October 31 – November 6, 2011

October 31

La Legende de Temps has opened pre-orders for  the Edria head in open eyed, half closed eyes, closed eyes and limited vampire versions. A limited number of face-up orders will be accepted with this pre-order. Orders will be taken October 31- December 15. Vampire Edria will be available in limited quantities only Normal skin – 25 only, White – 15 only). All heads can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. The resin colors are similar to Volks resin.

From the company:

Face-up Service Test Running!
Dear doll fan, after hard negotiation, we could provide Face- up service now!but to make sure the quality and speed, in test running period we only accept 40 head!
and for the customer who ask for face up service, we require extra 2 weeks for the art work.
we do not accept any modify requirement about the face-up, you will receive the same face-up with the page you buy.
now we have only 2 choices: Basic Style and Dark Style.
considering the international shipping condition,
the face-up of Edria open eyes ver. and Edria close eyes ver. is not possible for chose.
EDRIA – Half close eyes Ver. ——- You can choose Dark Style
EDRIA – Limited Vampire Ver.—— You can choose Dark Style
EDRIA – Open eyes ver. —— You can choose Basic Style Only
EDRIA – close eyes Ver. —— You can choose Basic Style Only

edria closed eyes


Vampire Edria

Two new Daisy Dayes dolls are available atJpop Dolls for pre-order.  They are named Ignatz and Ignatzia. Ignatz is cast in tan resin.  He is limited to 50 dolls.  Ignatzia is cast in white resin.  She is limited to just 30 dolls.  The dolls are available with glass bead eyes and face-ups. The tiny dolls are only 2.75 inches tall. Delivery is expected in late February/March.


Lume Doll has released new 1/4 size dolls Rischa, Tyl and Rana.The dolls are available in a choice of pure white, light pink, normal pink, normal yellow, tan, or grey skin resin. Rischa, Tyl and Rana can be ordered with either a male or female body. Female dolls are 43cm tall, and male dolls are 45cm tall. The dolls will come blank with sanded seams and glass eyes. Optional face-up is available. Lume Dolls are created by doll artist Eva Wilson.








November 1

Doll Leaves has released a new 1/3 girl doll named Vanessa. She can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. Vanessa will come with a pair of eyes. options include her wig, outfit and face-up.



The IpleHouse Christmas Event has launched. Three new dolls have been released, EID Elemental Guardian Taregan, SID Special Edition Shane, and JID Leona.

Warrior of Fire elemental Taregan can be ordered in special real skin, light brown skin or ebony skin resin.The 70 cm tall basic doll comes with a random pair of acrylic eyes, right basic hand and left spear hand and extra foot parts. Taregan can be ordered with a choice of general or mobility thigh jointed EID model or superhero body (doll pictured has model body). Options for the doll include face-up, outfit, shoes, wig (A or B style), spear, necklace and painting on the spear and necklace.

65 cm tall Special edition Shane can be ordered in normal, special real or light brown skin resin. The basic doll comes with a random pair of acrylic eyes. Shane can be ordered with a choice of general or mobility thigh jointed SID body. Options for the doll include face-up, outfit, shoes, wig, choice of gun and painting on the gun.

43 cm tall Leona can be ordered in white, normal or special real skin resin. She comes with a choice of general or mobility thigh jointed JID body with small, large, or glamour breasts. Leana comes a random pair of acrylic eyes and both flat and heel foot parts. Optional face-up is available. Her outfit is available in the JID clothing section.

1leona_08 1shane1 1taregan_06


New Limited Edition IpleHouse Christmas BID dolls are now posted.  The 26 cm tall dolls available include Aki, Bordy, Coco, Ringo, Serca, Nami and Elin. Aki and Bordy are new sculpts. The dolls come in a choice of white, normal or special real skin resin. Each doll can be ordered with a choice of boy or girl body with optional mobility thigh joints. Acrylic eyes come with the basic dolls. Options include face-up and outfits, hats, goggles, shoes and snowboards in a choice of style/color.


(From left) Aki, Bordy, Coco, Ringo

(From left) Serca, Nami, Elin

(From left) Serca, Nami, Elin

November 2

The Gem has released new Faery Legend doll Aenigma – Spider Sprite. The doll can be ordered in a choice of white or magenta skin resin. Aenigma comes with both a human and a pointy-eared head, cobweb wings and both human and Faery Legend legs. Options for the doll include face-up, body blushing, acrylic eyes, wig and outfit set. Aenigma can be pre-ordered until November 16 Korean time.



