January 25 – 31, 2011

January 25

AngelsDoll has now released their new 62 cm girl doll Hyang and launched their new event. The event has free items with Hyang orders, discounts on 62 cm dolls, and free shipping for all orders.The doll is being offered with a free outfit as part of an event.

Hyang is available in AngelsDoll normal, white, tan or vivid skin resin or in Volks compatible normal or white resin. The 62 cm doll will come with the new 1/3 girl body and heel feet parts. Face-up for Hyang will be  optional.


Bimong has now made it possible to order Narin dolls with Narae bodies and Narae dolls with Narin bodies.  The company has also introduced tan resin as an option. the 1/4 size dolls can be custom ordered with a choice of head, hands, body part preferences (where applicable) and resin type (Korean or French ) and color. Default or special request face-up by Miss Day are available. The dolls are sold with no additional items.
From Bimong:
Due to many requests from Narae fans from all over the world, Bimong doll finally made the decision to release new Tanned Skin line.
However, there are few issues that I have to let you know and ask for your understanding.
The tanning procedure is very complicated and it even demands a separate room (clean room). Moreover, the process allows minimum use of instruments except for very fine grain sand paper, which makes it extremely hard to clean out dusts and bubbles.
We might see differences in the colors and this color change is not reversible.
Therefore we won¡¯t sand off the seam line. (You might see change of color or yellowing after we sand off the seamlines.)
Furthermore, Bimongdoll is not responsible for the color changes or any color changes that occurs after the buyer’s own alteration on the dolls.
A photo of free gift cat ears  come with 1/4 doll orders.
Den of Angels poster NocturneofSilence has added new items to her information weblog. According to the blog, the following doll artists/companies are no longer being represented by Dollfair; Sleetweath Briar created by Anita Collins, Narin/Narae by Bimong, Supia Dolls, My Dolling, by Gu Mi Jung, and dolls from artist LillyCats of Cerisedolls.  Dollfair websites for some of these dolls may still be available online.
At this time, some Limhwa dolls ordered through Dollfair have been received by customers.
Doll artist Bimong has posted a new statement on his website titled Dear Dollfair customers.
From Bimong:
Dear Dollfair customers.
First of all, Thanks for your patience regard to dollfair .
For information Checking,
According to the enclosed order form, your ordered information please fill out once again.
also, Please send the page – your dollfair order.
And sorry, but the three skin colors are available now in production. Please choose.

-Corea resin – Normal, White, Real (a little more light color than France real)
-France resin – Normal, White, Real( closed the Tanning color)
When you send mail, the title of the first [Dollfair], please
lastly , I really Thanks for your waiting.
Bimong has introduced the first Limited Edition Model line doll.  The fashion-doll-size Model Line ver. 1 is cast in french resin and is limited to only 5 full-set dolls. Each doll will come with a  face-up by Miss Day, eyes, wig, outfit set, and shoes shown in the photos.


January 26

Angel of Dream (AOD) has announced a Spring Festival event.
Details from AoD:
We will have our new year Spring festival from Jan 29th to Feb 29th.
So we offer the event for festival.
If you order a doll, you can get a free head at the same size as the doll you ordered. You can choose any skin color you like no extra charge. We also offer custom makeup.
The two of the company’s new dolls, earlier posted at HappyHouse, are now on the company website.They are 62 cm tall Izumi and 58 cm tall Yuki There are also two new 1/4 size dolls 46 cm tall Shajia and 44 cm Wansi. The dolls can be ordered in white, normal pink, normal yellow, or  for an additional fee, tan resin. They are sold as basic dolls with underwear and a random pair of glass eyes. Face-up is optional.





Dawn Donofrio Originals has two new OOAK versions of Raven available; Raven Butterfly and Raven Broken Heart Valentine. The links for the OOAK dolls can be found HERE. Raven is the doll artist’s first BJD. The doll can be seen this weekend at IDEX.


