~Face-up for a Tan BJD~


This is my first try at coloring a 1/3 tan doll head.  The doll model used for the video is Impldoll Model line Tdelia.  The 56 cm tall doll is a light tan shade.  When working with darker colored resins, deeper shades of pastel may be needed.  light colors can be lost.  For this doll head, I used black pastel instead of brown for my darkest color, and used more of the darker red pastels on the face. I used a small amount of paint around the eye rim and gloss medium on the lips and around the eyes.

Tan Tdelia doll from ImplDoll, OOAK outfit (leather jacket & matching shorts) from Cindi’s Doll Apparel, wig from The Doll Peddlar.

Face-up for a Tan BJD