September 5 – 11, 2011

September 5

Napi Doll has released a new face-up version for the Angz doll head.  The new Version 2 face-up is an option for Angz.  The head can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. The heads are designed to fit Volks SD Boy or Girl, SD13 Girl and similar size bodies.


New Aimee is now available at Marchen Waltz. Aimee is being sold as a head-only or as a full doll on an Infiniti Doll girl body.

Aimee is being cast in normal skin resin only and the head is designed to fit on a variety of 58~62cm tall girl & boy bodies. The head can be ordered with optional face-up in styles A,B,C,D,or E. The full doll can be ordered in face-up styles C or D. (The “panda” face-up style shown in photos is not available.)
The full 59 cm tall doll comes with additional heel feet or heel lower leg parts (or optionally both can be ordered). She will also come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes.


September 6

Pipos is preparing to release their dolls. A new notice has been posted.

From Pipos:

This is notice about releasing event for 2011 September.
We’ll present the option parts who purchase the below dolls.
But, please refer the event due.

Event period : Sep. 6th 2011 ~ Sep. 20th 2011 (2 weeks) (Korean time)

Event : We’ll present the a beast hand parts and tail part to who purchase the
 1. Charlotte Basic edition 2 or 2.Derek Basic edition 2.
We’ll present the small teeth parts (smaller than previous teeth parts) to who purchse the
2. Mecy Basic edition.

The dolls being released are:

1. Basic Dolls
- Charlotte (off-white skin)
- Derek (off-white skin)
- Mecy (mint skin)

2. Limited Dolls
- Charlotte (off-white skin)
- Derek (grey skin)
- Roo (off-white skin)
- Mecy (mint skin)

3. re-releasing of Alice in Nightmare series – This re-releasing is our way of saying thank you to all of our customers.
- Alice limited edition (half open eyes) : 2 sets
- Alice limited edition (open eyes) : 2 sets
- Dark cheshire : 4 sets
- Dark rabbit : 4 sets








LoongSoul is releasing a new Grace line boy named Muchen. The 73.5 cm tall doll can also be optionally ordered with ankle joints to make him 75 cm tall or with abdomen and thigh parts to make him 72 cm tall. Muchen can be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow, white or tan resin. Face-up  is optionally available.


September 7

 Aria Doll is selling 16 Years Narvy and the 16 Years Grace body by pre-order. Customers can choose white or normal skin resin. Other options include a choice of C or D breast part or both and a choice of heel foot, heel lower leg (with solid ankle) or both. The pre-order period will run until October 11 12:00AM Korean time. Dolls and bodies will be cast after the pre-order is complete. 16 Years Grace line Narvy is 60cm tall.


The Gem has released September Monthly dolls Carbon & Luxullia – Raucar of Destruction. Both dolls come with the Teenie Gem neutral style body. Pale blue Carbon and cream white Luxullia each come with both a regular and “romantic” head, bat wings, spiral horns, alpaca legs and “baby monster” hands. Options include an additional human body, face-up for one or both heads, body blushing, Soom eyes, wig, outfit and shoes. Seam sanding (for Luxullia only) can be ordered separately at the bottom of the page.


September 8

DollZone has released new Time Slot Travelers 66cm Jeremy and 63 cm Una.  Each doll can be ordered as a human, a FAE   or with parts for both human and FAE  in normal pink, normal yellow or white skin resin. Outfits shown and FAE ears will not be sold separately. Blank basic dolls can also be ordered. The full-sets include the doll in the version(s) ordered plus face-up, eyes (not the glass eyes shown in the photos), wig and outfit. FAE parts will come blushed. DollZone dolls can be ordered through the company or through their authorized retailers.






New Elemental Guardian Hierophant of Wind elemental Barahan is now available at IpleHouse. Barahan is a 65 cm tall SID line doll.  He will come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes. He can be ordered in normal, white or special real skin resin with or without the mobility thigh joint. Additional options for Barahan include a face-up (style A or B), outfit, wig, fan (painted or unpainted) and shoes. He will be available for pre-order until October 16 (Korean time).


September 9

DreamingDoll has a new doll named Sweet Rio. The 58 cm tall Elva line doll can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. Rio comes with a random color pair of glass eyes, a random wig and both flat and high heel feet. Options include a face-up and the outfit shown in the photos. Dreaming Dolls are designed by Korean doll artist Baron.


Neo-AngelRegion has a new tiny baby doll named  Dalang.  The 12 cm tall doll comes with the same body as Nappy Choo. Dalang is cast in normal skin resin and comes with a random pair of Soom eyes, a diaper and swaddling.  A face-up and body blushing can be optionally ordered.


After a long hiatus, Elysium Doll has posted a new doll head named Stella-N.  The head is designed to fit a Volks SD9 or similar size body. The head can be ordered  in normal skin resin only. Face-up can be optionally ordered from the artist.

1stella n

Dollmore Has a new Model Doll line girl named Malli. The 68 cm tall doll is cast in normal skin resin.  Malli comes with a random pair of acrylic eyes, a random wig and default underwear. Options include sanding service, body blushing and default or special request face-up.


September 10

ImplDoll is preparing to celebrate their anniversary.

From Impldoll:

Period: the EVENT from October 30
We always thanks for your continuing support.
We have two Event plan for you choose.

1. You Will Get A Free Tiny(16mm) Verne If You Order Over $280(Not count shipping cost).

2. You Will Get A Free Baby(26cm) If You Order Over $380(Not count shipping cost).

– We Have The Event Page For You To Choose The Gift Doll when you purchase.
– Pls kindly note that make up, wig and eyes are not included in Free Doll

New 16 cm tiny doll Verne is now posted on the website. He is available  in white, real, pink, tan or grey resin.   Options include a face-up, wig and outfit. Eyes can be purchased separately.


Oasis Doll has released a new doll with a new body. New Chic Girl Jadeite is a limited edition of 30. The 62.5 cm tall doll is being cast in normal skin resin. Jadeite will come with the new Chic body, both open-eyed and dreaming head, both open and fist hands, both flat and heel feet and underwear. Face-up for one or both heads is optional. The doll can be purchased from the artist Sabrina W. (killbill on Den of Angels). The post on Den of Angels on the doll can be found HERE with the price and ordering information. (If not a member of Den of Angels, orders for the doll can still be submitted.)  Layaway is available. more photos are HERE.

From Oasis Doll:

New body:Chic Girl Body(Double-Joined arms design)
Body size:Similar to volks 16 girl size

*Jadeite is only released in Normal skin,only 30 sets world wide*

1jadeite1 1jadeite2

September 11

Marti Presents new dolls Akie Sakurako and Sweet Dream Babette are now open for pre-order.

From doll artist Marti:

Two long-waited dolls are finally up for sale. Sweet Dream Babette and
Akie Sakurako are available for preorder. Both will be cast in normal skin tone. I hope you’ll like those two
new girls!

If you are wondering about big bust part and new high-heel shoes,
they’ll be available as a special order in the future.

Also I would like to remind all attenders of Ldoll Festival that
I’ll be there with lot’s of new dolls to show. Be sure to
come by my stand and say hello 🙂
The 56cm tall dolls can be purchased through layaway. They come with both flat and high heel feet. Face-up can be optionally ordered.