November 21 – 27, 2011

November 21

We are pleased to present our new head V-02 of our “VIPO” series. “VIPO” is a limited lottery series.
The second “VIPO” head V-02, will be limited to 15 contracts

To enter the draw for the contracts, you must be one of our VIPs (members who have purchased one or more dolls from Granado).

**How to Enter the Draw**
If you are interested, please email us your certificate number to dpp.doll@gmail.com, with the subject line “Draw for V-02”.

Opening Date: 21 November 2011
Closing Date: 25 November 2011

Winners will be announced on: 26 November 2011
Winners must make full payments for their V-01s by 29 November 2011

**For Winners**
Special instructions will be emailed to you regarding how to make full payments for your V-02.

**For Public**
If there are any unclaimed V-02s, they will be released to the public on 1st December.




Neo-AngelRegion is offering Petite Fairy Fepe for pre-order. The 22 cm tall doll is being cast in cream white resin. Fepe will come with fairy wings. Options for the doll include face-up, eyes, wig (short, long or both), outfit and shoes. iMda doll Fepe was created by by doll artist Lim Dong a. The limited edition doll can be ordered until December 2nd (Korean time).



Doll Family – H has released two new dolls, 1/6 size Joe and Joy. The dolls come blank with optional face-up. The 33 cm tall dolls come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes and can be ordered  in normal pink, normal yellow or white skin resin.



Crobi Doll has posted the new B doll line and a new doll body, the B-Line Boy Body. Two new limited edition event dolls, B line Yuri and Ho Bin, will be sold with the new body. The body (including head) stands 68 cm tall. It is shown in two versions, with a solid chest and a hip joint and with both an upper chest joint and hip joint. The body also has double jointed elbows and knees and swiveling upper thigh joints.


November 22

The Christmas Tan Skin Event has started at Bambicrony. Limited edition Ciao Bella dolls have been released first.  The dolls are sold as full-sets in  boy and girl versions.  The doll eyes shown in the photos can be optionally purchased in place of the standard glass oval eyes provided for free with the dolls. (Note: there are usually long waits for shipments of orders from this company.)







November 23

The Gem has new Remaining Story dolls;  North & Iceland – Snow Maiden & Ice Lad available. The 42 cm tall Little Gem dolls are both cast in cream white resin. North and Iceland will come with both a normal and a “meditation” head, and with both human and paw lower legs and feet. Options for the dolls include an extra human body, face-up for one or both heads, body blushing for one or two bodies, wig, eyes, one or both outfits shown and one or both pairs of boots shown. Seam sanding can be ordered separately through the link at the bottom of the dolls’ page. The pre-order period for the Limited Edition dolls is November 23- December 7.




Dollmore has a new Kidult named Irina. The 12″ tall doll is cast in normal skin resin. Irina will come with a pair of random color glass eyes, random wig and both flat and heel feet. Options for Irina include face-up, body blushing and seam sanding service.



Peak’s Woods has released a new tan resin Fairy of Color Goldie doll available. The 58 cm tall doll is available for pre-order until December 6. Limited Edition Goldie will come with an extra pair of hands, random color pair of acrylic eyes and a random wig. The FoC doll can be ordered with normal or large bust. The special face-up shown is optionally available. Layaway is available through the company.



November 24

ResinSoul has released a new fantasy doll named Pixiu. The 28 cm tall doll comes with claw feet,and detachable long tail and wings. Pixiu can be purchased blank or with face-up. (It is unclear whether wing and tail painting is available.)

ResinSoul dolls are available in a wide variety of resin colors including pink, blue, coffee, purple, green, red, sky blue, and gray resin (some colors cost extra). The dolls can be purchased from the company or through authorized retailers.



A new Korean company is now open to the international market.  Sweet Gale has two dolls posted on their site, Wayne and Simon. The dolls are 58 cm tall and will come with random eyes, wig and clothing.



November 25

New 49 cm tall Darjeeling can now be pre-ordered at Astral In Rainbow (A.I.R). Darjeeling comes in white, ivory white, normal or peach normal resin. Previous customers of A.I.R. can purchase the doll at a discount.

