1thistledownbannerBJDcollectacy has re-visited Carrie of The Sleeping Elf. Lmtd. to check out her newest doll!

Carrie Atwood (AKA Tinybear), English doll and teddy-bear maker, has just released her latest doll, the minute 1/12th scale BJD named Thistledown. The doll is the smallest doll in The Sleeping Elf, Lmtd. line-up. With a sturdy little unisex body, Thistledown can be made into a girl or boy. Carrie said, “I always wanted to go smaller …and I wanted to make a little imp to go with the rest of the elves. She has taken almost a year for this little baby ..I’m absolutely bowled over with her .” While Thistledown has been made into both a human and elvish version, Carrie is especially fond of Elf Thistledown’s pointy ears. “I love those big elf ears! It goes with her/his mischievous nature.” She added, “She is tiny, but quite chunky. She is very solid. I just love everything about her; size, design…the head can come off easy. It’s much easier to change her eyes because of the shape of her head, and she has a magnet holding the head cap on. My earlier dolls haven’t (although now all the new dolls will come with the magnet.) She is great!” Carrie hopes to have some OOAK full-sets of Thistledown in her Etsy store soon. The doll can also wear clothing from other doll lines. “She can share with Puki , Lati White and similar size dolls ..and I’m finding Barbie Kelly clothes fit too, although her feet are a little large for the shoes.”

Carrie hopes to do more dolls in the new size. “I would love to do more head designs. I love working with the smaller size.”  Other plans still in the future  include, “another head for the tiny Moona body, Bramble, and I would still love to do the Hunks to go with Coco and BonBon.”


All photos are by Carrie Atwood

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