~SteamPunk Project #1~



This is  part 1 of a two-part Steampunk project. The concept started as a costume project similar in execution to the Snow Queen project from last winter, but it has expanded to include 3 dolls; a 1/3 size girl and 1/3 boy doll, and this project, a 1/4 size boy doll.

After years stored in a box, a Dream of Doll Yen was finally ready to be re-furbished. The 1/4th size doll that was selected for the project is an older Dream of Child line Yen that was bought used in 2007. He came with a heavy application of acrylic paint for a face-up. Due to the depth of the crevasses on the face of the doll, it was impossible to remove all of the paint.  The first part of this project using some acrylic paint as well as dry media to create Yen’s face-up. The coloring of the face-up was inspired by 19th century bisque dolls.

The second part of the project consisted of rounding up various talented people to produce items to create a Steampunk look for Yen.  Marsh of Marsh Pants was asked to create some Jodhpurs for Yen.  She decided to go beyond her specialty of well-fitted trousers and volunteered to create a full outfit for the doll. Taking inspiration from the brown of the leather trouser material, Marsh made a vest and shirt to match. The goggles were handmade by Pretty Petal Designs of Canada and the colors used were chosen to match Marsh’s outfit.  The final participant was Ersa Flora.  She turned a  vintage compass design into a special eye which was paired with a pupil-less eye in red. Additional items were added to tie the look together including a pair of dark chocolate brown boots, a wool scarf, a chain belt with a lock and keys, and a ribbon rosette pin made for a previous BJDcollectasy video (Easy Brooch for your Doll, February 2009).

What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is a term first coined by fiction writer K.W. Jeter to describe his novel Morlock Night and  also the works of some of his writing contemporaries. Steampunk started as a subcategory of science fiction that includes 19th century technology and either develops it further  to create fantastical machines or combines it with modern technology. In addition to fiction, the concept of steampunk has inspired many artists and craftspeople to create a “steampunk aesthetic”.

BJDs are an obvious choice for a steampunk style as they are a combination of  old (ball jointed dolls held together by elastic) and new (polyurethane resin material) technologies. They also perfect for modeling steampunk fashions.

According to WIkipedia: “Steampunk fashion has no set guidelines, but tends to synthesize modern styles influenced by the Victorian era. This may include gowns, corsets, petticoats and bustles; suits with vests, coats, and spats; or military-inspired garments. Steampunk-influenced outfits will often be accented with a mixture of technological and period accessories: timepieces, parasols, goggles and ray guns. Modern accessories like cell phones or music players can be found in steampunk outfits, after being modified to give them the appearance of Victorian-made objects. Aspects of steampunk fashion have been anticipated by mainstream high fashion; the Lolita fashion and aristocrat styles, neo-Victorianism, and the romantic goth subculture.”

Yen ~before~


1-IMG_1300-1 1yen-retouch