June 20 – 26, 2011

June 20

Dollmore has posted a new Glamor Model Doll named Maxi Milian. The 75 cm tall doll comes in normal skin resin with a random color pair of glass eyes, wig, and boxer shorts. Options for Maxi include sanding service (seam removal), body blushing and default or special request face-up.

1maxi1 1maxi2

DollFactory has added two new tiny dolls to the new 16 cm tall Sweety Ari line.  Elf Beau and Vampire version Clara can be ordered in normal or white skin resin.  The dolls will come with a random pair or acrylic eyes.  Face-up is optionally available. Elf Beau can be painted in either pink or brown face-up style.

1clara 1beauboygirl

A new Korean doll company is opening June 20 called Marchen Waltz. The company will be releasing two dolls named Clair and Rein,  The dolls will be available as full dolls with Infiniti doll bodies or as heads only. Both Rein and Clair will come with two optional face-up choices. The flyer below lists special events for the opening.

1reinA 1reinB1 1clairC 1clairD

Migidoll will be releasing Sky Guys on June 20 (Korean time). Only 10 of the 63 cm tall dolls will be available. Dolls can be ordered in normal or white skin resin.
Details from Migi:
This is Special Limited Doll “Sky Guys”.
It can go out of stock in the beginning of the sale for the limited quantity.
You can choose from Ryu and Miho.
They are not only the most loved dolls by our members, but also the earliest model in Migidoll, so we have special thought hoping them to fly high with the new start.
Sky Guys
Head: Ryu or Miho
Body: Guy Body
Wig : Spicy Short(Natural Black) or Spicy Short (Milk Tea) orMannish Bob(Honey Brown) ** 8~9inch **
Outfit : Jacket(Fur can be attached.), Suit, Muffler, Gloves, Goggles, Hat
military boots(limited)
Eye : 14mm Glass eyes (At random)
Eye Putty
Head cap
Doll Cushion
Doll box
guarantee card
Makeup by Anz
A new Goth Loli version of Louis is available at Glorydoll. Only 13 Louis 4th Edition Goth-Loli dolls will be released. The doll will come with the Goth Loli Louis head, a dreaming Louis head, crystal acrylic eyes, black wig, blonde wig, outfit (hat, jacket, pants, top, socks), and face-ups. 56.5 cm tall Goth Loli Louis is being cast in healthy skin resin.





June 21

Illusion Spirit is offering a 12% discount on their dolls as part of a Summer Event.  Jointed hands are also discounted. Two new 1/3 boy dolls have been released, Basilisk and Valentine. Dolls can be ordered in normal yellow, normal pink, or white resin. Special orders are accepted for tan or grey resin (for an extra fee). Face-up is optionally available. The discount event runs until August 20.





Two new 1/6 size BB line dolls are now available at DollZone.  27 cm tall Emily and Natasha can be purchased as full-set dolls with face-up, wig, eyes, and outfits or as blank dolls with optional face-ups. Resin colors available include normal pink, normal yellow, white or for an extra fee tan skin.






Chrom – The Keeper of Wisdom is currently available at The Gem. The 65 cm tall Super Gem line doll is the first Special Order doll to be released as a group of 80 dolls. The doll is available in cream white resin with optional Soom eyes, face-up, body blushing and ball jointed hands kit. Chrom’s wig, outfit and shoes are available separately.


ImplDoll has remodeled the company website and released a new male Model Line doll named Ziv.  The 58 cm tall doll is being sold as a basic doll with a random color pair of glass eyes.  Options available for Ziv include a choice between a body with or without thigh joints, a face-up, outfit and wig. Impldolls come in  a choice of white, real, pink, grey and tan skin resin (grey and tan cost slightly more).
For a limited time, Impldoll is offering a free head event. All female dolls will come with high heel feet.

1ziv1 1ziv2

June 22

Latidoll has released new limited edition The Play; Little Red Riding Hood. The limited edition Lati Yellow dolls will be available for pre-order until July 10 (Korean time). The 16 cm tall dolls include Grown up Bayer as Granny/Wolf, Haru Wolf, The Hunter Miel, and Little Red Riding Hood  ver. A Lea. The dolls are being sold with face-ups and glass eyes. Outfits, shoes, wigs and accessories for each doll are available optionally. Bayer, Haru and Miel are cast in tan skin, and Lea is cast in normal skin resin.
New basic dolls released include Grown up Bayer Basic and SP Basic and Haru Basic and SP Basic. They are available in normal or white skin resin.

