April 4 – 10, 2011

April 4

Latidoll has released the new Limited Yellow Fairies.  The dolls will be sold with wings, wand, crown and fairy legs.  The stand is available separately. (This corrects previous information that the stand was included.)
The company had planned to also take orders for basic dolls, but this plan will be delayed.

From the company:

Basic dolls were planned to be stocked again today; however, the plan was delayed till April 11th. They were delayed for a week for more stable order system and the dolls will be stocked with our new product, Fun Fun Package.

The company is currently working on filling all orders left from 2010.  They plan to ship out  the dolls by April 15.


The Idealian website has posted photos of the new Idealian body. The new boys will be part of a new story called Paradise Rush.

From the company:

Here are some new pictures of our new IDealian51 body => http://dollsoom.com/eng/shop/content.php?co_id=idealian_body_Idealian51
If you need further information, please ask us on the Q&A board or write an email to : soom@dollsoom.com


Jpop Dolls is now offering a new tiny doll by artist Daisy Dayes. Elise the Centaur is 17 cm tall.  She is being cast in white resin and will come with glass eyes and removable tail. Her pre-order rubs until April 30. Estimated delivery date is in July.


April 5

Featherfall has announced that the new versions of  their exclusive Iruhi doll will be released April 8. The 1/4 size dolls are called Cheshire Moon Iruhi and Chocolate Sun Iruhi. They will be sold as full-sets.


April 6

Little Monica has released a renewal version of Harmony line doll Kliff. The 62 cm tall doll can be ordered in a choice of normal or white skin resin. Kliff is being sold with a random pair of acrylic eyes, random color wig and  hand parts A and B. Harmony boy body style A or B can be chosen. Kliff’s face-up is available optionally.


IpleHouse has released EID Elemental Guardian Lahela.  The doll will come with a pair of acrylic eyes and heel parts. Lahela can be cast special real skin, light brown or ebony skin resin. She can be ordered with a general or mobility body with medium or large breasts. Options for Lahela include face-up , tattoos, outfit, shoes, wig, and skull wand (blank or with blushing). The order period for the doll runs until June 6 (Korean time).


Hypermaniac has released two new limited edition dolls in a new doll size. They are 26.5 cm tall Myo-HangRa and Myo-SeRyo.The dolls will come with random colored eyes, random wig and extra hand (fist) parts. Photos of the body are available.





April 7

Ocean Moon has opened a pre-order for 1/3 size Sa-yu ShouRyu Half-closed Eyes doll head. Sa-yo ShouRyu is available in normal skin or white resin. The resin color is similar in color to Volks Pureskin but is not pureskin resin. The head is available blank or with optional face-up for an additional fee. Sa-yu ShouRyu is available for a limited time.  Pre-order will end May 16 (Korean time).


Hujoo Doll has released a new resin BJD named Cora.   The doll has a body with an elaborate joint system designed to hold complex poses. Cora is being sold as a basic doll with “special eyes”.  Face-up and body blushing are available separately. The doll can be purchased through the company or through Junkyspot.


Doll Leaves has released a new 1/4 size boy doll named B (Blue). 42 cm tall B comes in normal or white skin resin.  The doll was styled by KiraKira. Basic B will come with a random pair of acrylic eyes.   Face-up is optional.  He can also be purchased as a full-set with the outfit, or the outfit and wig can be purchased separately. B is available through Doll Leaves or through authorized Doll Leaves retailers.


April 8

The Gem has now released the new April Soom Monthy dolls Trachy & Lami – Raucar of Anger. Lami is cast in baby pink resin, and Trachy is cast in brick red resin (the red resin doll costs extra). The dolls will be available for pre-order until April 26. The teenie Gem dolls will come withan extra “surprised look” head, trident, tail, and two pairs of detachable horns. Options include an extra Teenie Gem body, face-up for one or both heads, body blushing, parts blushing, eyes, wig, outfit and shoes.


Blue Fairy has released new Tiny Fairy Robin.  The 1/4 size doll is available as a girl or as a boy.  The boy version is now optionally available in the new taller (46 cm) Gentle body.  The doll is being sold in normal skin resin with a new uniform outfit. Other Tiny Fairy doll heads can be substituted for the Robin head.

From Blue Fairy:

We would like to introduce our new Tiny Fairy product.

To celebrate the release of BlueFairy’s new Tiny Fairy products, we are having a Pre-order event with a special offer during 4 days from April 8th to 11th of 2011. New products we introduce are Tiny Fairy Robin head, Gentle body and the new default outfit.

The default set that you can pre-order during this period is Robin Boy or Girl make-up head with fully assembled Tiny Fairy Gentle body or Blossom Body. But you can also select and change with the desired head type or body with additional fees.
The new default outfit set, wig, eyes, shoes can not be selected or changed. Whole set only will be arranged by the body types.
(ex: Girl outfit set for female body and boy outfit set for male body

* Default Pre-order Set
– Normal Skin Robin Boy or Girl Make-up head
(You will be able to select and change with other type of heads with additional fees, $10) **Except the limited edition exclusive heads
– Fully Assembled Normal Skin Gentle Body or Blossom Body (You will be able to select and change with other type of body with additional fees, $10)£©
– Default Wig
– BlueFairy Default box and Cushions
– New Default Outfit set & Default Shoes. (arranged by the different body types)
Girl Blossom,¡Full Blossom Body, New Default Girl Outfit + Default Boots
Boy Dandy Body, New Default Boy Outfit (Middle Pants) + Default Boots
Gentle Body, New Default Boy Outfit (Long Pants) + Oxford Shoes

**The price above is only applied for customers, who place a pre-order during the event period.
As soon as the event is over, the price will be back to regular price.
Pre-order schedule
From 5:00PM on April 8th, 2011 to 10:00AM on April 11th, 2011 (4 days) – Korea time


A new company has bee announced called Insomnia Doll.  The artist is from Spain.  The first doll head  from Insomnia is called Shinji.

From Insomnia Doll:

Insomnia Doll: 1st doll head ~ Shinji
I’m very happy to present my first doll head!
you can find more info and pictures in my website: www.insomnia-doll.com
The heads have been reproduced by Dollshe Craft, I only have very few in stock but If there are more people interested in them I can do a pre-order. He is 1/3 size and uses 14~16mm eyes. By now the head is available in oriental and fresh skin, pale skin can be ordered through pre-order.


April 9 ~~~~~

April 10

Crobi Doll is releasing their Limited Edition Cinderella Tei doll at 6:00 PM (Korean time). Only 5 dolls will be sold. 66 cm tall Tei is being sold as a full-set with face-up, eyes, wig, outfit (Cape Coat, Long Vest, Choker Collar, Arm Warmers, A Pair Of Gaiters), and shoes. The doll is being cast in cookie and cream colored resin.