November 7 – 13, 2011

November 7


Slinky Neko has launched their Christmas event. New 25 cm line doll Basic Bucci is now available.The doll is cast in normal skin resin.  Bucci is sold as a basic blank doll with optional face-up.



November 8


Doll Family – A is offering a doll head at a special low price for a limited time. Doll Family retailer Mint on Card released the following information:

Doll Family – A Special Price Practice Head

Doll Family – A is offering a 1/4 Practice Head at reduced price. This head is special priced at $19.95, the normal price for a 1/4 DF-A head is $40.00. DF-A’s Practice Head is the same quality as all of their other products, it is being offered so that customers have the opportunity to practice painting dolls for themselves, without having to use a doll in their collection that is already painted.

Pre-orders for the Practice Head will only be accepted through November 24th, after that date pre-orders will no longer be available. Practice Heads are only available blank. There are three examples of the head painted to show how different it can look depending on the style of painting, the make-up pictured is not available to order.


November 9

IpleHouse‘s new Special order doll, SID Zera is open for pre-order until December 25.

Zera can be ordered in a choice of normal, special real skin and light brown skin resin. She comes with a choice of general or mobility jointed body and also a choice of small or large breasts. Basic Zera comes with a random color pair of acrylic eyes and both flat and heel feet. Options for the doll include face-up, gun-holding hands, wig, outfit, shoes, and a choice of pistols (painting of the weapons costs extra).


The Gem has released the Monthly Doll for November, Clozel – Vala of Agony. Basic Clozel is being cast in cream white resin. The Super Gem line doll  will come with both human and retite legs, both human-ear and pointed-ear head, regular and long nail hands, and both flat and heel feet.  Options for Clozel include a second human Super Gem body, a face-up for one or both heads, body blushing of one or two bodies, Soom eyes, wig, outfit set, feather wings, and shoes. Seam sanding for the doll is also optionally available. (See link at the bottom of Clozel’s webpage.) Clozel will be available for pre-order until November 23rd Korean time.


Neo-AngelRegion has released the latest Limited Edition doll by Korean doll artist Lim Dong a. New Nina is 30cm tall. She is being cast in normal skin resin. Options for the doll include face-up. grey eyes, wig, outfit and shoes. Nina is available for pre-order until November 20 Korean time.



Dream High Studio is releasing two 10.5 cm tall new tiny dolls today, girl fairy Snow (which was previewed earlier) and boy fairy Frost. Snow is being cast in glittery pearl white resin, and Frost is being cast in white resin that glows blue in the dark. For one week the dolls can be purchased as a pair at a discount. The dolls will come with face-up, body blushing, random color glass eyes and a “surprise” pair of resin “ice wings”. Snow and Frost will be shipped EMS for free. The dolls are limited editions of 30.





November 10

A new 1/3 girl has been released at Doll Leaves. 58 cm tall Daphne can be ordered in normal or white skin resin with a choice of small or large size breasts. Daphne will come with a random pair of acrylic eyes.  Options include face-up, wig, outfit and shoes. Doll Leaves dolls are available from the company and through authorized retailers.



AnotherSpace2 has released Green and Cream, two new 25.5 cm tall Baby Color line dolls. The dolls are cast in normal skin resin. Green and Cream come with a pair of glass eyes. Options include face-up and wig.





Little Monica has made a change to the Harmony Boy A body at the suggestion of customers.

From Little Monica:

1enrillinnocentWe’ve improved our A Type body to fix the problem that many of you felt uncomfortable with on our Harmony Boy A Type Body.
As you see in the photo, there is a change in the hip part.
Now the A Type body won’t have the belly popping like before.
The movements toward the front and back are as shown in the 3rd and 4th photos.

Also, for all the customers who have A Type Body, you’ll be able to change the hip part with cost.
If you want to change it, please leave a message in our Q&A board.

The company has released a new Limited Edition version of Harmony boy Enrill called Innocent Enrill – Prince version. A basic version will NOT be released in the future. Innocent Enrill can be ordered in a choice of white or normal skin resin with type A or B Harmony Boy body. The 62 cm tall doll will also come with face-up, lavender acrylic eyes, hand parts A and B, wig, outfit (lace blouse, vest, neck frill, shorts, stockings, crown) and shoes.

From the company:

This is a time limited Item and we’ll be taking orders of this Special doll
from 12th Nov.(00:00) untill 20th Nov.(24:00) only.
The closed eyes version of Enrill, Innocent Enrill will only be released as Limited version.
Please keep this in mind when you order.




November 11

Soul Doll has now posted photos of the new Soul Kid New Line bodies.

From Soul Doll:

We have been developed new body of innovative structure for each boy, girl of Soul-Kids for a long time.
In the result, we are happy to informing that ‘N.L body’ called will be released finally on 10.Nov.
N.L(Non est Line) body means that tension line on body is not shown when move the body including a standing position.
You can’t see any tension lines on new body and this is very different from previous body of our company and other companies.
(N.L body is patent pending.)
We hope your love and support on N.L body and new dolls for Soul-Kids.
Thank you in advance.

The NL girl body is 43 cm tall. The NL boy body is 47 cm tall. The bodies are not available for separate purchase.




Soul Doll has posted a number of new dolls as part of their Christmas Event; Soul Zenith Locke, Soul Double Maribell, and Soul Kids Hunoi, Arina, Shaun and Yevette. The new SoulKid dolls will come with the new NL bodies.  All of the dolls can be ordered in resin colors white, normal or sandy brown except Maribell who is available a choice of normal or white resin only.

The new releases are all sold as basic blank dolls.  69 cm tall Locke comes with a random pair of Souldoll eyes. Maribell comes with a choice of 55 cm old body or 53 cm new body.  She also comes with a random pair of Souldoll eyes and a random wig.  The Soulkids all come with a random pair of Souldoll eyes and a random wig. Options for all the dolls include a choice of default or special request face-up.

The Soul Doll Christmas Event has begun.  Information on the event can be found in a previous post HERE.




Hunoi & Arina

Hunoi & Arina

Shaun & Yvette

Shaun & Yvette




November 12 ~~~~~


November 13 ~~~~~


Bambola World has released a new doll named Daisy. The 21 cm tall basic doll will come with a face-up, glass eyes and a removable resin wig. Full-set versions of the doll are also available including The Scent of Pine Needles, Melody for Loneliness, Daisy’s Painting Class, Shall We go Anywhere?, Daisy’s Cooking Time and Afternoon Tea Time.

From the artist:

Hello. I’m a designer Jung-Hee Park.

“Daisy” is a 21cm ball-jointed doll.
made by French resin.

She has a pure face like a daisy AND with a jointed arms/legs.
Daisy will selling with resin wig.
Daisy has possible to compatible with Licca AND Blythe’s shoes/clothes.
Thank you!



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