October 17 – 23, 2011

October 17

IpleHouse has released a new Baby line (BID) doll named Coco. The 26 cm tall doll is sold with a choice of a girl or a boy body. The BID body can be ordered with optional mobility thigh joints. Coco comes in a choice of normal, white or for an extra fee special real skin resin. The doll comes with a random pair of acrylic eyes. Face-up is optionally available. Optional “victory” hands can be ordered under BID option parts.


DreamingDoll has launched a new 1/4 doll line called Little Elva.  Two new dolls have been released named Airi and Misora. The 42 cm tall girls are available in normal or white skin resin. Face-ups are optionally available. Misora and Airi will come with random color glass eyes and a random wig. The dolls will ship for free.





LoongSoul has introduced new 1/4 size Yingying. She is a limited edition of 50 dolls. The 42 cm tall doll can be ordered in normal yellow, normal, pink  or white resin. The  doll comes with both flat and heel feet and  a choice of large, medium or small bust. Other options include face-up, wig, shoes, eyes and outfit (designed for large bust only).  The first 10 customers who order Yingying will receive a free face-up.


45 cm tall tan resin Layla and 28 cm tall blue resin Elf Lillie are now available for pre-order until November 13 at Jpop Dolls.  The Limited edition KazeKidz dolls will not be released again in this combination after this pre-order ends. Estimated delivery date is January 2012. The dolls come with glass eyes and face-ups.  KazeKidz dolls are designed by Australian doll artist Kaye Wiggs.



ANother Secret has released two new 1/3 doll heads. They were inspired by the story The Legend of White Snake and Green Snake.  The doll heads are named Kinglan and Banse.  Only 30 of each head are being released. Orders will close when they  are all sold. The heads will be sold with a random pair of glass eyes. The face-ups shown in the photos are optionally available.


Slinky Neko is releasing the first Junior size Maroo doll as a “Unique” on October 17 at 11:00 AM Korean time. 1st Meeting Maroo will come cast in normal skin resin with face-up, mohair wig, glass eyes, outfit set and shoes.  The 1/4 size OOAK doll has been styled by Chesca.


October 18


October 19

MuculDoll Etsy shop has a new tiny light blue resin doll named Moli available.  The 16 cm doll is a limited edition of 10. The doll will come with a pair of acrylic eyes.  A face-up is optionally available.

1moli1 1moli2

Salon de Coco has released Violin line Clara as a Halloween full-set. Only 5 dolls will be available. The 26 cm tall doll will be cast in normal skin resin. Clara will come with a complete outfit (two of hair accessories, choker, corset,shorts, pumpkin skirt, over-skirt, over knee socks, customized shoes), 14mm pale blue acrylic eyes, and brown curl wig. Pe-orders will end either when all dolls are sold or by the end of October 31st.


Doll Leaves has released their first 1/3 size girl dolls. 58 cm tall Catherine & Jacqueline are available in normal or white skin resin.  Options for the dolls include face-up, outfit and wig. Heads can be purchased separately. The dolls are styles by KiraKira.
To celebrate the release of their dolls, Doll leaves is having a free head event.
From Doll Leaves:
Hello, Everyone,
Thanks for your love and care on Doll Leaves.
To celebrate our new line–1/3 girls, we are holding a big Event:
Time: 20 Oct , 2011 — 05 Nov, 2011

During event time, purchase DS 1/3 girl will get a gift DS nude head ( can choose the size ; special edition , discontinued dolls are not included) ; (Can choose Normal Skin , White skin).
2. Purchase twins SD girls both Catherine & Jacqueline during the event time, will get 20% off discount on nude doll (can choose Normal skin, White skin) ( outfit, wig, accessories are not included).






The Gem has posted a new teaser for Special order doll Smokey- Onocentaur. Release date is listed as October 19th at 09:00 AM (Korean time).



October 20

Stacy, international representative for Chinese company DBDoll, is now once again selling dolls through Den of Angels. A thread on the dolls can be seen on Den of Angels.
Ninan and Adai are sold blank  with a choice of ear style. Additional sets of ears are optionally available. Doll Keyan also comes blank.  She can also be purchased as an optional full-set, but her eyes and wig are glued on. Kenyan, Adai and Ninan can be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow or snow skin resin
To ask a question or to order dolls from DBDolls, customers can contact Stacy by PM through Den of Angels or send her an email.








October 21

Granado is selling a limited edition 1/3 boy doll head by lottery to VIP members to their site. Any remaining heads after the lottery ends will be offered to the general public.
From Granado:
We are pleased to present our new product line “VIPO”. “VIPO” series is a limited lottery series.
Our first doll in the series, V-01, will be limited to 15 contracts.
This is the page that shows V-01’s photos.
To enter the draw for the contracts, you must be one of our VIPs (members who have purchased one or more dolls from Granado).
**How to Enter the Draw**
If you are interested, please email us your certificate number to dpp.doll@gmail.com, with the subject line “Draw for V-01”.
Opening Date: 21 October 2011
Closing Date: 31 October 2011
Winners will be announced on: 1 November 2011
Winners must make full payments for their V-01s by 3rd November 2011
**For Winners**
Special instructions will be emailed to you regarding how to make full payments for your V-01.
**For Public**
If there are any unclaimed V-01s, they will be released to the public on 5th November.
V-01 is available in a choice of white, pink, normal or sunshine resin. Face-up is not available.

A new doll by artist Daisy Dayes has been released at Jpop Dolls. Polar Bear is a limited edition of 30 dolls.  The tiny bear is approximately 2 inches high to the shoulder and 3.5 inches long. Polar Bear is cast in white resin.  He will come a pair of flat back eyes and with two painted face-plates, “normal” and “worry”.  It is hoped that delivery of the doll will be before Christmas, but this cannot be guaranteed.


Elysium doll has a new doll head posted, Luke-n. The 1/3 size doll head is cast in normal skin resin. Luke-n is designed to fit on a Volks SD13 or similar size boy body. A face-up option is not listed.


Raurencio Studio is featuring a new version of the Lady line body on the homepage of the company website. The 62 cm tall body is shown with two breast sizes. It can be seen in the parts section of the site (HERE) with measurements listed.



October 22

Peak’s Woods has released the new dolls for Alice in Wickedland. The 1/6 size Fairies of Fairy Tale line dolls released include Rabbit Goon, Rabbit Goon in Wickedland, Cheshire Goon, Cheshire Goon in Wickedland, Lady Alice and Lady Alice in Wickedland. The Wickedland version dolls are shown with different wigs and darker face-ups.
The 26 cm tall dolls can be ordered in normal or white skin resin with a choice of girl or boy body.  Each FoF line doll comes with a random color pair of acrylic eyes and an extra pair of hands. Options include face-up, wig, outfit, and for the cat and rabbit, ear parts. The ear parts come with the special painting shown in the photos.
The magnetic cat and rabbit ear parts are also listed separately.  They can be ordered in normal or white skin resin with optional blushing. Peak’s Woods offers a layaway program for doll purchases.


October 23