banarrImpldoll introduced their dolls to an  international audience at the beginning of September 2009.  The first two lines, ImpStar (1/3 size dolls) and ImpChild (1/4 size dolls), were soon joined by a new Imp Baby line (1/6) dolls) and another new line will be introduced soon; the ImpModel line. The company has appealed to many collectors with their affordable yet well-made dolls. The following is an interview with a company representative. (With the assistance of Aaron Egawa, LeDolls)
316_G_1251640464837Q. When did your company open / How long have you been in business?
We started online in late Aug\Early Sept 2009 it took us about 2 years production time to create the first dolls from the IMPL Star line and Child line.

Q. Who designs the sculpts? Is there a single artist or a group of designers?
We have a professional development team. David in charge of sculpting. Jack in charge of polished and modify the gray prototype.

Q. How many people does the company employ?

A: We have 26 employs including the development team and the production team.


Q. Do you have your own designer for the outfits on your dolls? Are you planning to expand your clothing lines in the future?

A: Yes – We have our own designer and we are expanding the line. We also are currently making clothes for the new baby and model line currently. We are hoping to release the new line between the end of December to early February.


48_G_1251479313499Q: . Can you give some hints as to your future plans?

A: We plan to release the 70 cm doll and more skin colors will be applied in the new doll. We also will be developing some more limited dolls, the limited version of the doll will have a special skin color and exceptional sculpting.

Q. Will you be using special color resins only for special releases, or will you make them a color choice for your dolls? Will other colors be introduced? (gray?)

A: Yes, our plan is that dolls with special colors are limited-edition, and it will not be regular options for customers to choose.

Q. Will you make more magnetic parts for your dolls (like the Imp Baby ears), such as horns, tails, or wings?

A: We are certainly going to do so. Everyone likes magnetic parts very much. We will develop more magnetic parts for all to choose in the future.


349_G_1259145397990Q. Do you have plans for experimenting more with transparent resin?

A: Usually transparent resin will be used in special dolls. We are planning to make a special sculpted doll with the material of transparent resin. We are also working with Aaron Egawa for some special dolls that he has suggested and given us feedback and ideas! (They will be out sometime in 2010.)

Q. When do you hope to release the Model line? What size are the Model dolls? Do they have any special features that you can reveal yet?

A: Of course, we hope we can accomplish it as soon as possible, but the body of Model line is also not perfect, so now we are still in development, and the specific size will be between 55cm and 60cm.

338_G_1256621915788Q. When will basic (as in not limited) Imp Babies be available?

A: The Basic Imp Babies have already been in production and it will be launched soon. At that time there will be new makeup and new clothes for all to choose. We can not give you a date since timelines seem to slip during production, but we hope to have them very soon. The current Baby line in Limited Edition colors have sold out and retailers will have them by the end of this year for sale.

Q. Will you be offering dolls in limited full-sets and limited Edition dolls in the future (limited doll with special outfit and/or face-up included)?

A: In fact, we are constantly designing clothes and modeling of dolls. We hope to launch Full-set dolls that everyone likes, but we need more time to design. Please be patient while we come up with Limited Edition Dolls. We also just released our new Limited Edition Christopher in Grey skin which will be available for order for 100 days! ( Sale of her ends March 22, 2010.) We also have plans for some very special limited Edition dolls that we have already talked about with Aaron Egawa . Look for these in 2010. No dates have been set yet since we are working on the model line which is the next line we would like to release next.

65_G_1251490019340Q. How did you get involved with Aaron Egawa ?

A: We saw Aaron’s site, “Limited Edition Dolls” and approached him about doing an Exclusive with him. He then provided us with statistics on how he could help us increase and promote our lines. Once we saw Aaron’s work that he had done for Angel of Dream we wanted to work with him. We have now been working with him since Sept 2009. We hope to continue our working relationship with him in 2010 and many years to come.

Photos from Above: ImpChild Elvin, ImpStar Christopher, ImpBaby Limited Simon, ImpChild Sissy, ImpStar Natasha.

ImplDoll – Company Website
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Grey Chirstoper

Grey Chirstoper