November 14 – 20, 2011

November 14

ImplDoll is offering two new dolls, Star line Vampires Esther and Akasha. The dolls can be ordered in white, real, pink, tan or grey resin. The Star bodies can be ordered with or without  thigh ball joints. 63.5 cm Akasha and 64 cm tall Esther come with a random pair of glass eyes. Options for  the dolls include face-up and wig.


DollFactory has released their first full 1/3 Senior Ari line boy dolls. 65 cm tall Senior Ari Yeon and Ryu come in a choice of white or normal skin resin. The dolls come with a random pair of acrylic eyes.  Options include a face-up for one or both heads. The new Senior Ari body is available for purchase separately.



Jpopdolls presents a new doll by Russian artist Lidiya Snul.  BJtales Sindy is 23 cm tall. She will come in normal skin resin  with a pair of custom-made glass eyes, a face-up and body blushing including manicure and pedicure. The pre-order runs until December 11. Delivery is expected in March/April.


A new Korean company called Rapa’s Factory has released their first dolls, Lamu and Lail. the 16 cm tall dolls are cast in white skin resin. Lamu and Lail each come with both a basic and a vampire head with face-up, a random pair of eyes, random wig,  outfit and painted resin accessories.



November 15

Dear Mine‘s Sky Rider Air and Oz  and Saint Night Siamy and Belle have been released for a limited time. The dolls are cast in white resin. Air, Oz, Siamy and Belle will come with wig, eyes, face-up and outfit shown. Boot parts may be optionally painted.Optional glove hand parts (for Air and Oz) or “lady hands”(for Siamy and Belle) and angel wings may be ordered. The dolls come with or without a thigh joint. Each doll is a limited edition of 30.










Immortality of Soul has opened the pre-order for new doll Shadow.

From IoS:

“Limited Offer” – Shadow

[Quantity : ‘Head- 35units / Head+70body – 1units ]

The ‘Shadow’ are on a limited offer, here comes the detail.
Please check below

**On sale from Nov 15th to 19th of 2011 Only.

**Limited Quantities : Head- 35 units / Head+70 body 1units This applies to both of the above regardless of colors.

With the sequence of payments, The priority will be given and We would be checking the remaining products and keep it posted all the time.

The sales period would be relatively short this time, so be noticed.

Pay close to attention to the notice and please order things properly.



Granado has released new Titus Jekyll & Hyde. Mr. Titus Hyde comes in a choice of white, normal or pink skin resin with a either the 64 or 68 cm body. Titus Hyde can be ordered with either a normal or a scarred rampant head or both heads. Optionally, a face-up for one or both heads,  and ball jointed hands can also be purchased. Dr. Titus Jekyll is cast in asura resin. He comes with both normal and rampant heads, a choice of bodies, optional face-up(s) and optional ball jointed hands. All dolls come with both flat and heel feet.


New Large size doll Haeun has been released at SupiaDoll. The doll comes with both human and fairy ears.  Haeun can be ordered in a choice of white or normal skin resin with a choice of old single joint 58 cm tall body or new  double joint 61 cm tall body. Options available for the doll include face-up, a random color glass eye and wig combination set and a pair of heel parts.

Limited Edition Haeun Golden Daisy  is one-of-a-kind full-set. Haeun Golden Daisy will come with fairy ears, face-up, outfit, wig and eyes as shown in the photos.




The Luts Winter Event has begun. All of the new dolls posted in teasers recently  are now available for pre-order. The new dolls can all be ordered in a choice of normal or white real skin resin.  The theme for the new Winter Zuzu Delf releases has also been posted, Zuzu Delf The Three Musketeers Limited. No photos of these dolls are yet available.

The new limited edition event dolls are 70.5 cm tall Super Senior Delf Dark Night Ignis, 60 cm Senior Delf Red Night Mia and 26 cm Honey Delf Pirate Cinnamon. All of the dolls come with a pair of eyes. Pirate Cinnamon also comes with a wig and a scissors hand. Options for Ignis include a choice of scar or tattoo version face-up,  gun with hand part, body and parts blushing and clothing set. Options for Mia include a choice of dark, scar or lovely style face-up , gun with hand part, body and parts blushing and clothing set. Options for Cinnamon include face-up, body blushing and clothing  set. Shoes are not including with the outfits.

The new non-limited releases include 62.5 cm tall Senior Delf Sherard, 42.5 cm Kid Delf Yuz and 26 cm Honey Delf Epi. The dolls come with a random color pair of eyes and Yuz and Epi also come with a random wig.  Options for the dolls include face-up and body blushing.








