~Adding Stripes to a Face-up~



The new KazeKidz doll Koneko is available at Jpop Doll. The doll, a modified version of KazeKidz Annabella, comes with a face-up. Doll artist Kaye Wiggs originally created Koneko with the idea of adding stripes to the doll. For those who wish to duplicate this look on their Koneko or would like to apply stripes to any doll, Kaye has put together a tutorial. Her photos and instructions have been assembled into this instructional video.

Koneko is being cast in a choice of blue or tan resin.  She comes as a human doll with extra parts; resin cat paw hands, paw feet, and a cat tail. She is a limited edition and is currently still available for pre-order at Jpopdolls.



KazeKidz – Kaye’s Doll Website

Blue Koneko without Stripes:



Striped Koneko:



Tan Koneko

Tan Koneko