February 1 – 7, 2011

February 1

The new 10.5 cm tall doll for Dream High Studio will be released on February 1st.  Basic Lulu will be sold with a face-up and body blushing and a pair of resin eyes. A full-set version of Lulu will also be released and it will also include  handmade wig, handmade dress with wings, and a wooden box. The doll will be available in normal, glow in the dark, or lilac resin. Dream High Studio BJDs are sold exclusively through Luxour Academy.The doll is being cast in a new resin.

From Luxour Academy:

The resin used is an exclusive resin mix (“DHS Dream resin”) that was developed by Donny Harijanto of Dreamhigh Studio. DHS Dream Resin is a new formula that gives our resin the characteristics of plastic. It is slightly flexible and doesn’t chip easily but can still be sanded and drilled. The weight is like normal resin and the texture is just the same like DHS older Resin. It’s solvent-proof (unlike plastics that will melt down if dipped into solvents such as thinner, turpentine, alcohol, etc) and is far more durable against bumps or falls from high places than normal resin. (we’ve tested it by dropping the head cast into hard solid ground from 2 meters high) It still has the beautiful colors and translucency of normal resin, but it doesn’t yellow as much as french resin.


AngelsDoll has released their newest 70 cm line doll, Michael.The doll is available in AngelsDoll normal, white, tan or vivid skin resin or in Volks compatible normal or white resin. The 72 cm tall doll will come with a random pair of acrylic eyes. Face-up for Michael will be  optional. The company is offering free shipping as part of an event.  The company is also offering free items with a purchase of new girl doll Hyang. Information on the sale is on the flyers below.


Another Space2 has released their two new girl dolls named Kabu and Howl. Each doll will come with a random pair of glass eyes. Face-up and mohair wig are optional. 42 cm tall Kabu and Howl are available in normal skin resin only.


Dollmore has released three Glamor Model dolls, Yarn Sae, Nayuta, and Ripley Days in full-sets that are each limited to only 10.  The dolls are all cast in normal skin resin. The LE Glamor Model boys will come with face-up, glass eyes, wig, outfit and shoes shown in the photos.

(from left) Ripley Days, Nayuta Kenzo, Yarn Sae

(from left) Ripley Days, Nayuta Kenzo, Yarn Sae

February 2 ~~~~~

February 3 ~~~~~

February 4

The new dolls unveiled at IDEX by Kimberly Lasher Originals are now posted on the company website. Three of Kim Lasher’s dolls won DOTY awards; Juliet, Cinderella, and Lollipop doll Pricilla. The Lollipop dolls are now available for pre-order on the website as well as the new large size doll Rainer. The 8.5″ Lollipop s are editions of 50 of each.  They are sold as full-sets and they will ship sometime in spring.  The available dolls are Philomena, Winnifred, Priscilla and Hattie.

Rainer is a new 30″ size resin doll.  She is also a  limited edition of 50 and she will ship in the fall. Rainer will come with face-up and brown glass eyes and will come wearing a slip and panties.

Lollies Philomina, Hattie, Winnifred, Priscilla

Lollies Philomina, Hattie, Winnifred, Priscilla







February 5 ~~~~~

February 6 ~~~~~

February 7 ~~~~~

ImplDoll has released a new ImpModel boy doll named Kirk.  The 58 cm tall doll can be ordered in in  a choice of white, real, pink, tan, or gray skin resin (tan and gray cost extra). Kirk is sold as a basic doll with a pair of glass eyes. Options for Kirk include a face-up, outfit, wig, and shoes.