June 6 – 12, 2011

June 6 ~~~~~~~

June 7

AnotherSpace2 will soon be releasing the6th OOAK version of Sweet Girl Pudding.  The Full-set doll is called Lovely Holiday.  The 42 cm tall doll is set to be sold June 7 at 11:00 AM Korean time. Only one doll is available.

The 3rd edition  Goth – Loli Miyuki is now available at Glorydoll. Only 13 dolls will be released. Miyuki will come with random color acrylic eyes, wig, outfit ((inner one-piece, petticoat, over skirt, hat/stockings), and both Goth and regular Miyuki heads with face-ups.The doll will be cat in healthy skin resin.


The Gem has a new Special Order doll on the website. A teaser photo of Galena-Sweet Witch has been posted. Only 50 dolls will be released. (Special order dolls are not limited, but are released infrequently and in limited quantities.) Galena is being cast in normal skin resin.  Options for the doll include face-up, body blushing, and Soom eyes. The release date is Jun. 8th. 2011. 10:00 AM (Korean time).  Please note; once released, Special Order dolls tend to sell out quickly.


June 8

New doll company DollClans is now open for business. The company has released their first doll head 1/3 size Kien. He will be available for pre-order June 8-15. The head is being cast in normal skin resin which is listed as compatible with Volks pureskin normal. Face-up is not available.
From DollClans:
For celebrate new opening of DollClans and first released of KIEN.
We offer special promotion for our customers.
1. First 1-10th customers who place order of Kien head, will be granted special Kien’s personal dogtag. (Size 1.5 x 0.75 cm)

2. First 11-30th customers who place order of Kien head, will be granted Kien’s personal dogtag keychain for owner size. (Size 3.0 x 1.5 cm)
** KIEN’s personal dogtag is limited item for 1st pre-order period only and will not be released again.
** GIFT is 1 piece per 1 customer only.


June 9

Doll Leaves has a new 1/4 girl in the Teenage Dream line. New “G” (Gabriel) has been released with a new larger bust body.  Photos of the body will be released soon. 43.5 cm tall Gabriel can be ordered in normal or white skin resin.  The default body for the doll will be large bust, but the small bust version or a boy  body can be optionally requested. Gabriel will come with  a random color pair of acrylic eyes.  Face-up, wig and outfit are optionally available.


Bambicrony just released new B.C.Marchen Nature’s Fairies dolls and resin butterfly wings. Limited Edition 27 cm tall Fairies Anon and Flora are available in basic or full-set versions. The full-set versions come with face-up dress set, oval glass eyes, wig and wings. Options include an upgrade to Enchanted doll eyes. There will only be 15 of each full-set available. The basic dolls can be ordered in Rose or Dew skin resin, with a choice of  red or blue wings, face-up, and upgrade to Enchanted doll eyes. The resin wings can be purchased separately. They are made with transparent resin in two colors/styles; Lymphalidae red and Papilionidae blue.

1anon1 1floradew

Junkyspot has officially announced that the first order has been placed, and the retailer will be selling LimhwaDoll and EosDolls. The company information, items and prices will be added to the website soon.


June 10

Idealian has released a new Special Edition version of Idealian51 London called London the Moor.  He is available for pre-order from now until June 27. London can be ordered in normal or dark brown resin. Options for the doll include face-up, body blushing, and Soom eyes. London’s outfit can also be ordered.  It is available for separate purchase. It includes a jacket, shirt, belt, pants, scarf, and necklace. The outfit is also limited edition.

A new Raurencio Studio Guy line doll named Ralph has been introduced.
From Raurencio:
This is Raurencio Studio.
On June 10, Ralph, a new model of RSG basic line, is released. 
Some of the proceeds of Ralph will be donated as money to help the victims of the tornado in southeastern America.
We ask for your interest and support.

The 67 cm tall doll will be cast in normal skin resin. Ralph will come with a random pair of glass eyes and optional face-up.


IpleHouse now has their new JID doll Soa posted on their website.The 43 cm tall doll is listed as a basic doll with optional face-up. At this time, Soa is not yet released for sale.
The new JID body is now on the website as well. The body will be available in rose white, normal, special real skin, light brown, and ebony skin resin. It will also be available with small or large breast size and  with a general or mobility body. An additional breast size listed as “glamour” can also be seen in the photos, but not in the order menu for the bodies. The new doll Soa and the new bodies should be released soon.


June 11

Misty Debon and Dorothy were just released at Dear Mine. The 20 cm tall (excluding ears) anthro cat dolls are cast in white skin resin. Dorothy and Debon are being sold as full-sets with face-up, eyes, wig, and full outfit. Only 20 of each doll is being released. Dolls sold in June will come with a free gift, a resin fox mask. (The mask will come blank.)


Slinky Neko has released the Limited Edition 1/4 size Junior Borry and Junior Haroo “Gloomy Monday”. Only five of each full-set doll is available for purchase.  Each doll comes with face-up, multi-piece outfit, wig, eyes and shoes.

June 12

Ocean Moon has released HaNee in a limited edition Japanese Miko outfit. Only 10 full-set dolls will be released. 50 cm tall HaNee comes with face-up, eyes, wig and 5 piece outfit. (Shoes are not included).) Basic HaNee can also be ordered. Pre-order for the basic doll runs until July 15.


A new Doll Leaves Teenage Dream line girl “V” (Vivian) has been released.  She can be purchased as a basic doll or in a limited edition full-set. Only 30 full-sets of the doll will be released. Doll Leaves dolls can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. Basic Vivian comes blank with a random pair of acrylic eyes. She can be ordered with an optional face-up. 43.5 cm tall Teenage Dream girls come with a choice of  a small or large bust body.  The Vivian head can also be ordered with a boy body. Doll Leaves dolls can be purchased from the company or through an authorized retailer.