May 16 – 22, 2011

May 16

The Gem has released the new Monthly doll for May, Bazael – Rauco of Pain. The doll is available in cream white or grey resin (grey costs an additional amount). Bazael comes with resin horns, “dark hands”, “wings of pain”, and claw legs. Options include face-up, body blushing, Soom eyes, outfit and shoes. Seam sanding is also available separately. The ordering period for Bazael is from May 16 to May 31st (Korean time).


The new limited edition Kiss the Daisy Pocket fairy dolls are now available for pre-order for a very limited time at Blue Fairy.

From Blue Fairy:

Bluefairy’s new limited edition ‘Kiss the Daisy’ has been released.
’Kiss the Daisy’ is designed with PocketFairy Noma and Minimay.
* Order Schedule
Starting 5:00 PM on May 16th, 2011 and ends 18th 5:00 PM. (based on Korean time)
* Payment Deadline
Payment should be made in 3 days from the order date. 
Order will be cancelled automatically if we do not receive the payment in 3 days.
* Shipping Schedule
Shipping will be started after 30 business days by the order of payment confirmation.
*Kiss the Daisy outfit set can be purchased separately as well through the ¡°Kiss the Daisy Outfit¡±item.
Please find out more pictures and detail under the “Limited” category.
We hope our new beauty white skin limited edition will be loved by our customers.
Thank you very much for your patience and interest in our products.

The 19 cm tall dolls are being cast in beauty white resin. Noma and Minimay are being sold with Glib eyes, wig, outfit, shoes and face-up.


May 17

A new Asleep Eidolon 1/3 boy named Alex has been released. He is available through North American retailer Mint on Card.  Alex is being sold as a blank basic doll with a random color pair of acrylic eyes.The 62 cm tall doll is available in normal or white skin resin with optional face-up.


May 18

A new tiny animal doll is now available for pre-order at Jpop Dolls. Daisy Daye’s Flying Monkey is only 6 cm tall. He comes with black bead eyes and face-up. The wings and tail are attached with elastic, and they can be posed. The pre-order period runs until June 15. Estimated delivery date  for the monkey is late August/early September.


May 19

Peak’s Woods is offering a 10% discount on three dolls, Lavin, Wake Up Lottie, Wake-up Lady Bee Romantic Elf until May 30.
From the company:





May 20

DollFactory has released two new full package versions of Sweety line doll Wani. The 16 cm tall doll has been released in a black outfit set and a white set. She is cast in white skin resin. Full-set Wani includes face-up (eyelashes not included) acrylic eyes, wig, dress, hair band, stockings and shoes shown with each doll. Wani is the first doll for the new Sweety Ari line.


Hujoo Doll has released their pet cat doll Dorothy.  White resin Dorothy is currently available in a Siamese version.  The cat is 9 cm tall and 9 cm long (excluding the tail). Dorothy can be ordered blank or for an extra fee with the blushing shown in the photos. The eyes are sold separately. Hujoo dolls can be purchased from the company and through authorized retailers.


Dollmore has released a new Youth Adam line doll named Sion Yoon.The 62 cm tall doll is cast in normal skin resin and comes with random color glass eyes, random wig, and boxers. Options for Sion Yoon include face-up (default or custom), seam sanding and body blushing.


Infiniti Doll is celebrating their 2nd Anniversary. The company has released the first new dolls UID Amber and Aiden. The 26 cm tall dolls are cast in real normal skin resin. Amber and Aiden will come with a random pair of acrylic eyes.

During the company’s anniversary event  SID dolls and parts will be discounted, and a free Event head will be given to customers who purchase 1/3 SID or SID13 dolls, bodies and/or new UID dolls Amber and Aiden.

Amber and Aiden

Amber and Aiden

Crobi Doll will be releasing the new Day Dream Lance version 2 on May 20 (Korean time).   He will be available for pre-order for 12 days. The doll is being released to celebrate Crobi’s 3rd Anniversary.

From Crobi:

Lance ~Day Dream~ Ver.2 Limited
* will be released on May/20/2011, 06:00 p.m
* This is time limited item.
* Time to order : 2011.05.20 PM 6:00~ 2011.05.31 PM 6:00 (for 12 days)


May 21

DreamingDoll has released a new doll for the Flore line-up named Mae. 58 cm tall Mae is sold as a basic doll with random color glass eyes and a random wig. The doll is cast in normal skin resin.  Face-up is optionally available.


May 22

JpopDolls is now taking pre-orders for elf Layla in lilac resin and elf Miki in fair skin resin.  The 45 cm tall dolls are available for pre-order until June 19.  The dolls will come with a random color pair of glass eyes and a face-up.  Layla will no longer be offered in this resin color after this pre-order period, and this is the last Miki elf that will be offered.



Elfdoll has released smiling versions of Rainy girls Soah and Ryung.  The dolls are being sold as standard versions in a choice of normal or snow skin resin. The dolls can be ordered with a choice of a Pin-up or a Rainy girl body. Soah and Ryung will come with a random pair of acrylic eyes, and both flat and fist hands. The bodies will  come with seamlines removed.  The girls can be ordered with smiling head, regular head or both heads. Optional face-up for Soah and Ryung is available in two different styles.