August 29 – September 4, 2011

August 29

Two new dolls from Angel Fantasy have now been listed at  Mint on Card. They are 1/6 scale dolls named Rose and Roy. The 26 cm tall dolls come with a random color pair of eyes. Rose and Roy can be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow or white skin resin. Angel Fantasy is currently running a Fall Promotion offering free dolls for qualifying purchases.



Doll face-up artist and doll fashion designer Cristy Stone of Xtreme Dolls has released her first BJD named Gracelyn. The 62 cm tall doll will be available in normal skin resin. She will be sold with a factory face-up based on Cristy’s face-up. This version of Gracelyn will only be offered during this pre-order.

From the artist:

I‘m so excited to introduce my first Xtremedoll “Gracelyn”. She has been a long time coming and a labor of Love! I hope you will find her a great addition to your collection.

Included in this price is:

Nude doll in normal skin tone pictured
Random glass eyes 
Sanded seams
This is the first pre-order and it is for the Normal skin tone resin pictured. Gracelyn will be limited in this skin tone and faceup and will not be available for purchase again once this order period is over. The faceup was designed by me and will be painted by the factory.  White skin, real skin, and tan skin will be available in the future, but not at this time.


Napi Doll has a new 1/3 girl’s head available named Beth. The head is designed to fit on  Volks SD9 girl and SD13 girl bodies.  Beth can be ordered in normal or white skin resin.  Optional face-up is available.


Angell Studio has re-released their Lucifer doll.  He can be ordered as a full-set with the Divine White or Charming Scarlet outfit. 60 cm tall Lucifer can be ordered in translucent white or pink or solid white, pink, butter or suntanned resin.  Options for the dolls include face-up, body blushing, wigs, outfits and boots. The outfits and other items are also available separately on the website.


CozyDoll has released two new doll heads called Wayne and Evan. The heads are designed to fit 1/3 size dolls including Volks SD 13 and 17 and other similar size bodies. The heads are cast in normal skin resin.  Wayne and Evan are not limited editions. Face-up is not available.





August 30

Slinky Neko will be releasing a new Limited Edition Junior Borry doll.  A Vagabond Borry will be a limited edition of 10 dolls.  She will go on sale August 31st at 11:00 AM Korean time. The 1/4 size doll will be sold as a full-set.  A Vagabond Borry was styled by doll fashion designer Chesca.


1/4 size Wednesday’s Child Basic Benjamin has been added to the Rosen Lied website.  He will be available for sale along with 3 limited edition dolls very shortly. In addition, a variety of new Monday’s Child size tiny wigs will be released. Release time is 7:00 PM Korean time.

42.5 cm tall Basic Benjamin can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. He will come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes, default wig, underpants and a doll carrier. (Outfit for the doll is not included.)


August 31

SWITCH ‘s newest doll head, Soseo is now available for pre-order for a very limited time.  Soseo can be ordered with default Gentle Brown or Pure Violet face-up.  The promotional face-up style shown in the photos is not available. Face-up can be ordered in the Make up section of the website. The head is shown on an SD13 boy body from Volks.

From the company:

Head size (circumference): 9 inch
2. Eye size: 16mm
3. Compatible body type: 65cm and 60cm Scale BJD boy body
4. Skin type: normal skin
Included :
- Standard set: head + authentication plate + Authentication certification + Default case
Order starts : September 1, 2011 (Thu)(00:00 KOR) ~ September 5, 2011 (Mon)(24:00 KOR)
* Payment period : September 1, 2011 (Thu)(00:00 KOR) ~ September 5, 2011 (Mon)(24:00 KOR)

A person can purchase up to 4 heads.
We will not be answering to questions regarding purchase of more than 4 heads per person.
We ask for your understandings.


September 1

Peak’s Woods is now taking pre-orders for their new tan dolls. Honey Queen Yeru and Yeru the Soul and Honey Princess Lady Bee and Wake-up Lady Bee Romantic Elf can be pre-ordered until September 30 Korean time. The 58cm tall Honey Queen dolls and the 42cm tall Honey Princess dolls come with an extra pair of hands, random wig, and random color acrylic eyes. The dolls can be ordered with normal or large bust piece. Face-up can be ordered optionally. 

Honey Princess Lady Bee

Honey Princess Lady Bee

  Honey Princess_Tanned Wake-up Lady Bee Romantic Elf

Honey Princess Tanned Wake-up Lady Bee Romantic Elf

Honey Queen Yeru

Honey Queen Yeru

Honey Queen Yeru of the Soul

Honey Queen Yeru of the Soul


Spirit Doll has announced an event for this month.

