May 30 – June 5, 2011

May 30

A new version of Leeke World Mikhaila called Fly Mikhaila is now available for pre-order until June 30. The 40 cm tall Project Doll will come with the new art body. Options for Mikhaila include face-up, body blushing, fantasy parts, parts blushing, eyes, wig, and shoes. Resin choices available for Mikhaila include basic, snow skin or pure rose skin resin.


Leeke World has also released new Juwel Ent. The limited edition doll will be available for pre-order until June 30.55 cm tall Juwel will come with both a human head and an ent head and  a newly designed L type body. Options for the doll include face-up, body blushing, outfit, choice of eyes, choice of wig(s), resin fantasy parts, blushing for fantasy parts, resin armor, blushing for armor, and extra human body. The doll can be ordered in basic, snow or pure rose skin resin. There are four face-up choices available, and two body blushing choices available. Resin parts can be blushed in Opal or Spinel blushing. The first 10 orders of Juwel will come with a tiny fairy statuette.


Saiph is now available once again at Lume Doll. The doll had been discontinued, but due to customer requests has been re-issued. 63 cm tall  Saiph comes with a random pair of silicon eyes and a slipcase. His seams will be sanded. Resin choices include pure white, light pink, normal pink, normal yellow, tan, and grey. Default face-up shown is optionally available.


May 31

New Summer Event release Salgoo boy and girl are now available at  Luts. The Luts event runs May 31 2011, 12:00 PM (Korean time)- July 13 2:00 PM (Korean time). The 42.5 cm tall Kid Delf dolls can be ordered in real skin white or normal resin. Salgoo boy and girl are available as basic dolls only with a random color pair of acrylic eyes.  Options for the dolls include face-up and body blushing.


Luts has released three new 19 cm tall Zuzu Delf dolls and the brand new doll line of 11 cm tall Zuzu Minimi Delf dolls.  The Summer release dolls are dressed as characters for a new Luts Zuzu story. The Zuzu Delf line dolls for summer include  Zuzu Delf  Toya as Alice, Snow White, and Little Red Riding Hood. The Zuzu Minimis released include  Little Dwarf Papi, Little Dwarf  Chu, Mad Hatter Lio, and The Wolf Wolffy.
The limited edition Zuzu Delf Toya dolls will each be sold with acrylic eyes, wig, outfit shown for each version, shoes and face-up. Only 30 of each full-set Toya doll will be available.

The new Zuzu Minimis have Zuzu heads and Minimi bodies.  The smaller Minimi body is only jointed at the shoulder. Most have detachable magnetic ears. Zuzu Minimis come with a resin stand which can be ordered optionally painted in a choice of colors (see photos below). The dolls also will come with acrylic eyes, clothing and face-up.The Luts event runs May 31 2011, 12:00 PM (Korean time)- July 13 2:00 PM (Korean time).



Luts is launching their Summer Event. Included in the new releases is Limited Edition Senior Delf Quintus. The 62.5 cm tall doll can be ordered in real skin white or real skin normal resin. Quintus comes with a choice of  boy’s old body, new body 1, or new body 2. Quintus is being sold as a basic doll with a random color pair of glass eyes included. Options include face-up and painted sword shown with the doll in the photos. The Luts event runs May 31 2011, 12:00 PM (Korean time)- July 13 2:00 PM (Korean time).


Doll Family – H has new 1/3 dolls released.  They are 62 cm tall boy doll Jesse and 58 cm tall girl doll Qixi. In addition, 1/3 size jointed hands can now be purchased for 1/3 boy and girl dolls. The dolls are sold in basic form and include a random pair of acrylic eyes.  Jesse and Qixi can be ordered in white, normal yellow or normal pink skin resin. Optional face-up is available. The heads and bodies  of the dolls can also be purchased separately.





June 1

Dear Mine has released two new anthro cat full-set dolls Hanabi Korat and Siamy.  The dolls are being sold at a discount for a limited time, and each doll will come with a fox mask as a gift (painting on the mask is optional). The dolls are 20 cm tall (excluding ears). Siamy and Korat will each come with a wig, glass eyes, outfit and face-up.



