June 27 – July 3, 2011

June 27

Two new dolls, Fantasy Babies Gela and Teno are now available at ImplDoll. The 26 cm tall dolls will come as humans with a random color pair of glass eyes and additional resin parts. Gela comes with a pair of curved horns, hoofed lower legs, a bow and arrow and a holding hand. Teno comes with a unicorn horn, hoofed lower legs, a hammer and a holding hand. The dolls can be cast in white, real, pink, grey, or tan resin.  Options available for Gela and Teno include face-up, body blushing, outfit and wig shown with each doll.

gela teno
Doll Artist Kaye Wiggs’ 1/4 size Miki doll is now available for pre-order in light tan.  The Limited Edition doll  is the human version of Miki. 45 cm tall KazeKidz Miki is being sold with a random pair of glass eyes and a face-up. The pre-order period will be open until July 24 at Jpop Dolls.


5StarDoll has released their  first new 1/3 female doll since re-launching their 1/3 Super line and re-designing the girl body.  Super line Becca can be ordered in white, yellow, tan, red, pink  or grey resin (see chart below, grey not shown). The 57 cm tall doll will come with a random color pair of glass eyes.  Options for Becca include a face-up.  The doll can also be ordered with a male body.


June 28
The Gem has released new Centauroid Gem  Zinc – White Archer for pre-order.  The order period runs from  June 28- July 13. The doll has a centaur lower body and an Idealian51 upper body.  Zinc will be cast in cream white resin. He will come with a transparent horn, resin tail and fur tail.  Options for the doll include face-up, body blushing and turquoise Soom eyes. Sanding service is available separately (see bottom of order page). The outfit for Zinc is available separately as a Bi-weekly outfit, and the wig shown on the doll is also available. The wig will fit Centauroid Gem and Idealian 51 dolls.

zinc archer

June 29
Hujoo Doll now has resin pet Wawa the Chihuahua available in a new color, choco.  The tiny doll pet can be ordered with or without body blushing and painting.


I-Doll Studio has released photos of the 1/3 girl doll body showing improvements.  While the body has not been adjusted aesthetically, the elbows and waist joint have been refined to allow improved posing. Many photos are available on the website at this time.


June 30

Angell Studio has retired the old 1/4 size boy body.  All new 1/4 male dolls will come with the new body.  A comparison of the old and new can be seen on the notice below:


July 1

IpleHouse has added a real skin resin option for all basic dolls as of July 1. EID Ashanti, Kamau and JID Benny are now available as basic dolls. Benny and Ashanti were previously released only in dark tan resin.  (New real skin versions can be seen below).  All of the basic dolls are available in normal or white skin urethane resin, or real skin resin for an additional cost. All basic Iplehouse dolls come with a choice of regular or mobility jointed bodies. Options for Benny and Ashanti include face-up and breast size. Another dark tan Special Edition doll is scheduled to be released, SID Denzel. He is not yet offered on the website.

1ashanti_b_dt01 1JID_benny_b_dt05-1

July 2

Blue Blood Doll has released a full-set version of Draven. Black Diamond Draven is a limited edition of only 3 dolls.  The LE version of Draven is being sold at a special price and is in-stock for immediate shipment. The doll is cast in natural skin resin. Draven will come with face-up, glass eyes, red/blonde mix wig, Black Diamond suit and black shoes.


At the request of customers, Dollmore is now selling Zaoll Dreaming Muse in a basic urethane resin version. Muse was created by Korean doll artist Gu mi-jeong who made Narsha. The 52 cm tall doll is cast in normal skin resin with teeth parts and random eyes, wig and underwear. Options available for Muse include sanding service, face-up and body blushing.


Little Monica has introduced Honey Harmony line doll Little Kitten Miyo.  She is being sold as a limited edition full-set.  26 cm tall Miyo will come with face-up shown, fist hands, cat ears (blushed resin), glass eyes, blond bob wig and outfit ((diaper, bib, red ribbon and bell necklace, a pair of socks,a pair of bell hair band, bracelet). Miyo is cast in white skin resin. She will be available for a limited time by pre-order until July 18.


Doll artist Batchix (Batchix Dolls) is taking pre-orders for Lagoon.  The 40 cm tall doll can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. She would come with a face-up and eyes.

From the artist:

I have to have at least 30 orders in order to cover costs and place my order for the dolls. If I don’t meet this goal I’ll cancel and refund those who’ve paid. I will most likely not be doing another pre-order for Lagoon in the foreseeable future.
Face-ups: I am asking the casting company if we can do both dolls with face-ups or blank. When i get an answer I will let you know.  Either way it will not change the doll’s price. I’m including the face-up as a courtesy to you.


Batchix Lagoon

Batchix Lagoon

July 3

Sweet girl Pudding basic version has now been released at Another Space2.  The doll was first seen in an OOAK version in June. 42cm tall Basic Pudding will come with a random pair of glass eyes.  Options include a face-up and a mohair wig. The doll is available in normal skin resin only.


Boy & Girl Doll (B & G Doll) has released a new group of 18.5 cm tall Kevin mouse dolls. The Eastern themed-dolls include Kevin Musician, Kevin Drummer and Kevin Dancer. The dolls can be ordered in white, normal pink, normal yellow or tan skin resin (tan costs slightly more). The three Kevin dolls are sold as full-sets with the outfits shown and a pair of eyes.  The face-up is optional and is available in a choice of the default shown or special request face-up.  The Musician and Drummer Kevin come with with the regular Kevin head, and the Dancer comes with the sleepy Kevin head.

1kevindancer 1kevindrummer 1kevinmusician2

AngelsDoll You has been released.  The 72 cm tall doll can be ordered in normal, white, tan, or vivid skin resin or in Volks compatible normal or white resin. You is sold as a basic blank doll.  Face-up is optionally available. You’s head can also be purchased separately. Layaway from the company is available.