Broken-Heart Valentine

January 27

Olleaf is releasing two full-set versions of Olivia. One version, A Brilliant White Winter Olivia, will be a limited edition of three dolls.  Another Olivia full-set, A Brilliant Romantic Winter, is a one-off. Regular Olivia is currently available for pre-order on the website. The doll is an Olleaf exclusive created for the company by Little Monica.

kimono1 kimono2

January 28

Pipos has released new basic dolls Dreaming Mari and Cube rabbit.  26 cm tall Po 11 Dreaming Mari is being offered in normal skin resin with a choice of bust size and optional face-up. Pi line Cube is offered in white or grey skin resin.  Cube is 29 cm tall including ear length. The rabbit will come with a pair of IRIS eyes and can be ordered with optional face-up. The outfits shown on the dolls Sugar Waffle (Mari’s) and Apple Cake (Cube’s) are available separately.


Lume Doll has released new Arine for pre-order in urethane resin. The 27 cm tall girl dolls can now be ordered in a choice of bust size; small or large. Urethane resin colors available include pure white, light pink,normal pink and brand new colors normal yellow, rose grey and tan.  (Grey and tan cost extra). Arine is sold as a basic doll with random color acrylic eyes and optional face-up.


Immortality of Soul will be opening a pre-order period from February 10 to March 14.  Two new 60 cm tall dolls are being released.  They are M and G. The dolls will be sold as heads-only and as complete 63 cm tall dolls. M and G will be cast in new normal and new white skin resin. According to IoS, new normal is close to Volks normal and the white is “very shining white and pink”. M can be seen on the website  HERE, and G can be seen HERE.





The new EID doll by IpleHouse has now been released.  70 cm tall Arvid is listed as a special edition in the Limited section of the website. The doll will be sold blank with a random pair of acrylic eyes. He can be ordered with a super hero or model body with general or mobility joints. Resin color options for Arvid include normal, special real, or light brown skin resin.  Additional options for Arvid include face-up, wig, outfit, shoes, gun and sword (with or without painting), and the hand parts in the photos. Bullets shown with Arvid’s outfit are sold separately. SE Arvid will be available for pre-order until February 27 (Korean time).


A special version of KazeKidz Annabella is available for auction on eBay.  She can be seen HERE.  The proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Red Cross for flood relief victims in Australia. The Australian doll artist Kaye Wiggs donated and hand painted the doll, and the costume was created by Liz Frost of Wizworx and the shoes were custom made by Joyce Nicholson of Doll Shoes International. The wig and eyes are from Jpopdolls.


January 29

The new full-set doll Lovely Sally has now been released at DreamingDoll. The doll can be pre-ordered until February 13.  Delivery is expected to begin in March. 58 cm tall Sally will come in normal skin resin.  The doll will come with both flat and heel feet, face-up, outfit, shoes, gray glass eyes, and wig. The doll will ship EMS for free.


Little Monica has released new Honey Harmony boy Becky. The  26 cm tall doll will be sold with a gift, an extra pair of fist hands.
From Little Monica:
We have a new Honey Harmony Boy!
Please welcome with love our Becky with round eyes and lovely mouth.
Also, we’ve made the fist hand parts as so many customers has required.
For those who purchase Becky in Feb, will be given a free pair of fist hand parts.
Becky can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. A choice of either a boy or a girl body is available. Becky will come with a random pair of Crystal eyes and a random wig. Face-up is optionally available.


January 30

Kana SP is a new version of Kana from Angell Studio. The 58 cm tall Youth line doll is sold in basic form in a choice of translucent or pink, or solid colors pink, white, butter, suntanned or “customized” resin (Kana in photos is solid pink). Options for Kana include face-up (default or Kana SP shown in photos), eyes, wig, and outfit.


Astral In Rainbow (A.I.R) Just released a new tiny doll named Cinnamon. She is available for pre-order until February 6, 2011. 26 cm tall Cinnamon can be ordered in normal or white skin resin with optional face-up. A.I.R dolls are made by Korean doll artist Siwoo.


January 31 ~~~~~