January 18 – 24, 2011

January 18

Dollmore has a new version of Zaoll Luv available, Pharaoh Luv.  The 52 cm tall doll is cast in tan resin. Pharaoh Luv will come witj manicure, pedicure, glass eyes, wig, outfit, hair, shoulder, arm, and waist  ornaments, necklace, cape, and shoes. Only 20 dolls will be available for purchase.


Ringdoll is releasing a new Ring Grown doll called Norman Light Side. The 72.5 cm tall doll is available in basic form  or as a fullset. The full-set comes with head(with face-up), eyes, wig, clothes, and  shoes. Basic Norman will come with a pair of eyes and a face-up. Ringdolls are available in white, normal, and new tan skin resin (Norman in photos is white resin) .


DollFactory has posted a new Pet Ari doll.  The doll is named Duckie Dew. The 12 cm (5″) size doll is cast in white resin.  Dew comes with a pair of acrylic eyes.  Options include a choice of pink or brown face-up and body blushing. The dolls can be purchased from the company and also from authorized Doll Factory retailers.


January 19

Ringdoll is releasing a second version of their new Ring Grown Norman doll which will be sold in a limited edition. Norman Dark Side will be available until March 31st. According to Ringdoll, “The scar on Norman Dark side head is a kind of new sculpture, not just a face-up or simply changing every Norman light side head.” 72 .5 cm tall Norman Dark Side comes with a Ring Grown body and Darkside head (with face-up), eyes, wig, clothes, shoes, chopper, hatchet and mask. Mr. Quiz the ventriloquist dummy can be optionally ordered. The doll is shown in white skin resin.


The Mushroom Peddler is offering a new doll, Nibbles the Mouse, in a limited edition of only 15 dolls in the company’s Etsy shop (HERE).
From artist Sarah Seiter:
Only 15 of this doll (either blank or colored) will be offered for adoption during 2011. Preorders will remain open until all 15 Nibbles dolls are reserved.
Your cute mouse will arrive with white resin ball-jointed doll, pink tail as shown (unless you would prefer white or black), and random eyes.

Please note: this Nibbles will come UNPAINTED/COLORED. Full colored version is available in a separate listing as well as clothing.
Nibbles is articulated/jointed at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, thighs, knees, and ankles.
Wonderling dolls are 18.25cm (not including ears).


DikaDoll has released a new doll, 1/4 size sleeping Rena. The doll can be ordered in normal yellow, normal pink, white, or for an additional fee tan or gray resin. She is being sold  as a basic doll with random color eyes.


January 20

Leeke World has now released new dolls LE Lynn and LE Fairy Story elf Sweet (gray resin), elf Honey (lavender resin), sleeping Sweet (violet resin), and sleeping Honey (green resin). All the dolls will come with a new gentle 28 cm doll body. The dolls are all listed as a DollLeeke D (28 cm tall) and they are posted on the company website in the Project section. All of the dolls are limited editions, and they will be available for pre-order until February 20.

The Fairy Story dolls will each come with a doll case and a pair of random color glass eyes. Options for the fairies include face-up, body blushing (with special body ornamentation shown in photos on the site), and wig  (a random additional wig will also be included).

Lynn is sold in normal skin resin.  She will come with a doll case and random color glass eyes. Options for Lynn include face-up and body blushing.


POPO Doll  has released two new limited edition dolls, Hu Po and Ji Tian Vampire. The 68 cm tall dolls are each a Limited Edition of only 50 worldwide. The company has also released a new 68 cm female body and a new 26 cm body. POPO Dolls can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. Most come as a basic blank doll with optional face-up available. (Hu Po is listed as a full-set but details are not yet available). POPO Dolls can be purchased from the company or from an authorized retailer.
With the release of their dolls, the company is launching a new event.

From POPO Doll:
New Year & Winter Event Start:
Thank you very much for your attention and support to POPO Doll.

From 20th,Jan~15th,Feb.

1.Order our new Limited 68cm female whole doll or Limited 68cm male whole doll,we will send a pair of jointed hands or random 1/3size head,You can choose one for the gift.It’s free.
2.Order 68cm male body or 68cm female body or whole 1/3size dolls,we will send a Carrier Bag.
3.Order our new 26cm size BB,we provide a make up service FREE of charge for the doll. Order our new 26cm BB body,we will send a pair of glass eyes.
About Group order:
The total over $800(the shipping fees is not include),we will send a very cute 13cm BB with.
She has a cat mask with.No face up for her.







Doll Leaves has introduced their first 1/4 size dolls, two boys named M and W. The  45 cm tall dolls are being sold  blank with a pair of acrylic eyes. Options include face-up, wig, outfit and shoes. M and W can be ordered in white or normal skin resin.





New Elemental Guardians Erzulie and Efreet are now available for pre-order until March 13 at IpleHouse. The 26 cm tall dolls come with a choice of boy or girl body with general or mobility joints and in resin colors special real, light brown, or ebony skin. Each doll comes with a pair or acrylic eyes. The outfit on each doll, resin “fairy parts”, extra hands, and default face-up are optional additions.



January 21

nDoll has released nDoll Aiko, Happy Doll Margo, and MsDoll Pan in new full-set versions.   The order deadline for the dolls is February 10.  Shipping is planned for March 15, 2011.

All of the dolls are all available in a choice of white or normal skin resin. 58 cm tall Aiko will come with random color acrylic eyes, wig, face-up, full outfit in photos except shoes, and both flat and heel feet. 58 cm tall HD Margo will come with random color glass eyes, wig, face-up, and outfit in photo except shoes. Pan is available in two different full-sets. 26 cm tall Pan full-sets #1 and # 2 each come with acrylic eyes shown, wig, face-up, outfit, bunny ear parts, cat ear parts, and an extra pair of hands. Shoes are not included with either Pan full-set.

aikofullset HDmargo


January 22 ~~~~~

January 23

Rosen Lied has released their Tuesday’s Child Basic Sage in a girl version. The doll can be ordered in normal or white skin resin. Sage comes blank with extra hand parts, acrylic eyes, default wig, default dress and bear doll case. Options include default face-up shown in the photos.  Basic Sage girl will be available for pre-order until February 21st. Orders for the doll placed at this time will come with a free pair of white resin bunny ears as a gift.


January 24
New Remaining Story doll Pel – Thunderbird Summoner is now available for pre-order at The Gem. Pre-orders will be accepted until February 9 (Korean time). Pel comes in a choice of normal or bronze skin resin.” The Little Gem-size doll will come with a Thunderbird mask and hunting horn. Options for Pel include face-up, body blushing, eyes, wig, outfit, and shoes.
Seam service is available for normal skin dolls, but not bronze resin. According   notice on the Pel ordering page, “If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product ‘Removing seam – pel’ on the bottom of page.”


Polish doll artist Marti has opened an English language website for her dolls called Marti Presents. Currently her dolls, 56 cm tall Rin Sakurato and Babette, are available for pre-order. The dolls will be limited to 100 of each mold.



Rin Sakurako

Rin Sakurako