Ignis & Mia

Ignis & Mia


Two new Kid Dollmore fullset dolls are now available.  They are Snow Blossom Vian and Paran.  The 43.5 cm tall dolls are limited editions of 20 each. They are both cast in a special pink skin resin. Snow Blossom Vian and Paran will each come with a face-up, eyes, wig, outfit set and shoes.





November 16

Rosette School of Dolls has released their new doll Delilah Iron-laced Lady. She will be available for pre-order until November 30. Delilah will come with the Rosette 43 cm tall Lady body. Options listed for the doll include face-up, body blushing and steampunk wings.  The eyes, wig, outfit and boots shown on the doll can be purchased separately. (See links at the bottom of the doll’s page.)  The wings can also be purchased by customers separately.


Special X’mas Event Full Set Doll Valentine is now available at a discount price at Blue Blood Doll. Only three dolls are being released. 62 cm tall Valentine will come with a face-up, glass eyes, grey medium long wig, suit, and black shoes.



Blue Fairy has released new Fruit Farm dolls. The dolls include Pocket Fairies Strawberry Yoko, Watermelon Kitty, Orange Jimmy, Strawberry Didi, Watermelon Roa, Orange Betty and Tiny Fairy Farmer Gus. All of the dolls are cast in beauty white resin. Yoko, Kitty and Jimmy are 14 cm tall and come with the girl pocket fairy body. Didi, Roa and Betty are 19 cm tall and come with the girl Pocket Fairy Sugar body. 43 cm tall Tiny Fairy Gus comes with the boy dandy body. All of the dolls are being sold as full-sets with face-up, eyes, wig, outfit and shoes. The clothing can also be purchased separately.


November 17

RosenLied is preparing to release 10 full-set dolls on November 18 Korean time.  Only one of each doll is available for purchase. The planned release of Monday’s Child basic Lemon is delayed until November 25th.The One version 1/4 size Louie is being released with a new Wednesday’s Child girl body.  This will be the first 1/4 size girl doll released by Rosen Lied.

The list of The One dolls from the company:
**The update will be at 7:00 pm (Korean time)**

[Release of The One dolls]

-Monday’s Child Pudding ver. girl (Normal skin)
Make up by Rin.Rena
Outfit by Rin.Rena

-Tuesday’s Child Poppy ver. Girl (White skin)
Make up by Rin.Rena
Outfit by Rin.Rena

-Tuesday’s Child Poppy ver. Girl (Reverie ver.) (Normal skin)
Make up by Uyuchagongbang
Outfit by Uyuchagongbang

-Monday’s Child Apple ver. Girl (White skin)
Make up by Rollingpumpkin
Outfit by Styli-she

-Tuesday’s Child Sage ver. Boy (White skin)
Make up by derek j.
Outfit by Styli-she

-Tuesday’s Child Poppy ver. boy (Suntan skin)
Make up by Rollingpumpkin
Outfit by moi atelier

-Tuesday’s Child Poppy ver. Girl (Reverie ver.) (White skin)
Make up by Kim sense
Outfit by moi atelier

-Tuesday’s Child Ravie ver. Girl (White skin)
Make up by Kana
Outfit by piangfang

-Monday’s Child Chico ver. Girl (Normal skin)
Make up by Rollingpumpkin
Outfit by GiGiker
-Wednesday’s Child Louie ver. Girl (White skin)
Make up by Kana
Outfit by GiGiker

Louie girl

Louie girl


New Jeremy has been released at M-Doll. The doll is shown in two versions, with human ears and with long ears. The 45 cm tall doll is shown in porcelain skin resin. The company casts dolls in a choice of porcelain or wheat colored resin. Face-ups are usually available as an option.


November 18


Denver Doll Emporium is offering another version of Xtreme Dolls Cristy Stone’s Gracelyn.  The new doll is cast in realskin resin with a DDE exclusive face-up. The doll will also come with a random color pair of glass eyes. Only 15 dolls will be available in this style.


November 19


LoongSoul is releasing 73.5 cm tall God of Dragon – YingLong Limited.

Items included with YingLong:

skin option: normal yellow or caesious(costs extra)

head x 1 (human ears x 1 pair, dragon ears x 1 pair)
dragon body x 1(dragon arms, dragon hands, dragon calves, dragon feet)
dragon horn x 1 pair
dragon wings x 1 pair
dragon tail x 1
eyes x 1 pair

Options for YingLong include face-up, body blushing, clothing, wig, human parts and/or a separate human body. The company is offering a free face-up with a purchase of the doll, outfit and wig.

From the company:

Event period: 2011/11/19~~2011/12/31
Purchase YingLong(including his outfit/wig) over $1000 get free make-up.
*It takes 80~100 workings days to produce YingLong.

LoongSoul dolls are available from retailers Mint on Card, eBay seller jeeryama and Catas on Den of Angels.


November 20 ~~~~~