October 24 – 30, 2011

October 24

elfiNDOLL has released a tiny anthro Pet Bunny.  For a short time, October 25 – November 8 there will be a $20 discount on the doll.  The bunny is cast in white resin. The little 12 cm tall rabbit will come with a face-up, acrylic eyes and outfit (tee-shirt & drawers).


Doll Chateau has announced new dolls, Siamese twins Debbie and Caroline. The 44cm tall size twins are connected at the hip facing each other.  There is only one set of legs. The dolls will be sold as a basic set and as a full-set. The full-set version of Debbie and Caroline will come with face-ups, outfits, wigs and glass eyes (not the eyes in the photos). The girls can be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow or white skin resin. Body blushing is optionally available. The Full-set of the twins will come with a normal hip part as well.  The basic blank version of the dolls will not  include the part.  The normal hip part can be purchased separately.


October 25

Doll Leaves has posted photos of their new 1/3 size girl bodies.  The body can now be purchased alone  Resin choices available include normal and white.


October 26

Idealian has released new Special Order doll Cuba – A Guy with Sunglasses. Idealian51 line Cuba is cast in tawney skin resin.  Options for the doll include face-up and body blushing.  Outfits, eyes, wig, glasses, sunglasses and shoes are available for purchase separately. Cuba will be available for pre-order until November 9 (Korean time).


Cristy Stone of Xtreme Dolls is now offering her first doll Gracelyn in realskin resin.

From Cristy:

I’m so excited to introduce my first Xtremedoll “Gracelyn in REAL Skin”. She has been a long time coming and a labor of Love! I hope you will find her a great addition to your collection.

Included in this price is:

Nude doll in normal skin tone pictured
Random glass eyes
Sanded seams
This is the first pre-order for Gracelyn in Real Skin. Gracelyn will be limited in this skin tone and faceup and will not be available for purchase again once this order period is over. The faceup was designed by me and will be painted by the factory. White skin, real skin, and tan skin will be available in the future, but not at this time.

Gracelyn’s body  can also be purchased separately. The body is available in normal skin or realskin resin. Gracelyn’s normal skin is similar to Volks resin and her realskin is similar to Iplehouse realskin. 62 cm tall Gracelyn or Gracelyn’s body can be optionally purchased on layaway.


ariPina has released a Vampire doll: Ari Mystic Eyes ver. Blood Blossoms. Only 15 Blood Blossom dolls will be released. The 58 cm tall doll can be ordered in normal, pink normal or white skin resin. Blood Blossoms will come with face-up, glass eyes, wig, and heel parts. The outfit shown on the doll can be optionally purchased. (Shoes shown are not available. Body blushing is not included.)


Leeke World has posted the new Project doll for the month, Ent Story ver. 4. The  new Ent project will go on sale October 26. The 26 cm tall dolls will come with both a human body and an ent centaur body. Customers can choose from a  variety of Leeke World  type D line heads for their doll. The heads shown in the photos are Happy, Soda, Cutie and S. Pumpkin.

There will be a choice of fairy face-ups A, B, C, or D for the dolls. Resin colors available to choose from include basic, snow white, purerose, fairy green and lovely B skin. Centaur parts will be cast in a choice of white or half-clear skin resin. Face-ups, body blushing  and parts painting are optional. Other options include wig and eyes. The dolls will be available for pre=order October 26-November 27.


October 27

Doll Leaves has released two more 58 cm tall girl dolls/ They are named Ula and Eira. The dolls are sold in basic form in a choice of white or normal skin resin. Options include face-up and wig. Eira’s outfit is available for purchase. Ula’s outfit has not yet been released.





AngelsDoll has released 72 cm tall Shakan with the company’s new Massive body.
Shakan is available in a variety of resin colors including normal, white, tan, or vivid skin resin or Volks compatible normal or white resin. The face-up shown is optionally available. The outfit on Shakan is also available. AngelsDoll offers a layaway program.


October 28

Rosen Lied is preparing to release three limited edition full-set dolls.
From the company:
Hello everyone, this is Rosen Lied.
Here is the new update list for 28th October.
**The update will be at 7:00 pm (Korean time)**

[Release of new limited dolls]

-Monday’s Child Lemon (White skin)
Limited to 20
Make up by Rollingpumpkin
Outfit design by Rollingpumpkin

-Tuesday’s Child Beige ver.boy (Reverie ver.) (White skin)
Limited to 30
Make up by Kana
Outfit by GiGiker

Tuesday’s Child Beige ver.boy (Reverie ver.) (Normal skin)
Limited to 30
Make up by Kim sense
Outfit design by Rollingpumpki

October 29

The Toy Shoppe has released an exclusive full-set  Kimberly Lasher Originals doll. 7 inches tall Shu Mei is a limited edition of 150 dolls. She has the same body as previously released doll Sweet Pea (Review of that doll can be seen HERE.). Shu Mei is being sold first through the Toy Shoppe Catalog. Any remaining dolls will then be sold on the website. The photo below is a prototype picture from the artist.  The final outfit is somewhat different from the one shown.


Angell Studio has released Miss White Snake & Miss Green Snake Zhen & Qinglin. The dolls represent characters from a famous Chinese tale.

Youth size (58cm) Miss White Snake Zhen and Miss Green Snake Qinglin are sold as basic dolls in a choice of translucent milk, solid white, solid pink or butter skin resin.  Information on optional face-up, outfit and accessories will likely be added to the company website soon.


5StarDoll has added four new dolls to their website. They include Superline 1/3 size Michelle and Tiny line 1/6 size Mr. Pumpkin, Kathy and Kane. All of the dolls can be ordered in white, normal, yellow, red, tan or grey skin resin.

Michelle, Kathy, Kane and Mr. Pumpkin can be ordered with either a male or female body. Each doll comes with a random pair of glass eyes, random wig and shoes. Face-up is optional. The tiny doll outfits can be purchased separately. (Michelle’s outfit was not listed at the time of this post.) The outfits can only be purchased along with the purchase of a doll.



Mr. Pumpkin

Mr. Pumpkin

Kane & Kathy

Kane & Kathy

October 30