~Cristy Stone Revisited~


BJDcollectasy first interviewed Cristy Stone of Xtreme Dolls about her work in 2009.  At that time, she was best known for her beautifully painted custom air-brushed face-ups for BJDs. Last spring, Cristy introduced her first Steampunk apparel designed by her and manufactured through Dollheart. This month, Cristy has released more of her Steampunk fashions and shoes.  At Dollheart’s request, she also designed face-ups for limited edition versions of Jollyplus dolls Arbor and Jise.  The most exciting project of all however, is Cristy’s release of her first BJD named Gracelyn.  The 63 cm tall doll is currently available for pre-orders until September 27.  A second version of the doll is now available at Jpop Dolls with a Jpop-exclusive face-up. BJDcollectasy asked Cristy to talk about her new projects and her plans for the near future with Xtremedolls. 


By Cristy Stone

SONY DSCGracelyn has been a labor of love for me. I started designing her about a year ago, although the concept has been lingering in my mind for years.   I have been doing face-ups, modding, and clothing for 10 years. Creating a doll of my own was the next step I wanted to take so I could continue to grow as an artist.  She is everything I look for in a BJD, and I’m especially proud of the posing and engineering of her body.   Gracelyn  is 63 cm tall, comes with a face-up and poses right out of the box.    In addition to Gracelyn, I will be offering additional sculpts in the future in a variety of skin tones. (I’m planning a new sculpt for January.) I am also working on one-of-a-kind Gracelyns for IDEX and the Ball Jointed Doll Convention, Austin returning in 2012.  Tracy Promber (TracyP) has also joined Xtremedolls in a collaboration to create a complete clothing line for her.  Gracelyn’s clothing will also fit the Iplehouse SID-size dolls.

Xtremedolls has also opened a new online store where my work, special projects, and collaborations can be purchased directly through me.  This has also be a long term goal and I am so happy I can now offer items for direct purchase at Xtremedolls. Gracelyn is available now for purchase now on my site.  She will be limited in this skin tone and faceup and will not be available for purchase again once this order period is over.  It will take approximately 30-50 days to receive her once the preorder period is over. She will come nude with sanded seams, a face-up as well as glass eyes. The face-up was designed by me and will be painted by the factory. Gracelyn will be released in a realskin version next month.

In additon, Gracelyn will be offered as a Limited Edition of 20 through Grace at Jpop Dolls with an exclusive faceup customized especially for JJpop Dolls.   This face-up will not be reproduced and it’s sale is limited to Jpop.

The Dollheart collection was initiated when Dollheart approached me after seeing my steampunk designs at the 2010 BJD convention.  The project was put into works shortly after that.   The new designs for this were developed in February with my love for steampunk design. There are shoes as well, and all of the outfits are mix and match. Each piece was designed to match all of the others in the collection. Dollheart also requested that I cusomize JollyPlus Jise and Arbor just like mine.  The new line with Dollheart is available on my new website, where Gracelyn and the clothing pieces can both be ordered directly from me! Please visit Xtremedolls to see more pictures of Gracelyn as well as the SteamPunk DollHeart collection. There is a Q & A Board where you can ask questions and share pictures.

It has been a long and excited year, and I hope people will enjoy the new items!


The following stores have Limited Edition Gracelyn dolls with exclusive face-up styles:

Denver Doll Emporium ~ only 10 available
Jpop Dolls ~only 20 available