From A.I.R.:

For those who have our previous A.I.R dolls,
we will give you 10% discount when you adopt Dajeeling.
Please send us the recent photo and the name of your child with your ordering email, and we will make sure that you get the discount!


[The period of order]

★ 25/November PM10:00 ~ 2/December 2011 PM10:00 ★

RosenLied has new items for November 25 Korean time. Included in this update are new Monday’s Child Basic Lemon and a variety of Monday’s Child, Tuesday’s Child and Wednesday’s Child outfits in limited quantities.

from the company:

Hello everyone, this is Rosen Lied.
Here is the new update list for 25th November.

**The update will be at 7:00 pm (Korean time)**

[Release of new Basic Doll]

– Monday’s Child Basic Lemon


As a Surprise Event, IpleHouse is allowing customers to purchase any of the previously released guardian characters for a limited time.

From IpleHouse:

We pleasantly inform all customers loving Iplehouse for 2011.

Too many customers have asked us for a favor but we couldn’t accept this because it was out of our company rule.

However, we have only one month left in 2011 and in the mood of Christmas, we would like to listen customers’ earnest requests.

Then, we would like to open your wish list. ^__^

That is, from Dec. 1 to Dec. 25, we are supposed to sell again [Elemental Guardian] characters for which our promotion was already finished.
But, customers can purchase doll only, not other accessories or clothes.

Therefore, we kindly ask all NOT to miss this chance. ^_^



Latidoll released the Limited Yellow line Nutcracker dolls and most of their basic dolls for pre-order.

From Lati:

We prepared Christmas limited edition dolls “The Nutcracker” for upcoming Christmas. They will be sold from November 25th 12:00 KST to December 11th 12:00 KST. Detailed pictures will be updated on 25th.
Basic dolls will be sold again from the same day; however, Red line dolls will not be in stock for this selling period. Also, we will not receive wig orders for a while because of production delays of wigs. We beg your understanding about this.
We promised you that we will always do our best for better services.

The Limited Yellow dolls released for The Nutcracker include; Mystic Lumi Clara, Lumi Princess, Mystic Lea Soldier, Lea Prince, Grown up Belle Mouse King, Benny Deer and Coco Sugar Plum Fairy. A nutcracker in resin is also available. The dolls are being sold in basic form with a choice of old or new body (some dolls also include optional head choices). The Nutcracker series dolls are cast in the resin shown in their photos, and they include glass eyes and face-up.  Options listed include outfit, shoes and wig. A choice of old or new style body is available. Coco and Benny heads come with elf ears, and they cannot be exchanged for a human-eared version.

A new Blue Line limited doll has been posted to the website, J.P Limited Dreaming Lyn. The doll will be available  optionally with the open eye head or with both heads.



November 26

IpleHouse has added EID size Dexter to the basic doll line-up. He can be ordered in normal, white or special real skin resin.  Dexter comes with a choice of the slim Model body (70. 5 cm tall doll) or bulky Muscle (70 cm tall doll) body. The doll can be ordered with a choice of regular thighs or mobility thigh joints. Dexter can come with an  optional face-up in style A or B. A random color pair of acrylic eyes will be included with the doll.



Rapa’s Factory has two new tiny dolls, The Little Prince –  Elpy and Fexy, created by artists Mar and Rapa. The 16 cm tall dolls are cast in white skin resin. The dolls include both regular and dreaming face, face-ups, random eyes, and painted resin parts.  Elpy comes with a set of resin wings and resin sneakers, and Fexy comes with resin fox ears and tail and a pair of resin boots. The dolls are available for pre-order until the end of December 5th (Korean time).


November 27

New 1/4 size doll Nuannuan has been released at LoongSoul. The 42 cm tall doll will come with flat and heel feet and a choice of small, medium or large bust (photo shows large). Her outfit and additional bust parts can be purchased separately. Loongsoul dolls are cast in a choice of white, normal pink, or normal yellow resin. The dolls can be purchased from the company or through retailer Mint on Card.