June 2

Raurencio Studio recently released the new 1/6 size Raurencio Studio Baby line. The 26 cm tall RSB line body was posted on the website and can now be purchased separately.  Posing shots, blushing and design details can now be seen. Currently the company is offering a free  Megumi gift head  with the purchase of one of the RSB line dolls Kazuya, Lazune , Robe or  Margaret.


Angell Studio now has both of the new 1/4 size dolls Amy and Arron posted on their website.  The company is selling the dolls separately, or they can be purchased as a pair.  For a limited time, when purchased together, Amy and Arron will be sold at a discounted price.


Two new limited edition dolls are now available at Dollmore. 27 cm tall Mona Doll Mong-a is available in two versions, and each version is a limited edition of 150.  Mong-a was created by Korean doll artist Koo Ki yoon. The doll is only jointed at shoulders, hips and neck. Mong-a is cast in normal skin resin. Both versions of Mong-a, I am Mong-a and Dreamland Mong-a come with glass eyes, wig and complete outfit. Face-up (default or special request), sanding service and blushing of hands and feet or whole body are available as options.

1mong-a2 1mong-a1

Little Monica has released a new Harmony girl named Ryuhwa.  The 58 cm tall doll comes in a choice of normal or white skin resin. Ryuhwa is being sold as a basic doll with a random color pair of acrylic eyes and a random wig. Harmony girls come with both flat and heel foot parts. A face-up for Ryuhwa is optionally available.


June 3

Or-Doll is now selling a new doll head.  The Anderl head  is being cast in normal skin resin (white resin is listed as an option, but the description only lists normal.  If white is desired, contact the company to find out if it is available).  Or-Doll heads are designed to fit on Volks SD and similar sized bodies. Optional face-up is listed as available.


The Gem has now released new June Monthly dolls Ario & Argil – Valar of Nature. The dolls come in a choice between cream white (Argil) and bronze (Ario) skin resin. Ario and Argil will each come with a Teenie Gem neutral gender body, a second “meditation” head, head feathers, wings and tail feathers. Options include a second human body, face-up on one or both heads, eyes, one or 2 wigs, one or two outfits, body blushing for one or two bodies, and one or two pairs of shoes. The pre-order for the limited edition dolls will run until June 21st.


Dollmore has released two new Judith girl dolls, Moulin Zinna Black and Rouge Zinna Black. Each doll is a limited edition of 10. The 44 cm tall dolls are cast in normal skin resin.  Both Moulin and Rouge Zinna will come with face-up, wig, glass eyes, dress set (corset, panties, stockings, mesh skirt, apron, hair ornament, arm warmer and choker) and shoes.

1moulinzinna 1rougezinna

June 4 ~~~~~~

June 5

Musedoll has re-released Ciel in special edition La Siesta. The 58.5 cm tall doll is listed under Special Edition – Fairy Tale. Ciel can be ordered in creamy white or rose pink skin resin. She will come with face-up, outfit, wig, flat and heeled feet, and a pouch. The doll comes with an F3 head and with the option to purchase an additional F1 or F2 head (the different heads can be seen HERE). The extra head would come with grey-green glass eyes.


Dolls of Paradise, has new 1/3 boy doll named Samier from KizDolls.  (Kizdolls are now sold through DoP.)  63 cm tall Samier is being cast in normal skin resin.  He will come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes and random wig. A face-up can be optionally ordered.


ImplDoll has opened pre-orders for their new ImpModel doll Iris.  The 56 cm tall doll can now be ordered with a Model body with or without upper thigh joints (The upper thigh joints are a new design addition to the Model line). The doll can also be ordered with a 63 cm tall ImpStar body. Iris is sold as a basic doll with a random pair of glass eyes, high heel feet and carrying bag included. Resin colors available from Impldoll include white, real, pink, tan, or grey skin. Options include face-up, wig, outfit and shoes shown.