September 19 – 25, 2011

September 19

SWITCH will be selling doll heads with unique face-ups by various well-known artists. The heads will be sold as part of a new project called The Solo.  Only one of each head will be sold.  The first two heads, Nostalgia Huisa and Milhwa are posted on the website. They were painted by artist Uyuchagongbang. More head releases are planned for the future.  Customers who purchase one of these heads will not receive SWITCH points for the purchase.





Illusion Spirit has released two new 1/4 size dolls Meiyan and Zhujin.  They have also launched a new sale event. The event includes a “celebration” tiny fairy doll named Spirit.

From the company:

2011/09/17 ~ 2010/10/20

1. order 1/4 doll (body ver.2)get 15% off,order 1/4 body (body ver.2)get 12% off. You can add 1/4 jointed hands as $60.

2. order IS Doll (except 1/4 doll- body ver.2) get 12% off, order IS body (except 1/4 body ver.2) get 10% off.

3. Purchase over $400 get a free size of IS head or a pair of spirit wings as gift. (wings color options: normal pink/normal yellow/white/transparent green)

4. Purchase over $600 get a free size of jointed hands or a 1/12 doll as gift.

5. Purchase over $800 get a 1/6 doll or a “IS celebration doll – Spirit” as gift.

5. Purchase over $1000 get a 1/4 doll as gift.
6. Order “IS celebration doll – Spirit” get 5% off. The top 22 customers will get a free pair of spirit wings. (wings color options: normal pink/normal yellow/white/transparent green)
7. Purchase 70cm, 1/3, 1/4 jointed hands as $70, purchase over 5 pairs get $60 per pair.

6. Tan and gray skin are not available during event.
7. make-up service price doesn’t count as a part of event amount.

45 cm tall Meiyan and Zhujin can be ordered with a choice of body versions 1 or 2. The company casts dolls in normal pink, normal yellow and white resin. A random color pair of acrylic eyes are included. Face-up is optionally available.

27 cm tall Spirit can be ordered with optional face-up and fairy wings (first 20 dolls sold come with free wings).  The wings come in normal pink, normal yellow, white or transparent green resin.

Meiyan & Zhujin

Meiyan & Zhujin




JJUN-E has released tiny pet doll “Naughty Town” Mu. The tiny 9.5 cm resin pet bird has magnetic attachments for the parts and changeable eyes.  Eyes are included. Purchase of Mu will come with a free gift. “Naughty Town” is the theme for a new series the company is creating.


September 20

Bimong has released Limited Edition Honey Chuu. The 26 cm tall doll is available in normal skin resin. Orders are now being taken for other dolls and doll heads as well.

From the artist:

1honeychuuquote 1honeychuu1

September 21

Jakzjewelz has now released Limited Edition Eve and Evianna. The 16″ tall dolls will come with a pair of glass eyes (blue for Eve, green for Evianna), and a face-up. Eve is being cast in normal skin resin. She comes with a regular body. Evianna is cast in pale green resin.  She has a flower and vine relief design on her body which comes blank or blushed (as shown in photos). The dolls have the same face sculpt. Eve and Evianna can be purchased from the artist Julie of Jakzjewelz or from Denver Doll Emporium.




September 22

Babydoll Aga is now available at Dollmore.The 27 cm tall doll is cast in normal skin resin. Aga will come with a random color pair of eyes and a random wig. Options include seam sanding, body blushing and face-up.


Luts has released two new Kid Delf dolls, limited Edition La Sirenita Darae and Pine. The 42.5 cm tall dolls are available in a normal or white skin resin. The L Sirenita dolls will only be sold in this pre-order which ends October 21st at 12:00 PM Korean time.

Darae comes with a basic and a dreaming head, additional hand parts and random color eyes. Options for the doll include face-up for one or both heads, body blushing, and outfit. (Shoes and wig are not included.)

Pine comes with a human and an elf head, both flat and heel feet, and a random color pair of eyes. Options for the doll include face-up for one or both heads, body blushing in basic or “pearl” style and outfit set. The wigs and shoes are not included.

Pine & Dalrae

Pine & Dalrae

The Gem has released the Remaining Story dolls Borol & Marl – Brother & Sister. The dolls are being sold with both normal and “romantic” head, horns,legs and hooves. Options for the dolls include an “oak” wand with special hand, face-up, body blushing (which includes wand and hand if purchased), Soom eyes, wig, outfit set, cloak, shoes and additional human body. Seam sanding is available separately. The dolls will be available for pre-order until October 12


September 23

Granado has released their first female doll, the limited edition Sidonia.  Only 50 of the doll will be made. 62 cm tall Sidonia can be ordered in white, normal, pink, or for an extra fee Sunshine skin resin. She can be ordered as a full doll, or just the head can be purchased. The face-up is optionally available. Sidonia will come with both flat and heel feet.


