future preorders.



Doll Leaves has launched a New Year Event. An Event Head named Noir will be free with qualifying purchases. New 1/3 girl doll Bailey has also been released. Both Bailey and the Noir head are available in normal or white skin resin.  Bailey is being sold as a basic doll with optional face-up. Noir will come blank with both human and elf ears. A face-up for Noir will be optionally available.





Rapa’s Factory has introduced three new tiny dolls named Do, Re and Mi.  They are being sold as basic dolls.  16 cm tall Do, Re and Mi are being cast in white resin and come with a random pair of eyes. Animal heads and also magnetic ear and tail parts are optionally available. Do can be ordered with optional goat parts, Re with cat parts, and Mi with rabbit parts.

Other options for the dolls include face-up(s), parts blushing, hand and foot blushing, body blushing, magnetic shoes in a choice from 5 color combinations, and a shirt and pants set (T-shirt in a choice from 5 colors, pants are black only). Do, Re and Mi are similar in size to Rosen Lied Monday’s child dolls and Lati Yellow dolls, so they can fit into their wigs, clothes and shoes.








January 1


ImplDoll has released new doll Alvin.  For the month of January, the doll’s head is available free with a purchase of over $200. 58 cm tall Model Line Alvin is also available as a full doll. The Alvin doll or the free doll head can be ordered in a choice of  pink, real, white, tan or grey skin resin. The face-up, clothing, shoes and wig shown on the doll can be ordered as well.