From the company:

Spirit doll Autumn Event & 2nd. ver Proud Girl Body Releasing

Thank you very much for all your continuous support for Spirit doll!
To celebrate the new release of our 2nd ver Proud Girl body, we would like to start our Autumn Event.

Event time: September 5th, 2011 – September 20th, 2011

Event content: When ordering any whole Proud line dolls, you can chose any of the current single head as the free gift. ^^
Notice:The elegance line and ordering Proud body only is not included in the event.

We would like to present you the brand new 2nd. ver Proud girl body at the end of this summer. ^^ The joints and body structure was redone with the Proud girl body. ^^ The new Proud girl body now will come with the free legs with high heel feet. For detailed pictures please visit http://www.spiritdoll.net/node/236.

All the rest of the Spirit doll bodies (Proud boy body and Elegance boy and girl bodies) were slightly changed as well to give better posing and joint mobility. The measurement of the changed bodies stays the same.



IpleHouse has a new JID line doll available named Kyle.  The 46 cm tall doll can be ordered in normal, white or real skin resin.  Options include a choice of general or mobility thigh joints and a face-up. The outfit shown on Kyle is available separately.


The Gem has released their new Special Order version of Super Gem Onyx called Onyx – Heavenly Light. At this time the doll is still in stock.  Only 50 dolls will be released. Onyx is cast in normal skin resin.  Seam sanding (see link at bottom of Onyx’s page), body blushing and face-up are optionally available.  The outfit eyes, shoes and wig worn by the doll are available separately.


September 2

A new Limited Edition doll named Sweet Beauty Ada is available at ImplDoll.

From Impldoll:

We just want to let you know we have released our new limited doll -Sweet Beauty Ada.Only 50 in the world.This is our second limited Dolls(Colin is first ^___^).we hope you like her.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about him…Don’t miss this chance.

1/6 scale Ada can be ordered in white, real, pink, tan or grey resin. She comes with a random pair of glass eyes, a snake lower body and a resin wig. Optional face-up, body blushing and outfit can be ordered with Ada. Optional human parts can also be purchased.

1ada1 1adaparts

Blue Fairy is now taking pre-orders for “Forget Me Not” tan dolls.

From the company:

* Order Schedule-
3 days from September 2nd to 9:00 AM on September 5th (based on Korean time)
* Payment Deadline
Payment should be made in 3 days from the order date. 
Order will be cancelled automatically if we do not receive the payment in 3 days.
* Shipping Schedule
Shipping will be started after 30 business days by the order of payment confirmation.
Make-up Design: Xia’o / Mass Produce: EsteBebe
Dress Design: MarieBlossom / Mass Produce: Little Garden
We hope our new baked skin limited edition will be loved by our customers.

43cm tall tiny dolls Remember Olive and Remember May V. come with “baked skin” blossom bodies and both flat and heel (tiptoe) foot parts. They also each come with Glib glass eyes, wig, outfit ( sailor jacket, dress, hat, panties, ribbon and corsage) and skin pink strap heels. The outfit can also be purchased separately.

May V.

May V.




September 3

Camellia Dynasty has a new Lord line doll named Tche available for pre-order. The doll comes with the CDL 2.0 version double jointed body.  This body comes with shank parts that allow the doll’s height to be adjusted from 61 to 63 centimeters. Tche comes with a random color pair of glass eyes. He is being cast in white environmental resin. (Write the company to find out whether he also available  in normal pink resin.) Face-up is optionally available.

A new pet doll has also been released. Ling comes in a choice of white or black resin. The 9 tailed fox is a limited edition of 50. The 8cm tall Ling comes with a random color pair of eyes. Face-up is optionally available.



Ling (white version)

Ling (white version)


Batchix Dolls has posted a new photo of a Machina boy doll on the artist’s blog site.

From Batchix:

Working hard!  Last of the hand cast machina boys will be up for sale soon.  I’m still debating on whether to put him on ebay for auction or etsy at a set price.  All proceeds from him will go toward getting the boys cast!

I’ll open layaway pre-orders when i send him out for casting, which will probably be at the end of September when Lagoon arrives here.  It’ll take a month for the molding process, and then once I get the samples I’ll open it up for regular pre-orders.  My plan is that will help people who need more time to get funds together.

Photos of other casts of Machina Gamma along with previously released Machina Alpha (girl Machina) can be seen on Batchix’s site.


September 4

Dear Mine has released Dear Precious line Limited Edition Rose Bird Siamy. Only 3 full-set dolls are available. Rose Bird Siamy comes with the wig, Line glass eyes, limited face-up. and full outfit (dress with hand sewn silk ribbon flowers, petticoat, drawers, headdress, chain) shown in the photos.

A new Dear Special release is planned for mid-September.

From the company:
Sep. 1st – Dear Precious 
Only 3 products in the world
, Only in Dearmine