August 22 – 28, 2011

August 22

Soul Doll has a new Soul Zenith boy posted on the website.  His name is RyuCine.  The doll can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. 69cm tall RyuCine will come with a pair of Souldoll eyes. Options include basic or special request face-up.


Luts has brought back their Halloween Pumpkin head along with two different colors of “Paprika heads”.

From Luts:

We are releasing PUMPKIN HEAD AND HIS FRIENDS ver 2011 soon…!!
Halloween Limited is set for release every year.
Limited period ONLY : August 22nd, 2011 pm 12:00 ~ October 31st, 2011 pm 12:00
If you have any other inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.
The Halloween heads are designed to fit Luts 1/6 size Honey Delf and similar sized dolls.
According to the company, “There’s a miniature color bulb inside the head,so the light will blink when you touch the metal part beside the stem.” The company also states that is is also possible to replace the battery.



Ingenue by twigling is now available for pre-order from the artist. The doll is  67cm tall. The body is also available for pre-order separately.  (The head will only be sold with a body.) The “Procast” casting of the dolls will be done by Dollshe Craft and will be available in  Paleskin, Freshskin, Orientalskin, Paletan, Tan or Ebony  resin colors (tan colors cost extra).

Artisan dolls cast by the artist can also be ordered, and the resin color can be specially requested. Layaway is available. Ingenue comes blank and un-assembled or partially assembled. Seam sanding is available for Procast dolls for an additional fee. Artisan dolls come completely sanded, but due to the casting procedure may have tiny flaws in the resin. Artisan dolls will ship in 2-3 weeks but Procast dolls will take 1-3 months to ship. Face-up for Ingenue is not offered. Many photos of the doll and the body are available on the artist’s website under Ingenue Info.


Neo-AngelRegion is now selling basic cream white resin iMda Doll Modigli. The  30.5 cm tall doll will be limited by date rather than number of dolls released. She can be ordered from August 22 – September 2, 2011. Modigli comes with both a regular and a “sleepy” head. Options for the doll include face-up, eyes, outfit shown(one-piece dress, hat & underpants), shoes and wig. The doll was designed by Korean artist Lim dong a and the face-up is by CommaDoll.


August 23

The Gem has released their Special Order versions of Teenie 1/6 size Gem dolls Alk and Yrie. Only 50 dolls each of Alk and Yrie – Ninja Summoners are being released.  Both dolls are being cast in normal skin resin. Alk and Yrie are being sold as basic dolls. Options include face-up, body blushing and Soom eyes.





IpleHouse has released new Special edition Dexter. The 70cm tall EID limited edition doll will be sold August 23rd to September 25th (Korean time). Dexter is being sold blank  with a choice of Model or Super Hero body and general or mobility thigh joint. He comes in a choice of normal, special real or light brown resin. A random color pair of acrylic eyes included with the doll. Options for Dexter include face-up (with or without beard), outfit, shoes, wig, choice of hand sets, and weapon set (gun and sword, with or without paint).



LoongSoul added two more 69 cm tall Grace line girl dolls to their website.  They are named ChenXing  and MengLi. Unlike the first Grace line girl released, LuoYue, ChenXing and MengLi are not limited editions. LoongSoul dolls can be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow, white or tan skin resin. Options for ChenXing and MengLi include face-up and body blushing.





August 24

DikaDoll has released new 1/3 boy doll JinSe. The doll is available for order in resin colors normal yellow, normal pink, pure white, ivory white, tan or grey. 64 cm tall JinSe comes blank with a random pair of eyes. Face-up shown can be additionally ordered.



DollFactory has released new Senior version Kiki pig. The doll is a larger version of tiny anthro Kiki. 21 cm tall Senior Kiki can be ordered with a female or a gender neutral body. The doll is cast in normal skin resin and will come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes. Options for Kiki include a face-up in pink or brown (see picture below).


