May 2 – 8, 2011

May 2

Illusion Spirit has released their first 71 cm tall boy doll. ZhengHuang comes with a double-jointed body and can be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow, white, tan, or gray resin. A face-up can optionally  be ordered for him. Illusion Spirit dolls are available from the company’s authorized retailers.


Dollmore has released two new Dollpire dolls, Kid Dollmore Blue Thorn boy Pado and girl Shiloh. The 43.5 cm tall dolls are limited editions of thirty each. Blue Thorn Pado and Shiloh will come in normal skin resin with face-up, glass eyes, and outfits shown in the photos.


The Gem has released the Teenie Gem special order dolls, Aloa & Sov – Wood Centaurs. Aloa is cast in cream white, and Sov is cast in light green resin.  Face-up and body blushing are optional. Eyes, wigs, and costumes are sold separately. They are available for pre-order until May 25 Korean time.


ANother Secret has a new doll head available named Kouyou. Only 10 heads cast heads are being sold at this time. Kouyou is cast in normal skin resin and is designed to fit 1/3 Volks and similar sized bodies.  The head can be ordered with optional face-up. Kouyou was sculpted by artist “Mr. Saturday”.


DikaDoll has a new version of 73 cm tall Batian. He can be ordered in normal yellow, normal pink, white, or for an additional fee tan or gray resin. Batian comes as a basic doll with random color eyes. Options include face-up, limited outfit and wig.


Astral In Rainbow (A.I.R) is releasing a new doll head for SD girl, SD 13  boy and SD17 boy size bodies. Daybreak will be available for pre-order from now until May 15 (Korean time). The heads are being cast in normal skin resin (similar to Volks pureskin normal resin). Face-up is optionally available.


May 3

A new limited edition version of Junior-size Haroo is currently available at Slinky Neko. Only 10 dolls  of  full-set Stroll into a Secret Park are available. Jr. Haroo will come with face-up, eyes, mohair wig, and multi-piece outfit shown.


A new 1/4 boy has been released at Doll Leaves.  He is named R. 42 cm tall R comes in normal or white resin.  R will come with a random color pair of acrylic eyes.  Face-up is optional. The R head can also be ordered  separately.  Doll Leaves dolls can be purchased from the company of through authorized retailers.


May 4

IpleHouse has released new Elemental Guardian doll Aurora.The 65 cm tall EID doll  can be ordered in white, normal, or special real skin resin. Aurora comes with a choice or general or mobility thigh joints and a choice of medium or large breast piece. The basic Aurora doll will come with a random pair of acrylic eyes and both flat and heel feet.  Options for the doll include face-up, dress set, shoes and  harp (optionally painted). Aurora will be available for pre-order until July 4 (Korean time)

1EID_aurora_dt15 1EID_aurora_dt04

R.A.On Dream has released The Kirin – Kii ~ the tales of day dream.  He is available in “pearly skin” resin only.  1/ 3 size Kii is sold  as a basic doll.  Options include Kirin gold eyes, romantic or chic style face-up, and outfit in oriental black or oriental crimson.


May 5

AngelsDoll has released a new 72 cm doll named Robert.  The doll is available in normal, white, tan, grey,  or vivid skin resin or in Volks compatible normal or white resin. Basic Robert can be ordered with an optional face-up. The company offers layaway.


May 6

New Chicline full sets of Ineffa (Regina) and Fabilis (Extium) are now available at Fairyland.

From the company:

Today, we are to announce the launch of our second brand, ‘Fairy’s Atelier’. It is dedicated to showcase individual artists working with us at FairyLand. These artists are from and outside of FairyLand and their work will appear in every product page in which they have participated. Also, a new category will be created at our shopping mall website where you will be able to see all the products made from Fairy’s Atelier. We plan to launch Full Packages of other lines made from Fairy’s Atelier in near future.

The newest launch of Chic Line Fabilis Full package from Fairy’s Atelier is available with Tan skin option. Despite the huge demand of Tan Skin option, this was not possible until now due to managerial difficulties and concepts of the Full Packages. Please note that you are able to choose Tan skin option only for Fabilis Full Package (new male Chic Line), and we strongly urge you to read all the fine prints on the product page and place the order only if you are willing to comply with them.

To celebrate the launch of new Chic Line Full Packages under FairyLand’s Atelier, following free gifts will be included with the Full Package products until May 30 or while stocks last;
ChicLine Fabilis Full Package (Exitium) – Anubis mask (skin identical to the chosen skin tone of the doll)
ChicLine Ineffa Full Package (Regina) – Trident (violet semi-transparent resin)

Please note that Anubis mask is compatible with male Chic Line only and will be available for sale separately in near future.

The new Full packages are available at before price increase rate except the make-up cost. Any remaining stock will be available at increased rate as of June 10th.

The Ineffa doll comes in natural or beautiful white resin.  The doll will come with the girl body with cutie style legs and large bust, #2 hands. additional high heel feet, random color acrylic eyes, sleeping face, face-up, random wig, Regina outfit (trident not included) and shoes.

The Exitium package doll comes in natural, beautiful white or new tan skin resin. Fabilis comes with a muscular boy body , #1 hands, random color acrylic eyes, sleeping face, face-up, and outfit (Pharaoh’s hat, Anubis mask, & trident not included). Optional face-up for the sleeping face is available.

Fabilis Exitium

Fabilis Exitium

Ineffa Regina

Ineffa Regina

May 7

Aria Dolll has released the new 5 Year dolls Sweet Cherry, Sweet Banana, and Sweet Dreaming Banana and 1/4 size 7 Years Sweet Su-A, Su-B, Isabel-A and Isabel-B. The dolls are available in normal or white skin resin with a choice of Sweet type or (for an additional fee) Angel type body. The Angel body has a jointed torso and comes with magnetic wings (2 sets with 5 Year girls, 1 set with 7 Year girls). No eyes or face-ups come with the dolls. To avoid long waiting periods for doll orders to ship, Aria Doll is now casting the dolls in advance.  The dolls are available in stock in limited quantities.

aria sweet dolls

(From left to right) Row 1: Dreaming Banana, Banana, Row 2: Isabel B, Isabel A, Row 3: Su B, Su A, Row 4: Cherry

May 8 ~~~~~~~