April 11 – 17, 2011

April 11

AngelsDoll has released their new doll Violet.  She is being sold at a discount price until April 30 (Korean time). The 62 cm tall  standard size doll is available in normal, white, tan, grey,  or vivid skin resin or in Volks compatible normal or white resin. Violet can be ordered with new options small or standard feet, and standard or long legs. Other options for Violet include face-up and outfit. Layaway is available.


The human version of mermaid doll Colorful Life Dorisy has been released at ImplDoll. She is being sold as an ImpStar  basic doll with glass eyes and both regular and heeled feet. She can be ordered in white, real, pink, or for an extra fee tan or gray resin. Dorisy comes with a choice of  body with or without the upper theigh joint. Options for the doll include face-up, and  wig shown.


Raurencio Studio has released a new 1/3 size boy doll.  Marco  is now available for pre-order. The 67 cm tall doll is cast in normal skin resin.  Marco comes with a the new “guy” body, a random color pair of glass eyes and a random wig. A face-up is optionally available.


April 12~~~~~

April 13

A new doll artist from Spain has opened shop. The first product  for IrrealDoll is a 17 cm tiny doll named Enyo, is now available. Only 13 dolls are available for pre-order. The doll will be cast in resin matching DollShe oriental skin.

From the artist:

Hi everybody!! I am Sakuli, illustrator and doll sculptor from Spain. I have been working for a long time in this doll, my little creature called “Enyo”
Enyo is an “Engendrito”.
Engendritos are little creatures that live in our homes but we can’t see them!
They use to wear skins (from animals or synthetic), with ears and tail included, like if they were plushies or savage creatures.Engendritos don’t like humans behavior, because of that, only very strange people can see them.
For unknow reasons, their names are from butterflies or moths. For example, the Enyo name comes from “Enyo Lugubris” a non very beautiful moth…


A new Special Order doll has been posted at The Gem.  The teaser photo for Chalco Emerald King is now available. The release date for the new version of Chalco is April 15 at 10:00 AM Korean time. Special Order dolls are not limited editions, but only 50 dolls are available for purchase when they are released.


Dollmore has released Kid Dollmore Roo boy and girl. The 43 cm tall dolls come in normal resin with a pair of random color eyes, a random wig and an undergarment. Options include a default or custom face-up, sanding service and body blushing.


MuDoll has two new Brownie full-set dolls, Raspberry and Greenberry.  The 11.4 cm tall dolls come with eyes, wig, face-up, outfit and doll trunk. The dolls are cast in normal skin resin.  Brownie dolls feature magnetic wig caps, and special clips to hold in the eyes.






April 14

Doll Leaves has announced that some of their 16cm and 20 cm dolls will be discontinued at the end of June.

From the company:

Hello, everyone,
In order to provide better quality dolls, the following dolls will be discontinued after 30 June, 2011:
16cm: DingDing, DangDang, JiaJia, Ku
20cm: Rialia, Zae.
If you are interested in the above dolls, please place order on or before 30 June,2011.
There will be a brand new 16cm line coming out! ^^
Thank you !

April 15

Dream High Studio is releasing a new 10 cm tall doll called Q-Baby. The doll will be released at 10:00 PM EST today. Q-Baby can be ordered as a basic doll with acrylic eyes, one faceplate and one pair of magnetic hands, or as a set with eyes, two faceplates, two pairs of hands and a pair of magnetic horns. A face-up (boy or girl version) and body blushing can also be ordered. More magnetic accessories will be available for the dolls soon. Q-Baby and Dream High Studio BJDs are available exclusively from Luxour Academy.


A new Limited edition version of KazeKidz Layla created by Kaye Wiggs is now available at Jpop Dolls.  45 cm tall Fairskin elf Layla will come with a face-up and glass eyes. The pre-order runs until May 15, 2011. Currently KazeKidz LE Green Cinnamon the Faun is available for pre-order as well. The order period for the tiny doll ends May 6. Another limited edition doll, Elise the Centaur by Daisy Dayes, will be open for pre-order until April 30.


Luts has released new Super Senior Delf limited dolls Ethan Midnight and Ethan Night Class. No more than 100 dolls of  each will be sold, and the dolls will no longer be available after 2 months.

70. 5 cm tall Ethan Midnight and Ethan Night Class can be ordered in either normal or white skin resin. They are being sold blank with a pair of glass eyes and additional clenched hand parts. Options for the dolls include outfit, wig, shoes, weapon and face-up. (Ethan Midnight’s sword comes blank with optional painting available).

Ethan Midnight

Ethan Midnight

Ethan Night Class

Ethan Night Class

Immortality of Soul is now accepting pre-orders for resin cat dolls Lolo and Lora. The pre-order period runs until April 30 (Korean time). The 13 cm tall anthro dolls will be cast in pale “classic purple” resin.

From IoS:

IOS released new skin color
This color has luxurious pale purple and light pink in comparison with the other one!
when we take a picture, we feel classics ^^
The dolls come blank. Options include clothing (red or purple cape with hood and chain belt). No face-up is available. Previously released cat Jack can also be pre-ordered. He is available in normal skin resin.


Doll Leaves is one year old this month, and to celebrate, the company will be giving a free gift doll with purchases over $200.

From Doll Leaves:


April 16

Peapod Doll has two new 1/6 size dolls available, Blue Sea Mermaid and Limited Edition Fairy Blue Mermaid. The dolls will come with a Mermaid head, Mermaid tail (with hip fins)+ human body (with snow skin resin sea shell bra). The Mermaid dolls can be ordered with open or partly-closed eyes head , or for an extra fee, both of the heads together. Both mermaids can be ordered in a choice of white or normal skin resin (colors similar to Volks resin).  The tail of the Fairy Blue Mermaid is cast with a special blue resin.  This doll is a limited edition.


Two.S.Doll has three new dolls. The new dolls are named Vivi, Dorean Sweet Dream, and Mayi Sweet Dream. Photos of Vivi and the new version of Dorean are available so far.



Sweet Dream Dorean

Sweet Dream Dorean


1paolo-150x150Soul Doll has released two new Soul Double size dolls, Paolo and Mariani.  The dolls can be ordered in normal or white skin resin.  Mariani comes with a choice of old (55 cm) or new (53 cm) style double jointed body. Paolo comes with a choice of old boy (63 cm) or new boy (61.5 cm) body. The dolls are sold with a random pair of SoulDoll eyes and a random wig. Optional default or special request face-up are available.


April 17

A new Chinese doll company has opened called Granado. The company has produced a 64 cm male doll body with jointed hands.  There are numerous photos of the body on the company website along with a head called Boyd.  He is available for pre- order in white, pink, normal or bronze colored resin.  The pre-order runs until May 20. Additional photos of custom doll heads not available for sale can also be seen.

granado headnbody_2