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My Muse, a new Italian doll magazine, released issue #01 to an international audience in March of this year.  The magazine was actually born in 2009 when a group of friends created  issue #00, a digital version released in Italian only. The enthusiastic feedback from their audience persuaded the team to develop a more ambitious project and expand their reach into the international market. All of the contributors to My Muse are united in their love of dolls and a desire to combine interesting, fascinating and enchanting dolls with beautiful and artistically rendered photography. The result reflects the enthusiasm and passion of the My Muse staff. While not all of the dolls shown in the periodical are BJDs, resin dolls are invariably featured regularly due to their  quality, customizability and popularity. The magazine features dolls ranging from cute to beautiful to dark and disturbing reflecting the artistic imaginations of each of the creators who have been selected by magazine to be interviewed.

BJDcollectasy interviewed one of the creators of the magazine to learn a little more about their backgrounds in regard to dolls, their individual contributions, and their plans for the future.


Q: Can you tell me a little about yourself and some of the other people who work on the magazine. Are you all friends? How did you all meet?

1Hujoo_doll300A: I’m Pamela De Lorenzi and I live in Milan, Italy. I studied  fashion design and I loved dolls since…always! I work for Barbie Magazine the Italian magazine for girls by Mattel and I collaborate with Hasbro Italy…I make promotional photo shootings with dolls, because I love photographing dolls and toys. (See my Flickr album http://www.flickr.com/photos/37658785@N02.)
I love doll-art and I talk about them also through my blog: http://pamifashiondolls.blogspot.com. It’s written in Italian, but there are a lot of images.

The other My Muse founder is Clara Fornari, she is a sculptor, doll maker and illustrator. After graduating in fine arts from Accademia Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, she spent the last decade working in different creative fields and living in different inspiring cities around the world like London and New York, but now she lives in Milan too. The photobook “Little Red Cap” is one of her recent works: characters, clothes and props are entirely handmade by Clara. (She sells it here: http://ilmiolibro.kataweb.it/schedalibro.asp?id=348204.)

Carlo Scaramuzzino is one of the most active contributors. He lives in Milan and studied as an illustrator, but he is an artist and a doll lover above all. He helps me with interviews and the photo shoots. He is very precious for My Muse.

Q: What are Clara’s dolls are made of?

A: I asked Clara and she said, “The dolls that I used for the book’s characters were made ​​in the acrylic resin.
This type of material is not as durable as polyurethane, but having decided not to market the dolls, I preferred to work with something non-toxic. Now I’m planning a new prototype that I would like to replicate it in porcelain. But it’s only a project at the moment.”

Q: Who is the artist who created the sculpting tutorial? While the doll isn’t a BJD, the information is very useful in general for those interested in sculpting dolls.

A: The artist shown in the tutorial, is Angela Reitano, one of our contributors. She is a doll maker and she lives in Rome. She doesn’t make BJDs.

Q: Do you all collect dolls? Do any of you collect BJDs?

A: Yes, we do. We have lots of different dolls in our collections, especially me and Carlo. Clara is a sculptor and creates her dolls alone. Carlo and Clara have some ball jointed dolls…but I have not yet. I really like some Iple House dolls…maybe one day !

Q: Do certain people do specific jobs for the magazine?

A: Carlo and I make the interviews, and I with some occasional collaborators do the photo shoots. I make the layout with PlaySys support (an Italian computer graphic agency http://www.play-sys.com ) and Clara does the supervision. I supervise the sales, and all of us do public relations as we can. Of course all of us find new artists and produce content for the magazine.

Q: How do you decide what to cover in each issue?

A: We choose the most significant image of each issue…we try to choose a picture with “appeal” that best represents the contents.

Q: How often do you plan to publish the magazine?

A: At the moment My Muse is a quarterly publication, but we hope to make it a monthly publication…it depends on how many copies we sell. The next issue is planned for September and the fourth for December.

Q: Which is more popular, print or digital version?

A: At the moment the digital version is more popular, but in a very few weeks the mobile version for iPhone and iPad will be available, so…let’s see!

Q:What makes My Muse different from other doll publications?

A: My Muse want to be a quality magazine, so we try to do always our best, propose the best content and find the best artists and collaborators all over the world.

It’s not easy because we don’t have a publisher, so we have to do everything by ourselves, but we want My Muse to reach excellence.

We have chosen to distribute My Muse in paper version, through a print on demand service, in digital version and soon also in mobile version, so there is a My Muse for every need!  Each issue is always available at the same price as the beginning.

Photo above, Hujoo Doll Alvin resin baby featured in issue #00.

My Muse Website
My Muse Facebook Page
Direct link to My Muse issue #00

Note:  Photos below and in the gallery album were all featured in My Muse.  Many of the dolls shown are the unique works of individual artists and express their own personal viewpoint.


Limho Mano by Limhwa customized by Atradolls

Limho Mano by Limhwa customized by Atradolls

Q.pito by Gu Mi Jung

Q.pito by Gu Mi Jung

My Muse #002

My Muse #002

Jamie Show fashion BJD

Jamie Show fashion BJD

BJD by Lillycat

BJD by Lillycat

Lillycat doll prototype

Lillycat doll prototype