1grannyred 1wolfhunter

Slinky Neko will be releasing a new Unique doll at 11:30 AM June 22 (Korean time). The doll is called Borry in Dream.  42 cm tall Junior size Borry will come as-shown with special face-up, eyes, wig, and a multi-piece outfit with shoes and accessories that can be worn in a variety of combinations. Only one doll is available.


June 23

The new Elemental Guardian has been released at IpleHouse.  He is named Elchanan and he is the first EID male for the Limited Edition Doll line. 70 cm tall Elchanan can be ordered in normal, special real or light brown skin resin. He comes with a choice of General or Mobility jointed Model or Super Hero (muscled arms) body. The doll is sold with random color acrylic eyes and with one hand shaped to grasp his staff. Options for Elchanan include face-up, outfit, shoes, resin helmet (blank or painted) and resin wand (blank or painted). Elchanan will be sold for a limited time and the pre-order for him ends August 21st (Korean time).


Luts has released new limited edition versions of Honey Delf Choco and Choux. The 26 cm tall dolls can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. Choco and Choux are being sold with extra hands (“paper and “sissors”), wig and glass eyes. Options include face-up, body blushing and outfit. (Bunny hair band and shoes are available on the site in separate sections).


Neo-AngelRegion is currently selling “Collabo” dolls.  The dolls are Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy dolls Robin and Somang styled and dressed by the Soom design team.  The two dolls are being sold as full-sets. Robin comes with the gentle boy body and Somang comes with the girl blossom body. The dolls are cast in “misty rose” resin with face-up, body blushing, outfit, shoes, Soom eyes and wig included. The pre-order period will close June 27 (Korean time).

1robincollabo 1somangcollabo

Raurencio Studio has released two new 26 cm tall RSB line dolls named Say and Jay.
From Raurencio:
Say and Jay are put on sale on June 23.
 Give the lovely two kids lots of interest!!!!
Thank you.
*Say and Jay have the same type of head, and only makeup is divided into male/female.
*There ¡s no gender division in RSB body.
Say and Jay are being sold as basic dolls in normal skin resin. Each doll comes with a random color pair of acrylic eyes. Options for the dolls include face-up and body blushing.





The Gem has now released the human versions of Aloa & Sov  – Wood Centaurs. The pre-order period runs until July 8 (Korean time). 1/6 size Teenie Gem Aloa is cast in cream white and Sov is cast in light green resin. Aloa and Sov can be ordered with a human head or a pointed-ear head or with both heads. An additional body can also be purchased. Options include face-up and body blushing. Seam sanding can be ordered separately.


June 24 ~~~~~~

June 25

Notdoll Lab has released new Nari-Pon Cherry. The 10 cm tiny doll is cast in crystal rose white resin. Cherry will come with 2 random wigs and a pair of glasstic eyes in either green or cherry color. Face-up is optionally available. If purchased between now and July 25,  the doll will be shipped by EMS for free.


WithDoll has released new Taren “Surfing Boarder”. The 45 cm tall doll is being cast in brown tan resin. Taren will come with three hands, acrylic eyes, and a free surf board. Options available for the doll include faceup, doll head stand, surf board painting, wig and outfit.


June 26

ResinSoul recently added a new 1/4 size boy doll with hoofed feet named Ming. 44 cm tall Ming also has pointed ears. He is sold blank, and face-up is optionally available.
ResinSoul dolls are available in a wide variety of resin colors including pink, blue, coffee, purple, green, red, sky blue, and gray resin (some colors cost extra). The dolls can be purchased from the company or through authorized retailers.

A new company is now open called elfinDoll.  The dolls are made by Korean doll artist scozi. The first doll available is 12  cm tall tiny doll Mayo. The doll can be purchased through the site or through eBay. Mayo comes in a choice of white or normal skin resin. The doll is being sold with face-up, wig underwear,  and a pair of animatic or acrylic eyes.