August 25

Doll Leaves has released new Teenage Dream line doll “F” (Flora). The doll comes as a 43.5 cm tall girl with a small or large bust.  The head can optionally be ordered with a boy body. (The default is large bust body, so if small bust or boy body is preferred, please request the change when ordering.) Flora comes with a random color pair of acrylic eyes.  Options include a face-up, outfit and wig shown. Doll Leaves dolls are cast in a choice of white or normal skin resin.


Leeke World has revealed the new Project dolls for this month.  They are 44 cm tall Rabbit Bear Girl Reika and and LE Mellow.  Both are now available for pre-order until September 25 (Korean time). The dolls can be ordered in pure rose skin, snow skin and basic skin resin.

Mellow comes with a new M-Design body.  Options for the doll include a choice of face-up (pink or pale pink), body blushing,  a choice of wig (brown or cream) , brown or blue eyes, outfit set and shoes.

Rabbit Bear Girl Reika comes with the M-design body and basic ear parts. Options for the doll  includes face-up (“misty” or “metal” style),wig set, 2 pairs of eyes,”hammer” and “metal arm”, armor, painting for weapons and armor (blue or purple), outfit (khaki or grey), and a choice of shoes.





August 26

Slinky Neko will be releasing a new Unique (one of a kind) full-set  1/4 size doll soon.

From the company:

Second Unique of Junior
“Funky wish”
Type: Junior Haroo type
Sale date: 26th Aug. 11:00 AM (Korean)


Illusion Spirit now has four new tiny dolls; two 1/6 size named Willy and Shella and two 1/12 size named Anita and Beata.

26.5 cm tall Shella and Willy come with double jointed bodies and a random pair of eyes. The dolls can be purchased with a boy or girl body. 16 cm Anita and Beata come with a random pair of eyes. Ilusion Spirit dolls can be ordered with an optional face-up. They can be cast in normal yellow, normal pink, white, tan or grey resin. Bodies and heads can also be purchased separately.





Luts has released Den of Angels Anniversary doll Zuzu Delf Truffle.

From the company:

Thank you for your attention and love always. :D
We are created Zuzu Delf TRUFFLE Limited for the DoA’s 7th Anniversary events once more.

Zuzu Delf TRUFFLE Limited with Full package of zuzu delf
Design & Sculpt by seed
Limited period ONLY : 26th August 2011 pm 12:00 ~ 30th September 2011 pm 12:00
19 cm tall Truffle comes in three colors versions to choose from; black, blue or pink version. The doll  comes with face-up, random color glass eyes, outfit, wig and shoes.



Idealian has released a new Limited doll. River – The Merry Monarch. 72 cm tall Idealian River is cast in normal skin resin. Options for the doll include face-up, body blushing, Soom eyes, wig, outfit set, shoes and coronation robe set. Seam removal is available separately (see link at the bottom of River’s page.) The doll can be pre-ordered until September 12 (Korean time).


August 27

Dollmore has two new limited edition Glamor Eve dolls; La fée Emile and  La fée Hosoo. Both of the 59cm tall dolls are sold as full-sets in limited editions of 10. The dolls are cast in normal skin resin and include face-up, partial blushing (hands & bust), glass eyes, wig, outfit set, long nailed hands and heel feet.






A new 1/3 boy doll is now available at Raurencio Studio. 67 cm tall Kaido is cast in normal skin resin. He is sold with a random color pair of glass eyes and a random wig.  Face-up is optionally available.


A new company, Ken no Kokoro Dolls, has released it’s first 1/3 size doll head for sale, Amparitas02. The doll heads are hand-cast by a Spanish artist.  8 new skin and 3  white skin resin heads are already cast and available for purchase.


Pluto Dolls has new photos up of the recently released Philippa head.  The head is shown as both as a boy and as a girl. The boy head is on a Volks13 boy body, and the girl is on an Aria Doll 14 Year body.


August 28

Bergemann Dolls has posted a sneak peek at the dolls she is bringing to the Modern Doll Collectors Convention® 2011. They include additional Jeux du’ Cirque Collection dolls. There is also a set called Dickens Governess. Numerous pictures are posted.