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Doll Chateau opened internationally in  May 2011. Their first dolls, 1/4 size Bella, Erica, Colin and Hugh and 70 cm Olivia, Doris, Cyril and Pierre, were available for purchase in June both as basics and limited edition full-sets.  The company has since released four 1/6 dolls along with an unusual  pet doll. 

Doll fashion designer and face-up artist Michele Hardy purchased a blank Bella from Denver Doll Emporium,  and she wrote this review on the doll. 


By Michele Hardy

Doll Chateau is a relatively new BJD company offering a variety of sculpts in 3 sizes: adult (~65cm), kid (~43cm), and baby (~26cm).  The dolls are very “artsy” with a lot of character in their faces and exaggerated body shapes.   They are offered in fullset characters somewhat reminiscent of Cirque de Soleil (most of which are now sold out), and are currently available as basic dolls.

Initially, from the company photos, I was unsure about these BJDs – they were tall and gangly looking, with a pear-shaped figure, and long fragile looking limbs.  The company photographs were somewhat poor quality and taken at odd angles.  Then I saw several in person (at DDE) and was instantly hooked! Immediately I knew that one had to come home with me.  I chose a blank Bella in white skin.

(note:  the company has since added more and improved photos to their site.)

Three resin colors are available:  white (a creamy pale color, rather than a stark white), normal-pink, and normal-yellow.  The resin is quite nice and smooth with sanded seams, and has a nice feel to it.  While they do appear to be fragile looking, a concern of many collectors, in person the effect is not as pronounced as the initial photographs.  The hands are the only area of real concern, but the long fingers are so graceful they really add to the look of the doll. They have well-designed double joints at both elbows and knees and pose well.  The bodies have a wonderful elegance about them.

Company faceups are available on the basic dolls and they are quite charming and whimsical.  They do not come with eyelashes, but glass eyes are included.  The basic Bellas I saw all appeared to have yellow or pink eyes in 14mm, which are too large for them and fit poorly which is a factor in some of the less than optimal company photos.  12mm fits perfectly.

Bella was given a custom faceup in a dramatic look and I was surprised at the versatility – and beauty – of this face.

The DollChateau “kid” body is unusual and does not fit into standard sizing.  Compared to a Dollzone mini, she is slightly taller, with wider hips, slimmer limbs, and a much smaller upper torso.  Her feet are also very slender and smaller than slim-mini size (in my photos she is wearing shoes sized for Tonner Kitty).

I have dressed Bella in soft flowing simple shapes to accentuate her unique figure and elegant beauty.   She is quickly becoming one of my favorites.


All Bella photos by Michele Hardy.  

 Face-up, body blushing , wig and costume by Michele Hardy. 

Special thanks to Mint on Card  for photographing and sending pictures of  a Doll Chateau face-up on  70 cm boy Cyril.

Doll Chateau

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Doll Chateau Cyril face-up details:




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