October 10 – 16, 2011

October 10

ShinyDoll is selling an OOAK version of Kanagi in white resin.  The Thaasa doll was part of a doll exhibition display at the  “Printemp GINZA” department store in Tokyo Japan. Kanagi comes in white resin with sublte blushing and paint in pink.  The outfit is available separately. Interested customers can inquire about Kanagi  from ShinyDoll or  through an authorized ShinyDoll retailer.


Leeke World is offering Dollleeke Type M  line Carol.  She is a limited edition and will only be available until October 25th. 40 cm tall Carol can be ordered as a full doll or as a head only.  She comes cast in a choice of  basic skin, snow skin or purerose skin resin. (Purerose is offered in the order choices but not the description.  This resin color may not be available.) Carol will come with a random pair of glass eyes. The doll can be ordered with the gentle body, real body or new real body. Face-up is optionally available.


Miro and Naro are two new Heart Junior line dolls at DollnDoll.  The 1/6 size dolls come with a random wig and random color acrylic eyes. Face-up is optional. Naro and Miro can be ordered in normal or white skin resin.





October 11

Hypermaniac has opened pre-orders for limited edition dolls HyperDolly ChoYangBi (Half open eyes) and HaHanBi (Half open eyes). The 54 cm tall dolls come with open and fist hands and random color eyes and wig. The dolls are being released to celebrate Hypermaniac’s 10th anniversary.


Little Monica has released the Basic version of Honey Harmony Miyo. The 26 cm tall doll can be purchased in normal or white skin resin. Miyo can be ordered with a choice of boy or girl body. The doll comes with a random color pair of acrylic eyes.  (The wig and eyes shown in the photos are not included.) Options for Miyo include face-up, Little Devil outfit set (Long arm t-shirt, shorts, socks, neck choker, safety pin accessories, chain bracelet, bear) and Little Devil resin part set (transparent black wings).


October 12

My Dolling has created a new version of 42 cm tall doll Q.pito for Halloween.  Dark of the Moon Q.pito is a limited edition of only 3 dolls. The doll is cast in Korean normal skin resin. He will come with eyes and the outfit shown.  Options include the special face-up  and the wig shown in the photos.  My Dolling dolls are created by Korean doll artist Gu Mi-Jeong.


ImplDoll has posted a new Model line boy doll named Jimmy. 58 cm tall Jimmy  is sold as a basic doll with a random pair of glass eyes. Resin colors available from Impldoll include white, real, pink, tan, or grey skin. Options include face-up, wig, outfit and shoes shown.


October 13

The Gem has released Alex – Warrior Lady.The doll is the show special for NYC Comic Con. She will be displayed at the show which opens today. Customers can order Alex from the site until November 2nd.
Super Gem size Alex is cast in normal skin resin. She comes with both flat and heel feet. Options for the doll include face-up and body blushing. Seam sanding is also available through a link at the bottom of her page. The outfit, wig and boots shown on the doll are also available on the website for purchase separately.



October 14

Two new dolls have been released at DikaDoll, 70 cm Senior line Shall and 1/4 size Maria. dolls can be ordered in  normal yellow, normal pink, pure white, ivory white, tan or grey resin (grey and tan are special request colors). Shall and Maria are sold blank with a random pair of eyes. The face-ups shown on the dolls are optionally available.


Bo Bergeman’s latest tiny Alexandria, is being offered for pre-order as a basic doll. The 18 cm tall BJD can be ordered in white sugar, cane sugar or brown sugar skin resin. A face-up by the artist can be optionally requested.  The doll can be purchased through Bergemann Dolls. Alexandria will be shipped in December.


Glorydoll has posted three new limited edition Goth Loli line dolls.  The dolls are Karl 3rd Edition, Louis 5th Edition and Mitsuki 3rd Edition. The 1/3 size boy dolls are being sold as limited editions of 13 each. The dolls are cast in “healthy skin” resin. They will each come with a random color pair of glass eyes, and the outfit set and face-up shown in the photos.







October 15

Dream High Studio has released their new micro fairy Fira.  The 7cm tall doll is a limited edition of 20. The doll will ship for free from Indonesia. Fira comes with face-up, body blushing, both fire and normal headcaps and red agate eyes.
From artist Donny Harijanto:
4 mm genuine RED AGATE gemstone eyes
- Casted in beautiful light Yellow color “dream resin”
- Wings and fire hair are cast in translucent orange resin with shades of translucent red finish
- normal head cap included
- Fire theme faceup.


Five new Zenith size boy dolls are now available at Soul Doll. The 69 cm tall dolls include Weslie (Trader), Iliya (Butler), Loulent (Opera singer), Lot (Monk) and Vampire Kagel. The dolls are not limited editions. All of the dolls are available in a choice of normal or white skin resin. Weslie is also available in dark tan, and Vampire Kagel is available in “mud” skin resin. The Soul Zenith dolls are sold blank with a pair of eyes. Default or special request face-up is optionally available.







October 16~~~~~