April 18 – 24, 2011

April 18

Boy & Girl Doll (B & G Doll) has a new version of Kevin Mouse available.  18.5 Kevin Cook is shown in tan resin but can be ordered in white, normal pink, normal yellow or tan skin. The doll comes as a full-set with eyes and clothes. Default or special request face-up is optionally available.


The Gem is preparing to release special order doll Vesuvia Harem Dancer.  Special Order dolls are not limited, but are released in limited quantities of 50 at time.  The dolls tend to sell out soon after release. Vesuvia will be released Apr. 20th at 10:00 AM Korean time.


ShinyDoll doll artist Doi Shin recently released the 56 cm tall Thaasa III body.

From the artist:

ShinyDOLL Thaasa III-s body released .
You are sure to enjoy aesthetic and high poseability at the same time.
She is offered by new price system, and nice price.
The dolls can be purchase from the company or through authorized retailers.


April 19

DollZone has released new 1/4 size jointed hands.

From the DollZone Representative:

Dollzone release 2 pair of jointed hands, H-B-45-03 for 45cm boy doll and H-G-45-05 for 45cm girl doll…
H-B-45-03 http://www.doll-zone.com/pro_detail.asp?id=842
H-G-45-05 http://www.doll-zone.com/pro_detail.asp?id=843
BTW, we restart to sell the old jointed hands for 60cm and 70cm doll now, here is the link…
H-B-70-04 http://www.doll-zone.com/pro_detail.asp?id=624
H-B-65-01 http://www.doll-zone.com/pro_detail.asp?id=635
H-G-60-04 http://www.doll-zone.com/pro_detail.asp?id=69

April 20

DIM (Doll in Mind) has released two new 1/4 size Happy Line girls, Larina and Lala come with a choice of old or new Happy Girl body, random color acrylic eyes and random wig. Face-up is available optionally.





5StarDoll has new 1/6 dolls posted named Bat Boy and Ray. Both of the 1/6 size dolls can be ordered with a choice of boy or girl body.  Face-up is optionally available. 5Star dolls can be ordered in resin colors white, normal, tan, yellow and red. The company has also posted  body photos for the new 1/3 girl line. The body is available for purchase, but no full girl dolls have been released.

Bat Boy

Bat Boy




The PixyDoll address now sends customers to new site CozyDoll.

From the company:

Previously Pixydoll with Yuna, now renewed as Cozydoll.
New site open with a new name. Everything with Pixydoll and all previous photos on there has been deleted.

The company has a pre-order period open now. The order period ends  May 16. 5:00 PM Korean time. Four doll heads  are available; Allen  1/3 boy head for SD13 size body, Reina girl head for SD9 body, and Miho and Min for MSD size bodies. All are cast in normal skin resin.


April 21

Leeke World has released the new April Project Doll named Kiel Ent. She will be available for sale until May 21st (Korean time).  27 cm tall Kiel has a new version of the Type D line body, the “Gentle” body. She can be ordered in snow skin, basic skin, or pure rose skin resin. Kiel will come with glass eyes, basic hand parts, leaf wing parts, horn parts, and both”wood style” feet and basic flat feet. Options for the doll include face-up, horn style (“twig” or “wood” style), body blushing, parts blushing and wig (if wig is ordered, customer can choose 2). The limited edition Kiel head can be substituted with other D-line heads including Honey, Soda, Cutie, Pumpkin and Sweet. Each head is shown on the site with the wigs available.  Kiel’s wig is a limited edition mixed pink color that will only come with the Kiel head.
If blushing for the doll is desired, the company has an assortment of colors to choose from including green body with aurora parts, pink with pink parts, peach with pastel blue parts, wine with wine parts, light red with red parts, and yellow with yellow parts.

1kielent1 1entparts

Raurencio Studio has released a new 67 cm tall male doll named Kurosaki.

From the company:

R.studio 65 basic male Kurosaki is released on April 22.
We reconstruct Japanese samurai in Edo era.
Parts of proceeds from the sale of Kurosaki will be donated to the earthquake and tsunami damage in Japan’s charities.
We hope to get a lot of interest and support from you.

Kurosaki is being sold as a basic blank doll. face-up is available optionally.


Bambicrony is re-introducing tan resin dolls.  The dolls are cast in a new tan resin with less marbling, discoloration and less noticeable parting-lines.  The first doll will be Limited Edition Bellezza line Esther.

From Bambicrony:


The Gem recently added Super Gem girl jointed hand kits to the website. The hands can be found HERE. The kits are available in a choice of normal or cream white resin. They are available for pre-order until 10:00 AM May. 11th. 2011 (Korean time).


Sadol has a re-vamped site, and in addition to offering doll fashions, the site now also sells doll heads. There are three heads currently available on the website; Whee, Kyouru and Mu-A. The heads are designed to fit Volks SD13 boy, SD17 boy and SD16 girl size bodies. Face-up is not available.







April 22

My Dolling is now offering 41 cm tall HeeAh in new tan urethane resin. Tan HeeAh is sold as a basic doll.  The tan resin costs an additional fee. HeeAh is still available in normal urethane resin as well and in french resin. a face-up can be optionally ordered for the doll.


MuDoll has introduced two new full- set brownie dolls; Special Picnic Brownie and Special Marine Brownie. The 11.4 cm tall dolls will come with special face-ups, and wig, outfit and shoes shown in the photos.  The dolls also come with a doll trunk.


Bambicrony has released the new limited edition Bellezza line Esther.  The doll marks the return to tan resin dolls for the company.  The new tan dolls will have improved resin color and reduced mold lines on the bodies. 60 cm tall Esther will come with a pair of oval glass eyes. Options for the doll include face-up, outfit, wig, boots, and ED eyes shown in the photos.


nDoll has released their 58 cm tall Ami line doll Yuko as both a basic and as a full-set doll. Basic Yuko can be ordered in white, normal, or neutral grey resin. The doll comes with a random pair of acrylic eyes, a random wig, a slip and both flat and heel feet parts.. Optional default or special request face-up is available.

The full-set version of Yuko is called White Flower.  The full-set comes with face-up, wig, outfit (dress, hat, brooch, petticoat, lace wristlets, earrings), random color glass eyes, a slip, and both flat and heel feet parts.  Shoes are not included with the outfit. White Flower Yuko can be ordered in white, normal, or neutral grey resin.The Yuko doll head can also be ordered from the Ami parts section. The head comes with the same resin choices and can be ordered with default or special request face-up.


April 23

DreamingDoll has released a new 1/3 size Elva line doll named Lisanne ( or Isanne). The 58 cm doll is being sold as a basic doll in normal or white skin resin. Lisanne will come with a random color pair of glass eyes and a random wig.  Face-up is optionally available. The company is offering free shipping for the doll.


DikaDoll has released a new 64 cm tall boy named Conner. He is being sold as a basic doll with a random color pair of eyes.  Face-up is optionally available. Resin colors available include normal yellow, normal pink, white (ivory), pure white, or for an additional fee tan  and gray. The dolls are available through the company and through their retailers.


ImplDoll has released the basic version of the Yunyan doll.The  basic ImpStar line girl  can be ordered in white, real, pink, or for an extra fee tan or gray resin. The doll is sold blank with a random color pair of glass eyes. The Impstar girl body comes with or without the upper thigh joint. Options for the doll include face-up, wig, outfit and shoes shown.


April 24 ~~~~~~~