Dollmore has released a new Youth line Eve doll named Biwol.  The  57 cm tall doll is available in normal skin resin. Basic Biwol comes with a pair of random color  flat acrylic eyes, random wig and a white petticoat.  Options for the doll include seam sanding, body blushing and default or custom face-up.



Doll Leaves has posted photos of their new Christmas event doll Sleeping Jax.  The 16 cm tall  rabbit doll has partially open eyes. The doll along with the open eyed version of Jax, comes blank to customers who choose him for their free event item. Jax and Sleeping Jax are available in a choice of white or normal skin resin. The Doll Leaves Christmas event starts November 5th.




November 3

Grenville-elf and Gwilym-elf are new limited edition dolls from Boy & Girl Doll (B & G Doll). The dolls will be available in a choice of white, normal pink or normal yellow skin resin. Full-set Grenville-elf and Gwilym-elf each come with a basic face-up, eyes, wig, outfit,”bedgown”and jewelry. Options include an upgrade to the type 3 body and upgraded face-up. The dolls will be released for pre-order soon.

Gwilym & Grenville

Gwilym & Grenville

Crobi Doll has opened pre-orders for  Raurencio Studio  dolls Lapis and Rubin. The 60 cm tall dolls are limited editions by number.  The dolls are being sold as full-sets with face-up, wig, eyes,  an outfit set, both regular and voluptuous breast parts, and both flat and heel feet. Rubin and Lapis  will come cast in normal skin resin. Two outfit choices are posted, style A for regular breast size and style  B for voluptuous breast size. Customers will have the option of purchasing the second outfit.





Ringdoll after numerous problems over the past year, is in the process of filling their remaining old orders to customers. Retailer Mint on Card recently received a shipment of dolls.

Ringdoll has released a new limited edition doll for Halloween. 72.5 cm tall Ring Grown Vincent is a limited edition of 31. According to a company spokeswoman, the company has additional plans to release Frankenstein and “three kinds of Ring Grown, one of the Ring Grown will have special mechanical hand which is different from the normal mechanical hand.”

Vincent is being sold as a full-set with face-up, eyes, wig, outfit, shoes, mirror and magic stick. Half of the dolls are already cast, and can be shipped within a month.



Boy & Girl Doll (B & G Doll) will be releasing a new Kevin mouse doll. Kevin-ghost will be a limited edition. The 18.5 cm tall doll can be cast in normal pink, normal yellow, white or tan resin. Kevin-ghost will come with eyes, outfit (including ghost sheet) and a face-up. Optional special request face-up will be available. At this time, no price or release date for Kevin-ghost is listed,



Jpop Dolls has released new 1/4 size doll Hope by Kaye Wiggs.  The KazeKidz doll is offered for a limited time for a charity event.  All profit from Hope will go to the Charity Asian Aid. She will be cast in tan resin. Hope will come with face-up, a random color pair of glass eyes and a strawberry blond wig. Due to Lunar New Year in February, the delivery date for Hope will be March/April 2012.The doll will be available for pre-order until November 23.



November 4~~~~~


November 5

Two new Doll Family – H boys are now available, Boken and Vlad (Villard). The 62 cm tall dolls come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes. Boken and Vlad can be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow or white skin resin. Face-up can be optionally ordered.







Dream of Doll has released new 1/4 size Dream of Child dolls  Chat and Lapin. The dolls are limited editions and will only be available for pre-order until December 4. Both dolls are being cast in tan skin resin. Chat and Lapin are being sold as full-sets with face-up, wig, random color acrylic eyes, and outfit (without shoes) included. The dolls will also come with an extra set of hands.




November 6


Jpop Dolls is offering a new  Limited Edition doll created by Russian doll artist Lidiya Snul.

From Jpop:

We are honored and proud to introduce Mouse from Bjtales…created by world renown Russian artist Lidiya Snul on the world wide net. Lidiya has allowed us to make molds directly from her dolls, so they are as close to her hand cast dolls as humanly possible. We will have several dolls in the future by this fantastic artist. Mouse is our first offering and very close to my heart. I hope you love Mouse as much as I do.

16 cm tall Mouse is being cast in pure white resin. She will come with custom-made glass eyes and face-up and body blushing.  Pre-order for Mouse ends December 4th. Delivery of the dolls is expected in March/April.