Dollmore has released Limited full-sets Dollpire – Ash Pathos Victor Lou and Amelia Lecc. Only 20 of each doll will be released. Both dolls are cast in white skin resin. 75 cm tall Victor Lou and 68 cm tall Amelia Lecc each come with face-up, blushed hands, glass eyes, wig, shoes and outfit set.


Latidoll has released their Alice in Wonderland dolls. The company is also launching a free head event.

From the company:

Hello, this is Lati. Thanks to your love and support, we will have our 6th anniversary this month.

To celebrate the anniversary, we prepared limited edition dolls and an event as below.

-Limited Doll Alice In Wonderland-
Alice In Wonderland ver. Alice : Bayer
Alice In Wonderland ver. White Rabbit
Alice In Wonderland ver. Mad Hatter : Miel
Alice In Wonderland ver. Queen of Hearts : Lea
Alice In Wonderland ver. Tweedledum : Haru
Alice In Wonderland ver. Tweedledee : Sunny

– March Hare –
Customers who purchase more than 2 Alice in Wonderland dolls will have an authority
to purchase a March Hare (brown rabbit) doll.
March Hare dolls will be available after when we close the sale of Alice in Wonderland dolls.

* Alice dolls will be available from September 23rd 2011 12:00 KST to October 7 2011.
* Please make a careful choice since it is impossible to cancel or to request a refund for a limited edition doll.
* Limited edition dolls will be shipped within 60 working days.

– Event Yellow Head [Suji] –
Customers who purchase items (dolls, wigs, shoes and etc.) for more than $400 (Excluding shipping fee)
value will receive an event head [Suji].(include dolls, wigs, shoes and etc.)
* The event head will be shipped without makeup. Makeup can be added with an extra charge.

The Alice in Wonderland series dolls are sold with face-up and glass eyes.  Outfits with accessories and wigs are available as options. All of the dolls are cast in normal skin resin except the White Rabbit which is cast in white resin.



Fairyland has launched their new dolls and a new Autumn Event.
New PukiFee dolls released include Zefi and Bonnie multiheads as basic dolls and as full package sets Shepherd Boy and Shepherd Girl. New LittleFee dolls released are Chiwoo and Rolly basic and  full package  sets Blue Riding Hoods and Red Riding Hoods. The new Feeple65 doll released is Siean Elf, and she is available as a basic and also as a full package set  Empress of Swords. All the dolls can be ordered in natural or beautiful white resin. Face-ups are optional.


PukiFee Shepherd boy & girl

Rosen Lied  has released a new limited edition full-set version of 1/4 size doll Wednesday’s Child Benjamin.

From the company:

Here is the new update list for 23rd September
**The update will be at 7:00 pm (Korean time)**
[Release of new limited doll]
– Wednesday’s Child Benjamin (Normal skin)
Limited to 15
Make up by derek J.
Outfit by moi atelier


September 24

A new 1/3 size girl doll is now posted at Island Doll. 59 cm tall Vivian is now available. Island Dolls are generally sold in a basic form with a random pair of eyes.  Face-up is optional. According to a notice  on her web-page, the items shown with Vivian will not be available for sale.

Island Dolls can be ordered in a wide variety of skin-tones. They are cast in environmental resin. The dolls can also be ordered from authorized retailers.



has released a new 1/4 boy doll called Dream.  Photos of both human and pointed- ear sculpts are shown in the Dream costume. The doll is shown in the resin color porcelain. The Dream head is also sold separately in a choice of human or pointed ear version. M-Doll products can also be purchased from retailer Mint on Card.


September 25

Denver Doll Emporium has announced that the store will be carrying a limited edition exclusive version of Xtremedolls Gracelyn.  The 63 cm tall doll by American artist Cristy Stone will come with a face-up that will only be offered at DDE.  Only 10 dolls will be available for order. Layaway is available.

From Paula of DDE:

Denver’s Gracelyn has a natural lip color with eye shadow of lavenders and grays. The skin tone is normal. She will come nude, with the face-up and random glass eyes. Delivery is expected in November, 2011.