September 12 – 18, 2011

September 12

Ruby Red BJD has released their new Honee-B limited edition doll Honee-B, Phantom Behind the Mask. The doll is being sold as a limited edition full-set with all the items shown in the photos below.

From Ruby Red:

Trick or Treat! Honee-B becomes a phantom and knocks your door……
The limited doll set “Honee-B, Phantom Behind the Mask” is available now!!
Limited Edition: 80 sets only

This time, Honee-B has a very different make-up, which is more boyish and ghostly. There is a skeleton badge on the shinning cap, which can be removed. In the set, there will be a matched size ‘Lantern’ and ‘Red Rose’ for Honee-B.
More, we have a tailor made ‘Mask’ for Honee-B, which is so scary and cool!
Only 80 sets!! Be quick!!



Immortality of Soul has posted plans for the sale of the new doll head now named Chaos. Both heads and a limited number of full dolls will be available or pre-order.

From IoS:

‘A Sales Plan of CHAOS’ in September.
Sales Period: 15/09/2011 ~ 23/09/2011
We offer 2 options of ‘CHAOS’. ( Head+70body, Head )
This, ‘Head+body’ will be on limited offer and
there’s currently no plan to sell them again after this period.
Please Check this out and read it through~^^
1. We offer 2 options of ‘CHAOS’. (Head+70body, Head)
2. Two types of skin tone. New-Normal, New-White
3. The supply quantity of ‘Head+70body’ is 5 each on limited offer. (New-Normal: 5 / New-White: 5)
(The sale might be closing soon! A decision needs to be made quickly^^)
4. No supply limit on ‘Head’!!
5. Before you order, Please be aware that It may take some time for ‘CHAOS’ to be made.
**We have no plan to sell ‘CHAOS’ again after this time. >0
6. In case of ‘CHAOS’, Use caution when ordering it. We have no idea whether they are compatible with those(body) of other companies.
7. ‘CHAOS’ tends to have short sale periods comparing to other products.


September 13

Jpop Dolls is currently taking pre-orders on two dolls by Kaye Wiggs; Kaze Kidz Nelly the Faun and Elf Layla.  Both dolls will be cast in white skin resin. 53cm tall Nelly can be ordered with a human body or with both a human body and additional hoofed legs. Both Nelly and 45cm tall Elf Layla will come with a face-up and glass eyes. The pre-order ends October 4. Delivery is scheduled for late December/early January. Both dolls will never be released in white resin again after this pre-order ends.


Nelly the Faun

Layla elf

Layla elf

September 14

Dream of Doll has now posted information on their new limited doll and Dream Head releases. Code ver. 2 will be available on a 70cm DOI body or can be ordered with a 64cm DOT new body 2 (height includes head). The doll will be released next week.

From DoD:

limited code ver.2

Period: We sell from September 14 ~ October 19 only.
You can receive one of dream heads if you order limited code ver.2 during this period.
Only pls kindly note that make up, wig and eyes are not included in this Dream Head.
Pls order a make up if you want.
(pls indicate model number of Dream Head that you want in the order form)
Mould of both Dream Head ver.5 and ver.6 are the same but only make up is different.
Mould of both Dream Head ver.7 and ver.8 are the same but only make up is different.)
You can select body from either DoI or DoT( D.O.T boy’s new body-2).
(Pls be noted that extra hands are not included if you select DoI body)
Dream head
Period: We sell from September 14 ~ October 19 only.
wig and eyes are not included in this Dream Head.

(Pls order a make up if you want.)

Payment: Pls kindly note that the order will be cancelled if you don’t send us amount within 1 week upon order. In
case of order of October 19, you need to complete payment by October 22.

codever2 1codever2

Dream Head 5

Dream Head 5

Dream Head 6

Dream Head 6

Dream Head 7

Dream Head 7

Dream Head  8

Dream Head 8


74 cm tall Iris is now available at Jpop Dolls.  She was sculpted by artist Linda Macario.  Only 50 dolls are available. Iris is cast in normal skin resin and she will come with a face-up and a random color pair of glass eyes. Estimated delivery date for Iris is December.



Doll Leaves has posted a new Teenage Dream doll named “E” – Ethan for release soon. The 1/4 size doll is sold as a boy, but can also be ordered with a girl’s body. Ethan will be available blank in a choice of normal or white skin resin.  Options include face-up, wig, shoes, and outfit.


September 15

PlanetDoll has released a mini-line version of 1/4 size Mermaid Aqua.  1/6 size Mini Mermaid Aqua can be ordered in white, normal, pink normal and tan resin.  Optional human legs are available. Face-up is not available.


Crobi Doll has now posted the photos of their new limited edition series based on Hansel and Gretel. The dolls being released include Kyul version Witch, Camille version Hansel and Heidi version Gretel. Hansel and Gretel can be purchased separately or in a Special Platinum box set. All of the dolls will be released on September 20th, 6:00 PM Korean time.

1/4 size C Line doll Hansel is cast in ice grey resin, and Gretel is cast in antique rose resin. 63 cm tall R Line Kyul is cast in cookie cream resin. All the dolls will be sold as full-sets with face-up, wig, eyes and outfits shown.


September 16

Special Edition Bibiane ha been released at IpleHouse. The 65 cm tall EID line girl will be sold through pre-order until October 23 (Korean time). Bibiane can be ordered in white, normal or special real skin resin with a choice of general or mobility body with medium or large breast size. She will come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes and both flat and heel feet. Options for Bibiane include face-up, outfit, shoes, wig, and gun and knife set (blank ,or for an extra fee, painted as shown in photos).


September 17~~~~~

September 18

JJUN-E has released tiny pet doll “Naughty Town” Mu. The tiny 9.5 cm resin pet bird has magnetic attachments for the parts and changeable eyes.  Eyes are included. Purchase of Mu will come with a free gift. “Naughty Town” is the theme for a new series the company is creating.


DreamingDoll has released a new version of Khan called Urban Guy Khan. He can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. The 63 cm tall Elva line doll comes with a random pair of glass eyes and a random wig.  The face-up shown can be optionally ordered.


Jpop Dolls is now selling Xtremedolls new doll Gracelyn with a Jpop exclusive face-up. 63cm tall Gracelyn was created by face-up and doll fashion artist Cristy Stone. There will be only 20 dolls released in this version.  Jpop’s Gracelyn is cast in normal skin resin.  She will come with the exclusive face-up shown in the photos and a random pair of glass eyes. Gracelyn fits in Iplehouse SID girl outfits. She can be found on the retailer’s website HERE.