July 18 – 24, 2011

July 18

DikaDoll has a sale currently running. Dolls can be purchased through participating authorized retailers.  New 1/4 doll Monica was added. Dikadolls are sold as basic dolls with optional face-up.


Aria Doll is now offering the 14 Years Tiny girl  body for purchase separately. The body can be ordered in white or normal skin resin. The body has a solid (not jointed) torso and a choice of heeled feet. Customers can optionally choose to add heel feet or heel lower legs and feet (no ankle joint). According to the website, the bodies are in-stock so orders will ship quickly.  The body is approximately 43 cm tall (measurements include head).


Two new dolls have been released as part of the Tarot Card series at Soul Doll. The Tarot Card 9 – Lovers dolls are sold individually or as a set. Bliarde and Bliss are cast in mint green resin. The dolls are sold with SoulDoll eyes. Options for each doll include face-up, body blushing, outfit, wig, shoes, bow and arrow, hair decoration and grip hands. The dolls come in a choice of white or mint green resin (mint resin costs extra). The doll set includes two full-set dolls with the extras listed. Layaway is available.


July 19

PlasticMoon is re-releasing the 1/3 size Teru head from July 20 to August 20.  The head will be available in white resins well as normal skin resin. The UK artist foolbot has the heads cast by DollShe.


July 20

Shukaku is a new 1/4 size doll posted at Island Doll.  The 46 cm tall double jointed doll can be ordered in a wide variety of skin-tones (see chart below). He is cast in environmental resin. Island dolls are sold blank with optional face-up and accessories.  The dolls are available from authorized retailers.


Dream of Dolll has released the three new /3 size Dream of Teen size dolls posted on the website; Code no. 03, Tahlia, and Code no. 05. The company is holding a “1 & 7 Happy Event”. The event runs from July 20 to July 31.
From DOD:
1. We ship the goods free of charge if you order goods more than 1,000 USD.

2. We put on a free make up if you order new dolls( CODE NO.3, CODE NO.5. TAHLIA) and complete payment
during this period.

3. If you order new dolls ( CODE NO.3, CODE NO.5, TAHLIA ) and complete payment
in 1,11,21,31,41,51,61,71,81,91,101st, we offer you a free default outfit.
( If you already place an order for default outfit, we’ll refund the price.
But pls be noted that if you pay in credit card in this case, we don’t provide you a refund.
Your kind understanding in this regard would be much appreciated)

4. We put on a free tattoo if you order new dolls ( CODE NO.3, CODE NO.5. Pls be noted that Tahlia is not
subject to this event) and complete payment in
( If you already place an order for tattoo, we’ll refund the price.
But pls be noted that if you pay in credit card in this case, we don’t provide you a refund.
Your kind understanding in this regard would be much appreciated)
*   Pls kindly note that delivery of the order placed in the event period can be delayed and even more
prolonged if you order a make up.
Your warmest understanding in this regard would be much appreciated.
* Above event is not duplicated.
(The event is applied to 1 order only if the same customer orders more than once)

o3and05 o5andtahlia

July 21

DollZone has released a new 60 cm double jointed boy body.  Two new dolls, Byron and Louis, were released with the body. The body can also be ordered separately. DollZone dolls and bodies can be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow, white and (for an extra fee) tan resin.





Raurencio Studio has released a new Guy line doll named Vincent. The 67 cm tall doll is cast in normal skin resin. Vincent comes with a random pair of glass eyes and a random wig.  Optional default face-up is available.


The Gem has released Remaining Story dolls Nor and Dune – The Masters of Jinns. The 1/4 size dolls come as humans with an additional “romantic” head, “simurgh” wing parts and “simurgh” lower legs and claws. The dolls are cast in a choice of cream white or bronze resin. Options for Nor and Dune include face-up for one or both heads, an extra human body, blushing for one or two bodies, Soom eyes, wig, outfit and shoes. Seam removal is available separately but it can not be done to bronze resin dolls.





July 22

AngelsDoll will has released a new Slim girl body.  A doll with the new body will be 61 cm tall. The body can be ordered in normal, white, tan, or vivid skin resin or in Volks compatible normal or white resin.


Blue Blood Doll is now offering Valentine in a limited full-set called The Pilot.  Only 6 sets will be available. The doll comes with a random pair of glass eyes, face-up and full outfit shown. The doll is being sold at a special promotional price. Dolls are in-stock and will be shipped promptly.


Three full-set 1/4 size Dollpire dolls are now at Dollmore. Ash Pathos Shiloh boy, Shiloh girl and Roo boy are being sold in limited editions of 10 each. The 43.5 cm tall dolls are cast in white skin resin with face-up, hand blushing, glass eyes, wig and shoes.

1ashpathos1 1ashpathos2

All of the new The One dolls are now posted in the Coming Soon section at Rosen Lied. Some new limited outfits will also be available. The dolls and outfits will be released at 7:00 PM July 22 Korean time. The OOAK doll releases can be seen below. All of The One dolls are all listed as cast in white resin except Clover boy version which is cast in normal skin resin.

Monday's Child Chico

Monday’s Child Chico

Tuesday's Child Beige

Tuesday’s Child Beige

Wednesday's Child Louie

Wednesday’s Child Louie

July 23

Doll artist Bo Bergemann of Bergemann Dolls is attending the National Doll Festival today in Anaheim. She is unveiling her new doll Ambriel which is her first doll in 1/4 size. The doll is also available for Pre-Sale now on the website for a limited time at an introductory price in resin colors pink sugar, brown sugar or new opaque resin color shimmer. The dolls can be found in the  Basic BJD store on her website.

Ambriel in Shimmer resin

Ambriel in Shimmer resin

Fantasy Doll has released new 1/4 size dolls Lagina and Dane. The company has also released 1/4 size by and girl bodies. Dane is 44 cm tall, and Lagina is 42 cm tall. Fantasy dolls can be ordered in normal, white, oink, light tan or dark tan resin. The default face-up comes free with the dolls, and special request face-up can be optionally ordered. The dolls will be shipped with a random pair of glass eyes. Fantasy dolls are also available from authorized retailers.





July 24