May 9 – 15, 2011

May 9 ~~~~~~

May 10

ImplDoll has released a new doll ImpStar boy named Isaac.  The 64 cm tall doll can be ordered in white, real, pink, or for an extra fee tan or gray resin. Isaac comes with a Star boy body with or without thigh joints. The doll is sold blank with a random color pair of glass eyes and a carrying bag. Options include face-up, outfit, wig, and shoes.


DollZone has released the new Ludingji dolls. The dolls are based on characters in an online game. The six dolls are; 1/3 size Kang Xi (60 cm), Wei Xiaobao (60 cm), Jian Ning (62 cm)  Shuang er (58 cm), and 1/6 size (25 cm) Shuang Shuang and Hu Tou. The dolls can be purchased as individual full-sets and as a set of all six full-set dolls. They can also be purchased as blank basic dolls. The full-set dolls include face-up, eyes, wig, outfit and shoes. Dollzone dolls can e ordered in normal yellow, normal pink, white or tan resin (tan cost extra).

Wei Xiaobao

Wei Xiaobao

Shuang Er

Shuang Er

Jian Ning

Jian Ning


Hu Tou



Wei Xiaobao

Kang xi


May 11

Island Doll has posted a new doll on their website named Crystal.  The new 45 cm doll can be purchased from the company or authorized retailers. Island Dolls come blank with an optional face-up. Resin shades available include tan, neutral beige, pink, island, normal, milk white and snow white.


May 12

Doll Leaves has posted a new 1/4 size doll named “L”.  The doll is the first girl doll offered by the company in this size. Teenage Dream line L  will come with a random pair of acrylic eyes. She can be ordered in normal or white skin resin.  Options for L include face-up, outfit and wig.

1greyskullTHUMBJunga Toy released a new resin skull in April. The new Advanced F. Skull 2  has cranium seam lines and realistic details. Like the company’s D skull, the F. Skull’s jaw is removable.  The skull is listed as 1/6 size and cast in grey resin.


Little Monica has a Honey Harmony doll on their website named Audrey Samieru-2.  The 1/6 size white resin  doll is shown with two different  heads, regular and “action head”.   Both Audrey heads have fantasy ears.  She is being sold with both heads with artist’s face-ups, random color acrylic eyes and two random wigs. Only one doll is available for sale.

Audrey Samieru-2

May 13 ~~~~~

May 14

Junga Toy is preparing a new product for doll head sculptors.  The MSD Modeling base can be used to create heads in 1/4 scale.  A preview image of the product is currently available.


May 15

211039_199542313401065_7114776_nA new doll artist, “Whitewings” from Australia has released her first BJD named Alexis Rose.  The new company is called Wish-Art. 15 dolls will be available for pre-order at this time . 38.5 cm tall (40 cm with heeled feet) Alexis Rose comes with a face-plate system,  and additional face-plates will be released in the future. Alexis Rose will come seam sanded with default face-plate and face-up. Resin colored available are natural flesh and paper white. options for the doll include Manicure and pedicure (french tips, nude or request) and body blushing (natural, heavy, or customer’s request).


Dream High Studio is selling a new boy version of fairy tiny doll Mimi.  His name is Haru, and he is limited to only 30 dolls. Resin colors available include normal, tan, and lilac.  Haru is 10.5 cm tall with 23 points of articulation. He comes with a free pair of acrylic eyes, face-up and body blushing.