February 15 – 21, 2011

February 15

Island Doll has added a new  45 cm doll named Ivy to their website. Island Dolls come with a random pair of acrylic eyes and optional face-up. Resin shades include tan, neutral beige, pink, island, normal, milk white and snow white. The company’s dolls can be purchased from the company and through authorized retailers.


Nine9 Style is now selling three new 1/4 size dolls, Isabelle, Mika, and Lucy.  The 43 cm tall dolls are available blank with optional face-up, outfit, shoes and wig. 6 faced-up dolls of each sculpt are currently available for quick shipping. The dolls are cast in normal skin resin and come with a pair of oval glass eyes.

isabelle-7lucy-7 mika-6


February 16

Leeke World has released two new Limited Edition Project D0ll sets; a little girl and boy pair named Rainy and Lemony, and three anthro Kindergarten tinys.  The doll sets will be sold until March 20, 2011.

13.5 cm tall Rainy and Lemony are being sold with face-up, body blushing, and glass eyes. Options for the dolls include wigs and outfits. Additionally, the dolls can be ordered with Louis or Louise heads and a choice of boy or girl body.

The Kindergarten dolls are Erini elephant, Picurin pig, and Beco bear. They are 13 cm tall and are sold blank with a pair of eyes. Options for the Kindergarten dolls include face-up, body blushing and outfit.

Rainy & Lemony

Rainy & Lemony




Three new  Limited Edition versions of the Special Person dolls are now available at Secretdoll. The dolls will be available until March 14. The 19 cm dolls are being sold with face-up, eyes, and wigs shown on each doll in the photos.


February 17

New Junior Haroo and Borry will be available on February 17 (Korean time) in limited edition full-set versions at Slinky Neko. 42 cm tall Borry and Haroo are shown on the website with elaborate multi-piece outfits that will be included with each doll.

jr-haroo jrborry2
Raurencio Studio has released new male doll Ryon.  The 67 cm tall doll will come with the new Raurencio new guy body. Ryon is available in normal skin resin and will come with a random color pair of glass eyes. Optional face-up is available.


Or-Doll has posted a new doll head Blue Phoenix-B. The head is a “slim”eyed version of the Blue Phoenix head. The head will be available for pre-order until March 14.  Shipping will begin March 30.

From the company:

Size : SD
The girth : 21.5cm / 8inch
Skin color : normal / white
The suitable eyes : 12~14mm / 6mm iris
The distinction of sex : Possible to be a boy or girl depend on painting
Suitable bodys : Volks – SD girl, SDboy


February 18

Two new full-set versions of RingTeenager Pan and Ashford are now available at Ringdoll.  Pan-D and Ashford-B come with eyes, wig, clothes and shoes shown.  The 63 cm tall dolls can also be purchased as a basic nude doll.  All Ringdolls at this time come with a free face-up.


A new Fair line girl has been released at Neo-AngelRegion. 58 cm tall Orphee is available for pre-order.  She is being cast in normal skin resin and will come with a random pair of acrylic eyes. Face-up can be optionally ordered.


The Gem has released the new Faery Legend doll Nelen – Spring sprite. She will be available for pre-order until March 2nd. 29 cm tall Nelen is mini Gem girl cast in normal skin resin with both flat and heel feet.. She will come with additional fairy parts including spring wings, and transparent resin spring legs and flute. Options for Nelen include face-up, body blushing(including both human and fairy parts), wig, and dress set.

Nelen - Spring sprite

February 19

Boy & Girl Doll (B & G Doll) has posted a new version of Kevin Mouse.  The new version has sleepy eyes and droopy ears. The 18.5 cm tall doll can be cast in white, normal pink, normal yellow or tan skin resin. Basic Kevin comes with a pair of eyes. Options include default or special request face-up.


Those interested in purchasing Dolls Town 42 cm 5 year and 46 cm tall 7 year size boy bodies have a limited time to do so. The company has decided to discontinue the sale of the two sizes. The bodies will be discounted 20% during this last sale.

From the company:

The sales of 7yr & 5yr Boy bodies had been flat. So it is hard to maintain more the reproducing and sale.
I will discontinue the reproducing of 7yr & 5yr Boy bodies soon.
I will receive the Last order for this bodies and will do last reproducing.
Order period : 19th Feb ~ 19th March
Discount about 20% Sale
Shipment Schedule for preorder : from April


5 year


7 year

SupiaDoll has released two new1/3 girls; Hale and Muse.  The 58-9 cm tall dolls are available in basic versions in normal skin resin.  Customers can choose between single or double jointed bodies. Options include a random wig and random eyes, face-up in normal or smoky style, and heel feet. Muse is shown with both human and elf ears. Layaway is available for Supia dolls. Two limited edition full-set versions of the dolls are also available.HanbokHael and The Queen Muse. The full-set dolls com with items shown in the photos.

hael museelf

DollZone has announced that the company will be discontinuing a number of products by the end of this month.  The dolls that will be discontinued include  70 cm dolls Ying-1 and Ying-2, Yuu-1, and Yuu-3, 60 cm 1/3 dolls X-1, X-2, Saka,  and 1/4 dolls Fei-1, Fellian-1, Yuri-1 and Yume-1. Numerous outfits are being discontinued and a few shoe designs.


February 20~~~~~

February 21

nDoll is now offering two new DollHwoo tiny dolls, Chiz(boy) and Margarine(girl).  The full line of  the 28 cm DollHwoo dolls are now available for pre-order with new optional face-ups and outfits (shoes are not included). The basic dolls come in normal skin resin with a wig and random color acrylic eyes.



Dollmore has posted new Tialra Black Atti and White Arra full-set dolls on the website. The 21.5 cm tall girl dolls are each limited editions of 20. Arra and Atti will each come with face-up, pairs of both open and fist hands, wig, glass eyes, outfit set and shoes.



Atti Black

Atti Black