February 8 – 14, 2011

February 8

Kaye Wiggs dolls Lillie Tan Elf and Tillie Fair Human are now available for preorder now until February 18, 2011 at Jpop Dolls. The 28 cm tall KazeKidz dolls will each come with a face-up and a pair of glass eyes. This particular combination of resin color and head sculpt will not be offered again.
The Resin Cafe, a doll forum run by Kaye Wiggs and Jpop Dolls has a new web address. It is http://theresincafe.proboards.com/.

lillie-tan Tillie-fair

February 9


February 10

LoongSoul has posted more photos of their new girl doll Michelle. She is available with an optional choice of face-up A or B. The female dolls come with a choice or sall or large breast size. LoongSoul dolls are available in normal yellow, normal pink, white, or tan resin.


Sarah Seiter of The Mushroom Peddler has released a new limited edition Wonderling doll, Howl the Wolf. He is currently available for pre-order at The Mushroom Peddler Etsy Shop until March 3rd. The doll is available either blank or custom colored. He is 18.25 cm tall (not including ears). Layaway is available by request.


The new limited edition version Lottie and Wake Up Lottie have been released at Peak’s Woods. The dolls will be available for pre-order February 12-20. 58 cm tall Lottie and Wake Up Lottie will be cast in white skin resin. The dolls are being sold with normal bust, limited face-up, extra hands, random color acrylic eyes, and random wig.  If purchased as a set, the dolls will be discounted 20%. Layaway is available. To set up a layaway plan, email Peak’s Woods or post on the company message board.


February 11

Island Doll recently added a new doll on their website. He is 65 cm tall Karl.  Island Dolls come with a random pair of acrylic eyes and optional face-up. Resin shades include tan, neutral beige, pink, island, normal, milk white and snow white. The dolls can be purchased from the company and through authorized retailers.


Raurencio Studio has released new  67 cm doll Walter.  Walter is cast in normal skin resin and comes with a new version Guy body. He is sold as a basic doll with a random pair of glass eyes and a random wig. Optionally Walter can be ordered in a choice of default or special face-up. The new body can also be purchased separately.


The Gem has released the February Monthly doll Ender – Lord of the Dead. He can be ordered in a choice of normal ore brown tan skin resin. Ender comes with the Jackal mask shown. He comes with a mega male Gem body. Options for the doll include face-up, body blushing, wig, eyes (Ender and/or Jackal eyes), outfit, shoes, and Ankh staff (blank or painted). ENder can be pre-ordered until February 28.


February 12 ~~~~~

February 13 ~~~~~

February 14 ~~~~~

ANother Secret has released the first doll head from their new Alice in Wonderland series,  The 1/3 size new Alice head is available in limited quantities. The pre-order period may be closed early if with quantity limited is reached before the end date. Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Hat will be released in March.


Lume Doll has released two new Light line dolls, Blaze and Lucas.  The male body has been re-designed. The new body is more muscular. The 30 cm tall dolls come with random color eyes and a slipcase. Optional default face-up is available. Urethane resin colors available include pure white, light pink,normal pink and brand new colors normal yellow, rose grey and tan.  (Grey and tan cost extra. Seam sanding is included with these dolls, but sanded areas may be lighter.) Real skin resin dolls will be cast in spring. (no exact date is listed.) Real skin colors include white, light flesh, medium flesh, suntan flesh.