~Blushing Fantasy Doll Parts~


This video tutorial shows mermaid fantasy parts being blushed with pastel to match ImplDoll Colorful life Dorisy’s  previously painted face-up.  The doll was cast in light blue resin. Dorisy came with human arms and legs and also with webbed hands and feet, and  lower arms and calves with fin-like relief designs.

Fantasy resin dolls are more popular than ever, and many come with unusual resin additions. Companies usually offer painting services, but it can be a costly addition to the doll. Coloring your own doll also allows you to create your own unique look.


Dorisy was colored with  pastels applied over Mr. Super Clear flat lacquer from the Junkyspot. The doll parts were sealed with more MSC when done. The doll was supplied by CA Dolls (Contemporary Artist Dolls). The outfit was made exclusively for Dorisy by  Cindy Stowell of Cindi’s Doll Apparel. The crown on Dorisy was made by BJDcollectasy based on a crown project by Charie Wilson (seen HERE). This crown was made with a piece of antique lace, Paverpol fabric hardener, acrylic paint, and tiny starfish painted with glitter paint. An earlier project with Dorisy can be seen HERE. A review of Impldolls which included Dorisy can be seen HERE.)