July 11 – 17, 2011

July 11

Aria Doll has released a new doll in a new size.  The new 18 Years doll Gravity comes with the new Majesty body.  The body is also available for separate purchase. Both Gravity and the new body can be ordered in normal, white or tan resin. The company is running a pre-order period for the items which will end August 14 at 12 AM (Korean time). The prices for both full doll and doll body are reduced for this pre-order.


Doll artist Bo Bergemann (Bo Bergemann BJD) and doll fashion designer Jenifer Burns of Spampy Stuff have collaborated on a doll that is being sold to raise money for the  Touching Tiny Lives Foundation.  The doll artist donated a Zoe doll with face-up and wigs. The doll, now named Zula, is cast in tan resin and comes with wigs, outfits, sleeping bag, cloth doll (with 2 tiny outfits) and shoes. The auction closes on July 13.



Dollmore has released a new doll for the 12 inch (32 cm) tall FMD (Fashion Model Doll) line named Cossette.  The doll comes with the less mature Cute style body. Cossette comes cast in normal skin resin.  She will come with both flat and heel feet, random color glass eyes and a random wig. The face-up  shown is optionally available.

1cossette1 1cossette2

July 12

5StarDoll has released new bodies for 1/4 dolls. Both the boy and the girl body have been redesigned. The knees and elbows are double-jointed. The bodies can be seen in the parts section of the website.

From the company:

Dear customers,
Recently we finished our new mini body type C, we will ship the new body for orders.
The new body is better than Type A and B in posing. Many improvement has been made.
If you have questions regarding the new body, please let us know.



Crobi Doll is planning to launch a Summer Event on July 19.  New limited edition”Tragedy Dolls” will be released including Forgotten Lance, Caged Ara, Broken Tori, Be Ousted Boni and Special Platinum Box Tori and Boni with day dream head added. The 1/6 size dolls each have a story posted in the gallery section of the website. Previous purchasers of Crobi dolls can enter a drawing for a free doll.

1caged_ara_infor 1lance_cookie_infor 1Boni-tori_e

July 13

Lagoon, the slim mini doll from doll artist Batchix of Batchix Dolls can be seen in new photos on her site. The doll will be cast in the regular white rather than the snow white color considered earlier. She can also be ordered in normal skin resin. Lagoon will come with  pair of eyes and a face-up. (The doll can also be ordered blank but she will not cost less.) A minimum of 30 orders are needed in order to cast Lagoon. The pre-order is open until August 1.


KazeKidz Nelly is now available for pre-order as a human version doll. Fairskin Nelly human can be pre-ordered through KazeKidz ‘ exclusive retailer Jpop Dolls.  53 cm tall Nelly will come with a face-up and glass eyes. The pre-order ends August 12. KazeKidz dolls are designed by doll Australian doll maker Kaye Wiggs.


The Gem has released Special Order Bela – Quest for the Magic Stone. The  1/6 size doll is still available at this time.  She is limited to only 50 dolls in this release.  Beyla is being cast in normal skin resin and comes with a human Teenie Gem girl body.  Options for the doll include face-up, body blushing and Soom eyes.  The outfit and wig are available on the website separately.


July 14

CherishDoll now has Migidolls available for purchase on the website.

From Cherish Doll:

Cherishdoll is a family site of Migidoll.
Since Migidoll has opened its official site, and started all-year sale,
Cherish doll also have some of Migidoll items available.
Hope this will contribute for our customer to have easy shopping and budget save.


IpleHouse has two new basic 26 cm tall BID line doll sculpts. They are named Serca and Ringo.  The dolls can be ordered with a BID boy or girl body with general or mobility joints. Resin colors available include white, normal and special real skin. The dolls come with a random pair of acrylic eyes.  Optional face-up is available.

BID_ringo_B_dt09 BID_serca_B_dt09

Immortality of Soul‘s  60 cm doll Maru is now available for pre-order.  He is being sold as a full doll only. Only a limited number of dolls will be sold (19 normal skin resin, 5 white resin). Customers need to be registered to the website to order.

From the company:

MARU’ – Head + 60Body
This’s News for MARU.
It will go on sale from July 14th to 30th. It’s a combination of both ‘MARU Head + 60body’
(We don’t sell ‘MARU head’ seperately.)
Please check this !!
**** We have a plan on limited offer. ****
Total quantity : 24 – Normal 19 / White 5



Idealian has released Galway the Fortumate.  The Special Order doll can be ordered with optional face-up, body blushing, and Soom eyes. Seam removal, and limited outfit and shoes can be ordered on a separate pages. He will be available for pre-order July 14 -28.


July 15

The FairyLand Blog has a new doll featured.   The Victoria Frances Doll Project will be on display at San Diego Comic-Con (July 21 – 24). The doll is produced by CP and Fairy Land and the costume is by Fairy’s Atelier.  Many photos but little iadditional information is available at this time.


Asleep Eidolon has a new 1/3 boy doll named Knox. The doll comes with a double jointed body and a random color pair of acrylic eyes. 62 cm tall Knox can be ordered in a choice of normal or white skin resin. A face-up (no lashes) is optionally available. Asleep Eidolon dolls can be purchased from authorized retailers; in North America from  Mint on Card and in Europe from  Chantal’s Dolls Alley.


Dollmore has released a new version of Lusion Dahlia called First Travel Dahlia.  The 80 cm tall full-set doll is a limited edition of only 10 dolls. Dahlia will come in normal skin resin with a pair of 26 mm glass eyes and a wig.  Dahlia will have the face-up shown and blushed hands. Her outfit  includes underskirt, dress, bonnet, socks and shoes. Lusion Dahlia dolls ship for free.


The Mushroom Peddler has released the new doll for July; Elli the Elephant. The Wonderling series doll can be ordered blank or custom colored by the artist.  18.25 cm tall (excluding ears) Elli is cast in white resin and will come with a random pair of acrylic eyes. The doll will only be available for pre-order until August 12. At this time, Mushroom Peddler dolls can be ordered through The Mushroom Peddler Etsy Shop.


A new OOAK doll will be released soon at AnotherSpace2.  Sad Alice will be available for sale on July 15 11:00 AM Korean time. The doll is a 42 cm tall Sweet line girl Muffin styled by doll fashion designer Chesca.  The doll will come with outfit, face-up and wig shown.


July 16

A new version of DreamingDoll Judy is available called Mature Judy. The 58 cm tall doll can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. She will come with a random pair of glass eyes, random wig and additional heel feet. Mature Judy has a new optional dark face-up available by Estebebe. The doll was designed by Korean doll artist Baron.



The Mushroom Peddler has a new open edition doll named Rocky the Gargoyle.  The doll is cast in white resin.   18.25 cm tall Rocky can be ordered with a reptile body (Crikey), bird body (Hoot), cat body (Grin) or dragon body (Singe). If no specific body is specified, the doll will come with the reptile body.  He will also come with a random pair of acrylic eyes.  The Rocky head is also available separately. At this time, Mushroom Peddler dolls can be ordered through The Mushroom Peddler Etsy Shop.



July 17

Two new 1/3 size dolls are now available from Doll Family – H authorized retailers. Hanjing and Mei Fei. The dolls are sold blank  in a choice of white, normal, tan or grey resin. The face-up is optional.