~Happy New Year!~ (and Simple Altering Project)

1babybannerSpecial thanks to Adeline of the Patchwork Pansy, Doll Leaves, and Emory at Junkyspot.

This project was altered slightly after it was posted, as I didn’t feel the outfit looked as finished as I liked.  After additional embroidery to the hat and new year banner, I feel it now looks complete.

This is the final part of the sewing project series for tiny dolls. For this project, I wanted to make a special outfit for a “New Year Baby”.  The doll used is a 12 cm tall Doll Leaves Milk. The jacket portion of the Patchwork Pansy pattern, A Touch of Fall, which I re-sized to 66 2/3% of the original Kish Riley pattern for this doll, would not quite fit Milk.  To make a jacket for the doll, the pattern was altered. Since this is a simple pattern, it was fairly easy to adjust it to fit the doll.

Step 1:

First check to see how well the pattern is likely to fit the doll.

The jacket piece was first placed over Milk.  I decided to shorten the sleeve length and cut the side in closer to the body. I drew on the piece the changes I wanted to make. (The sleeve line looks crooked as I folded it to check the length. It’s actually straight.)  After I altered and  then trimmed the front pattern piece, I used the front piece to make changes to the back piece by tracing the alterations  onto it.

Front piece cut, alterations traced on the back pattern piece

Front piece showing planned alterations



I assembled the jacket and trimmed it with gold braid.  The matching diaper was cut out of a rectangle of felt, cut in at the leg (shaped like a disposable diaper in miniature!).  Then the diaper was blanket-stitched around the perimeter and snaps were sewn on the side to make it easy to put on and remove. The hat was made with the help of a compass.  The top and the inner circle of the brim were made to the circumference of the doll’s head. I used a blanket stitch on the brim and a chain stitch on the seam around the top of the hat and decorated it with the gold braid.


I also made a  New Year 2011  banner for the doll.  The  banner was made with felt, embroidery floss, a snap, and a ribbon flower.



HAPPY NEW YEAR from BJDcollectasy!