February 22 – 28, 2011

February 22

A new doll is now listed under Nappy Choo at Neo-AngelRegion. Tiny  12 cm tall PoPo is being sold as a basic doll in normal skin resin with a random color pair of eyes. Options for PoPo include face-up, body blushing and clothing (shirt, pants, socks, hat).


February 23

A new Special Order doll, Bygg – Starlight Prince, will be released Feb. 25th. 2011. 10:00 AM Korean time at The Gem. The Teenie Gem doll will be cast in normal skin resin. Special order dolls are not limited editions but are releases are usually limited to only 50 dolls.

Bygg - Starlight Prince

The new  doll by doll artist Kaye Wiggs is now at Jpop Dolls.  KazeKidz Nelly the Faun is a new size.  Nelly will come with both human and hoofed lower legs. The doll is available for pre-order in fair skin, green, and tan skin resin. Nelly is 53 cm tall as a human, and 55 cm tall with hooves. The doll also comes with a face-up and a pair of glass eyes. Pre-order for Nelly will be open until March 24. Estimated delivery is in July.




February 24

A new 12″ (32 cm) size fashion BJD is now posted at Dollmore. Adele comes with the Kidult body. The doll is being offered in normal skin resin only. Adele comes with a random color pair of glass eyes and random wig. Options for the doll include sanding service, face-up and body blushing.


A new Korean doll company has launched called R.A.On Dream.  Their first original doll named Ian has been released. He is listed as 68 cm tall. At the time of this post, the company’s international site had exceeded bandwidth. The doll can still be seen on the Korean site.)

From the company:

Here is R.A.On Dream’s first original doll “Ian”
You can place your order for limited edition with various free gifts and rare items by 14th.March on our website
Please have a look at it, thank you!

There is a message on the notice board from recently closed company Buddy Doll:

Our company, Buddy doll, decide to hand over our publication rights to Raon Dream from Jan,2011. 
You can buy our products continuously on Raon Dream’s website.
 We’ve thanked you for your interest to our company.


February 25

Castle Anne has released their new line of dolls called Beetles. There are two new dolls listed on the website, Ye-Bin and Sarang. Fairy Rang is also listed with a Beetle body. They will be sold in both light ivory and tan skin resin. The ivory skin versions of all three dolls are now pictured on the site, and tan Fairy Rang is also posted. The 22 cm tall dolls are sold with random acrylic eyes.  Face-up is optional. Pre-orders are now being accepted until March 5. The price for the dolls will go up after this pre-order period.

Beetles description from CA:

The Beetles has chubby and small body with 22cm tall. It is called Beetles because their body looks like ‘beetle’ and new head will be release together. Heads can be shared with Kids, Skinny cat and Beetles. You can choose body suitable with their face and pose.

Selling information:
Beetles line was released. We will accept pre-order from Feb 23th to March 5th.
You can choose preorder type between Sarang and Ye-bin type,
and also it is possible to choose skin color.
There is normal color and tanning color and you can select no-makeup or makeup when you choose normal type.
Preparation period is 10 days after checking the payment. We will send email when shipping will be delayed according to situation.
However, we will deliver it early when preparation will be fast.
Shipping will be made in order of payment during the business period.





Fairy Rang

Fairy Rang

February 26 ~~~~~

February 27

Doll Family – H has a new 70 cm boy doll named Nangong. He is being released in a limited edition of 30. The doll can be ordered in white, pink normal or yellow normal resin.Nangong is being sold as a basic doll with a random pair of acrylic eyes included. Face-up is optional. Doll Family- H dolls can be purchased from authorized retailers including Alice’s Collections, Mint on Card, Wind Dolls and HappyHouse among others.


February 28

Dear Mine will be releasing the new 2nd series dolls on March 1st at 12 noon (Korean time).  The 20 cm (excluding ears) dolls will be discounted 10% for three days only. The new full-set dolls are Blossom Dorothy, Blossom Korat, Valentine Siamy, and Valentine Debon. All the dolls are limited editions of 30. New sculpts Dorothy and Korat along with the new versions of Siamy and Debon will be sold with face-up, eyes, wigs and outfits shown in the photos. All of the dolls are cast in white resin.









ariPina has released a new basic version of Ari Tree line Mighty.  Mighty is being sold as a basic doll in a choice of normal, normal pink, or white resin. The 64 cm tall doll will come with a random color pair of glass eyes.  Face-up is optional.