April 25 – May 1, 2011

April 25
New Dear Doll Shabee has been added to the Dollmore site.  The doll is available in a boy and a girl version. 26.5 cm tall Shabee is cast in normal skin resin and will be shipped with a random color pair of eyes and random wig. Options for the doll include seam sanding service, body blushing, and default or special request face-up.

1shabeeboy 1shabeegirl

Two new full-set versions of Boy & Girl Doll (B & G Doll) Kevin Mouse have been posted; Kevin Guard and Kevin Maid.  The 18.5 Kevin dolls can be ordered in white, normal pink, normal yellow or (for an extra fee) tan skin. The dolls come as a full-set with eyes and clothes. Default or special request face-up is optionally available.

1maid1 1guard

April 26

Or-Doll has two new doll heads, 1/4 size Lethe and 1/3 size Siez.  The heads are being cast in white and normal skin colors similar in shade to Volks resin. Lethe is designed to fit on Volks MSD or similar sized bodies. Siez is designed to fit Volks SD and similar size bodies. The heads can be used for a boy or girl doll. Optional face-up for the heads is listed as available.





April 27

Dollmore has released Murmuring Dahlia in a limited edition of only 10 dolls. The 80 cm tall Lusion line doll will come with 26mm glass eyes, wig, shoes and complete outfit (one-piece dress, underskirt, hair ornament) and face-up. (The body blushing  shown is not included.) Free shipping is available for Dahlia.

082046000127 082046000129

Little Monica has now released the basic version of Honey Harmony Blossom Lucile doll. The 26 cm tall doll will come with random color crystal eyes and random wig. The doll can be ordered in normal or  white skin resin with a choice of girl or boy body. A face-up is optionally available.


April 28

Rosen Lied will be releasing the limited edition Anniversary dolls on April 29 at 7:00 PM Korean time. April 29 is the company’s anniversary day. Two Monday’s Child dolls, Cinnamon and Mint, and two 26.5 cm tall Tuesday’s Child dolls, Noah (boy version) and Clover will be released. The dolls are sold as shown in the photos. Only 20 of each 17 cm tall Monday’s Child doll and 25 of each Tuesday’s Child doll will be available. The first Wednesday’s Child doll, Louie,  will also be released in a limited edition of 10. Louie is shown in limited edition full-set.  There are also body photos.  The doll will come with double joints in elbows and knees.


April 29

La Legende de Temps has released the new Edria doll head. The  1/3 size head is available in Volks compatible white or normal skin resin.
From the company:
Edria (head) will release from 29th April – 19th May
Hey everyone ^ ___ ^
I bring some good news to you !
Edria Head will release from 29th April to 19th May

Raurencio Studio has posted a new 1/3 boy doll named Ian.  The 67 cm tall doll is being sold with a random pair of glass eyes and a random wig. Ian is being cast in normal skin resin and will come with the recently released “guy” body. Face-up is optionally available. The outfit shown called Marine Blue is available separately. A portion of the money from sale of the doll and costume will be donated  to Japan Tsunami relief .


A new UK doll artist “foolbot” has opened a website; PlasticMoon.  The first product is a limited edition doll head named Teru. The Teru head will be available for pre-order May 1-20.  Only 20 heads will be available, so the pre-order period may end early if the stock is sold. The head is designed to fit Volks SD size and similar sized bodies. (Note, scar near eye is part of the face-up shown and is not sculpted.)


Rosette School of Dolls has released new School Play  – Versailles Palace dolls. The new dolls added to the site at this time include Camellia, Fir, and Armeria. The dolls will come in normal skin resin with the new 43 cm body. The girls are being sold as full-sets with special face-ups, wigs, eyes and  play costumes. The dolls will also come with kneepan parts and heel feet.

armeria fir camelia

The Gem has released their first male Faery Legend doll called Auber – Storm Sprite. 31.5 cm tall Auber comes in a choice of grey or cream white skin resin. The doll comes with human parts and with resin ankle boots, storm wings and storm sprite legs. Optional items include face-up, body blushing (doll and parts),  grey acrylic eyes, wig, and outfit set. The limited edition doll will be available for pre-order until May 16.


April 30

Volks USA will be opening the lottery today for two limited edition dolls based on the main characters from Gosick. The dolls available are SDG Victorique de Blois and SD13B Kazuya Kujo. Lottery entries will be accepted from Saturday, April 30th @11:00AM PST to Tuesday, May 3rd at 11:00AM PST for the new DollsParty 25 limited items. There are also two Dolfie Dream dolls available by lottery. The winners of the lottery are able to purchase the dolls.

May 1